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Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto (Pablo Neruda) was born on July 12, in Parral, Chile, son of Rosa Basoalto Neftali Reyes and José del Carmen Reyes Morales. Neruda lost his mother when he has a month old.

Don José del Carmen moved to Temuco and married his second wife, Doña Trinidad Candia Marverde. Temuco Neruda was taken a few years later

Pablo Neruda enters Men's Lyceum of Temuco, where he made all his studies until the end of the 6th year of humanities in 1920

The July 18 published in the newspaper "The Morning", Temuco an article entitled "Enthusiasm and Perseverance" Neftali Reyes signing. Is this the first publication of the poet.

November 30 is published in the journal "Run-Fly 'of Santiago, No. 566, the poem" My eyes, "signed by Neftali Reyes. During the year there are three more poems in this magazine, others are published in literary magazines Temuco students.

Pablo Neruda published thirteen poems in "Run-Fly" during the year. Collaborate in 'Dark Forest', Temuco. Magazines published in Chillán and Valdivia. Employs various pseudonyms. Participate in games Maule Floral his poem "Nocturno ideal" and gets the third prize. The jury was composed by Anibal Jara, Sunday Melfi and Alberto Menendez. The

First prize went to Abel Gonzalez, and the second, Aida Moreno Lagos for their publications.
November 28: won first prize at the Spring Festival of Temuco. This same year he was president of the Ateneo Literary Lyceum of Temuco and deputy secretary of the Association of Students of soldering iron. Prepare two books: The strange islands and The weariness useless, not published. Some of these books Crepusculario integrated.

In August, the original edition published by Ediciones Crepusculario Clarity. The magazine "Dionysios" directed by Aliro Oyarzun, he published four poetry. The last three integrated the slinger enthusiastic book, written at this time, will not be published until 1933. In this year include his collaborations forty-two in the journal 'Clarity', signing with the Sachka pseudonym of literary criticism. Some of the poems published later this year will be included in his book Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. (The "Poem XX ', for example, that in" Clarity ", No. 115, of November 24, is called" Sadness at the edge of the night ") ...

Pablo Neruda traveled to Santiago to pursue a career as a French teacher at the Pedagogical Institute. October 14: won first prize in the Student Federation of Chile for his poem "The Song of the party", which is published in the journal 'Youth' Federation of Students.

Collaborate in the journal 'Clarity' official advertising body the Federation of Students. August 24: the literary group sponsors a hearing Vremya verses by poets Joaquin Cifuentes, R. Monestier, Alberto Rojas Jimenez and Pablo Neruda. The auditions continue. In October, the magazine "The Times", Montevideo, dedicated an issue to the young Chilean poetry, Neruda contained therein

June: original edition of Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, Editorial Nascimento. Selected Pages from Anatole France, also Nascimento edition, foreword, selection and translation of Neruda. August 20: Pablo Neruda published in the newspaper "The Nation", a letter about his book Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair in explaining the process of its creation.

Edits the magazine "Knight of Wands". Collaborate in various literary publications, such as "scaffolding", "Ali Baba", "Dinamo", "Renewal" and the newspaper "La Nación". In No. 132 of "Clarity" publishes "Gallop dead", which then lead Residence on Earth. Tentative original edition infinite man, Editorial Nascimento. This book has two dates: 1925, printing date, and the year 1926, issue date. Travel to Ancud accompanying Ruben Azócar, Temuco passes. Write The inhabitant and his hope. Return of Ancud and rents a room to live with Thomas Lake and Orlando Oyarzun.

Original edition of The Rings and inhabitant and his hope, Editorial Nascimento. Second edition of Crepusculario by publisher Nascimento, in his definitive text and dedicated to John Gandy. In No. 135 of "Clarity" are published by Pablo Neruda translated from French, some fragments of the book of Rainer Maria Rilke The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge. In the magazine "Athena", No. 5 and No. 10, published "Sickness" and "Storms" that then become part of Residence on Earth with the names "written in Winter Madrigal" and "Ghost."

He is named honorary consul in Rangoon (Burma). June 14: Santiago leaves for Rangoon, via Buenos Aires, where he embarks on the "Baden" to Lisbon. He is accompanied by Alvaro Hinojosa. July 16: arrived in Madrid, July 20: Paris, then Marseilles, thence continues its journey to Rangoon. In July sends his first article to "The Nation" of Santiago, which is published on 14 August. Continue to be published regularly these chronicles in "The Nation". Neruda poems published "The Sun" and "Journal of the West", Madrid. Meet and lives with Josie Bliss.

Consul in Colombo (Ceylon). Josie Bliss travels to see him and say goodbye forever.

Assists in Calcutta Panhindú Congress.

Consul in Batavia (Java). December 6: he married Maria Antonieta Hagenaar Vogelzanz. In the "Journal of the West" (No. LXXXI, March) appear "dead Gallop," "Serenade" and "Horse Dreams".

Consul in Singapore.

He returned to Chile after a sea voyage of two months, crossing the Strait of Magellan. July: Publication of the second edition-in-final text of Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair.

January 24: The original edition slinger enthusiastic, Santiago Company Lyrics. The publisher Tor, Buenos Aires published Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. April: Editorial Nascimento published in a deluxe edition, with a print run of 100 copies, Residence on Earth (1925-1931). August 28: arrived in Buenos Aires, where he was appointed consul. October 13: at Pablo Rojas Paz meets Federico García Lorca.

May 5: travels to Barcelona, where he was appointed Consul. October 4: born in Madrid his daughter Malva Marina. December 6: lecture and poetry reading at the University of Madrid, presented by Federico Garcia Lorca. In the magazine "Cruz y Raya", Madrid, are the "Visions of the Daughters of Albion" and "The Mental Traveller" by William Blake, translated by Pablo Neruda. At home meets Morla Lynch Delia del Carril.

February 3: Consul moved to Madrid. April: editing Tribute to Pablo Neruda of Spanish poets, Plutarch editions, Madrid. Sonnets death, Quevedo, presented by Pablo Neruda, Cruz y Raya edition. July: appears in "Cruz y Raya", "Poems of Villamediana", presented by Pablo Neruda. Sept. 15: appears in the editions of Cruz y Raya Tree Residence on Earth (1925-1935). October: see the magazine "Green Horse for Poetry", directed by Pablo Neruda.

First is published love poems (twenty poems) by Hero editions, Madrid. July 18: Spanish Civil War starts, and shortly after, kill Federico García Lorca. Neruda poems begins in the heart of Spain. Is removed from office consular. Travel to Valencia and then to Paris. November 7: edit the magazine "The World Poets Defend the Spanish People," Nancy Cunard. Marie Antoinette was separated Hagenaar.

February: conference in Paris on Federico García Lorca. April: holster, with César Vallejo, the Spanish American Group Helps Spain. July 2: Performed in Paris Congress of American Nations, there a speech which is then translated and published in French. October 10: Returns to Chile. November 7: Cover and chairs the Alliance of Intellectuals from Chile for the Defense of Culture. November 13: Spain is edited in the heart, Ercilla editions.

Three successive editions of Spain in the heart. They almost all his works republished in Ercilla and Tor editions of Buenos Aires. May 7: his father died in Temuco. July: Espagne au Coeur, foreword by Louis Aragon. August: magazine listed "Aurora de Chile» directed by Neruda. August 18: Death in Temuco his stepmother, Dona Trinidad Candia. October: wins presidential elections Pedro Aguirre Cerda, candidate of the Popular Front. Neruda and travels the country giving lectures. In the front lines of Barcelona, during the Civil War, is published in the heart Spain

He was appointed consul for Spanish emigration, based in Paris. March: traveling to France via Montevideo where he attended as a delegate of the Alliance of Intellectuals from Chile to the International Congress of Democracies. From April to July makes efforts for refugees in Spanish, to a part of them embarks on the "Winnipeg", which arrives in Chile later this year. May: publishes The Furies and penalties, Editorial Nascimento. Russian edition of Spain in the heart. In Montevideo, Neruda published AIAPE between us. In Paris, Trois Poèmes, editing G.L.M. (Poems of Residence on Earth), and Chile welcomes you run by refugees Neruda

January 2: arrive to Chile. By publishing International Esperanto Esperanto is published Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. Amado Alonso publishes poetry and style of Pablo Neruda, edited by Losada (no later editions). Continue typing the Canto General de Chile, which later became the Canto General. August 16: Arrives in Mexico City, where he was appointed Consul General.

In April he traveled to Cuba. On September 30 the first reading of the poem "Song to Stalingrad", the text, then reproduced on posters, is set in the streets of Mexico City. Published in literary magazines "America, do not invoke your name in vain," Canto General. Die in Europe his daughter Malva Marina.

"New love song to Stalingrad" published in Mexico (Society of Friends of the USSR). It makes a private edition, out of commerce, Canto General de Chile. Lima is published in Songs of Pablo Neruda, by Time of Man. In Bogota, His best poems, by Librairie twentieth century. In Chile, Nascimento edit a Aldunate Select by Arthur Phillips. February: Neruda traveled to the United States to attend "The Voice of America" in New York. Go back to Mexico. August 27: he is offered a farewell and two thousand people attending. September 1: start the trip back to Chile passing through the countries of the Pacific coast. September 3: Panama. September 9: Colombia, where government honored guest of President Lopez and guest of honor in Manizales. In Caldas school group is created Pablo Neruda. October 22: Lima and Cuzco, where he visited the ruins of Macchu Picchu preincásicas. It is guest of honor at Arequipa. November 3: get to Santiago. December 8: conference "Journey around my poetry" and "Journey to the Heart of Quevedo."

Gets the Municipal Poetry Prize. Delivers a lecture. It is published in New York, private edition, Selected Poems (poems of Residence on Earth). In Buenos Aires, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair and Residence on Earth, Losada editions

March 4: senator elected by the provinces of Tarapaca and Antofagasta. Publication of the brochure Salute to North and Stalingrad. Gets the National Literature Prize for his country. May 30: first speech in the Senate, published in four languages. July 8: enter the Communist Party of Chile. July 15: assists in Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo, the Comicio in honor of Luis Carlos Prestes (one hundred thousand people). July 30: reception at the Brazilian Academy of Letters, in Rio; acceptance speech by Manuel Bandeira. July 31: takes place in Rio de Janeiro, the Comicio Pablo Neruda. 1 to August 8: recitals and lectures in Buenos Aires and Montevideo. September: writes "Alturas de Macchu Picchu". The Swedish Academy awarded the Nobel Prize winner Gabriela Mistral.

January 18: awarded by the Government of Mexico with the Aztec Eagle Order. March 20: Conference "Journey to the North of Chile". He was appointed National Head of Propaganda in Gabriel Gonzalez's candidacy for the presidency of Chile. Czechoslovakia was published in Spain in the heart. It is published in Copenhagen and the United States Residence on Earth. In Sao Paulo, Brazil, Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. In the spring meets Matilde Urrutia. December 28: judgment is issued declaring that his legal name is Pablo Neruda

Third Edition of residence, Losada, Buenos Aires, this edition brings in a book definitely Furies and penalties, Spain in the heart and other. Complete his poetry collection by Southern Cross with the name of Residence on Earth. Travel to Magellan. Edits the Writers conference in Chile. November 27: published in "El Nacional" of Caracas (in Chile censorship was effective from October 4), intimate Charter for millions of men. On the occasion of this letter Gabriel Gonzales Videla began his political judgment, using the infamous Supreme Court of Chile.

On January 6 Neruda delivers his speech in the Senate, published after the title of J'accuse, the. February 3: The Supreme Court, demonstrating its dependence Neruda approves immunity as senator. February 5: the courts ordered his arrest. Since then remains hidden in Chile, writing Canto General and participating in opposition politics. In several countries are veiled in his honor and edited his poems. "Adam" (International Review-London), full number dedicated to Neruda

February 24: Exit from Chile across the Andes from the southern region. April 25: attends the First World Congress of Partisans of Peace, simultaneously revealing the mystery of his whereabouts. He is named member of the World Peace Council. June: first traveled to the Soviet Union, where he is attending the celebrations of the 150th anniversary of Pushkin. June 27: receive the homage of the Union of Soviet Writers in Moscow. July: Visit Poland and Hungary. August: travels to Mexico with Paul Eluard. September: participates in the Latin American Congress of Partisans of Peace in Mexico, where he remains seriously ill until the end of the year. He reunited with Matilde Urrutia. They publish their books or selections of his poems in Germany, Czechoslovakia, China, Denmark, Hungary, United States, Soviet Union, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, Guatemala and Argentina. In Chile, appears Dulce patria, Pacific Publishing.

January 28: it extinguishes the constitutional permission to leave the country that would give the Senate President Arturo Alessandri. Mexico is published in the Canto General, in two editions: one, by the Sponsor Committee, and the other ocean issues. Both carry illustrations of David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera. In Chile, two editions are also clandestine. Travel to Guatemala, where he gives recitals and lectures, honored by the Government and Parliament. Pablo Neruda is published in Guatemala. June: traveling to Prague and then to Paris. In October signed copies of the French edition of Canto General. Travel to Rome, then to New Delhi for talks with Jawaharlal Nehru. His poetry is translated into Hindi, Urdu and Bengali. From 16 to 22 November in Warsaw attended the Second World Congress of Partisans of Peace. He is accompanied by Matilde Urrutia. November 22: receives, along with Picasso and other artists, the International Peace Prize for his poem "Let the woodcutter awaken." Invited by the Writers Union in Czechoslovakia, spent some time in Dobriss Castle, owned by the Union. It is a new popular edition of Canto General in Mexico and other clandestine edition appears in Chile. New editions in the United States, China, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Soviet Union (250,000 copies), Sweden, Romania, India, Palestine and Syria.

He lives in Italy. Delia del Carril travels to Chile. February 10: in Capri. He begins his book Grapes and wind. Private and anonymous edition of Captain's Verses. July and August: travels in Berlin and Denmark. Chile is the arrest warrant revoked after three years and some months. August 12: back to Santiago where he was great tributes welcome taxable. Installs in your house Lynch Avda. Travel to Temuco and to other parts of Chile. December: travels to the Soviet Union as a judge of the International Peace Prize. Start writing the Elementary Odes. Start building The Chascona

January 22: returns from his trip to the Soviet Union. Organized by the Continental Congress of Culture, held in April in Santiago, and where great personalities attending America as Diego Rivera, Nicolas Guillen, Jorge Amado, etc.. Two anthologies are published in Santiago de Chile: All the love, Editorial Nascimento, and political poetry, publishing Austral. December 20: received the Stalin Peace Prize.

January: gives five lectures on his poetry at the University of Chile. July: Elementary Odes, Editorial Losada, grapes and wind, Editorial Nascimento. July 12: will celebrate their fifty years of life with great tributes. They travel writers from around the world to greet Ai and Emi Chin Siau, China; Ilya Ehrenburg, the USSR and Kutvalek Drdda, Czechoslovakia. Barrault joins tributes Neruda reciting poems in his plays, in Santiago. In America also attended by numerous friends Elvio Romero of Paraguay, Miguel Angel Asturias of Guatemala, of Argentina, Oliver Girondo, Norah Lange, Maria Rosa Oliver, Raul Larra, De Lellis and others. Donate to the University of Chile for its library and other property, and the University agrees to fund the Neruda Foundation for the Development of Poetry. June 20: inauguration of the Neruda Foundation. Speeches the president of the University, Don Juan Gómez Millas, and Neruda. These speeches are published in an edition that is distributed free. In France, Le Chant Général is published with illustrations by Fernand Léger. Pablo Neruda, Choix de Poèmes, by Jean Marcenac, editing Pierre Seghers, Poets Collection d'Aujourd'hui, Paris, Tout l'Amour, Pierre Seghers edition. His books are published in Hungary and Poland, in Jerusalem, in Hebrew. Canto General, in the Soviet Union

Separates from Delia del Carril. Concludes the construction of your house The Chascona, where he moved to live with his current wife, Matilde Urrutia. He founded and directed the magazine "La Gaceta de Chile", which three annual leave. They are published in Germany wakes Woodman, publisher Insel Verlag, Leipzig, and grapes and wind, publisher Wolk & Welt, Berlin. It publishes a selection of his poetry in Arabic. Canto General, Save Fenice Collezione, Bologna, Italy. A selection of poems in Persian. Canto General, in Bucharest, Romania. The publisher Nascimento, Santiago, published his book of prose Travel, bringing together several of his lectures. He traveled to the Soviet Union, China and other socialist countries, as well as Italy and France. Back in America, giving concerts in Brazil and Montevideo and spent some time relaxing in Totoral, Cordoba, Argentina.

January: New Elemental Odes, publisher Losada. February: back to Chile. September: Ode to typography, publishing Nascimento. The great ocean is published in Stockholm

January 30: Works, Editorial Losada, bible paper. Begin typing Hundred Love Sonnets. April 1: travels to Argentina. April 11: was arrested in Buenos Aires and remains a half day at the National Penitentiary, is released after efforts by the Chilean consul in Buenos Aires. Abandon Argentina without performing his poetry recital scheduled. Journey through the places of his youth: Rangoon, Colombo and other cities of the East. These trips were reflected in his book Estravagario. Are published: Pablo Neruda, Mario Jorge de Lellis, book of Neruda poetry estimate, publisher The Mandrake (no later editions), and for a review of Pablo Neruda, by Roberto Salama, publisher Carthage, Buenos Aires. Make recitals in Montevideo. He was appointed president of the Writers of Chile. December 18: Third Book of Odes, publisher Losada.

Work in the political campaign for the election of president in Chile. Make popular tours and rallies. August 18: Estravagario, publisher Losada

For five months traveling through Venezuela, where he is honored. There he meets Fidel Castro in Cuba embassy. November 5: Navigations and returns, Editorial Losada. December 5: One Hundred Love Sonnets, private edition subscription. Start building in Valparaiso, La Sebastiana home

Exits trip. April 12: on board the "Louis Lumière 'epic song ends, dedicated to Cuba. Jean Marcenac translated his poem "Bulls" and frame, with sixteen etchings, Pablo Picasso. Walk the Soviet Union, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Czechoslovakia, and the rest of the year living in Paris. In return, went to Italy and from there sailed for Havana. It is published in Cuba epic song, edition of 25,000. December 14: Final edition Hundred Love Sonnets, Losada.

February: back to Chile. Song of Deeds, Southern edition, Santiago de Chile. July 26: The Stones of Chile, Losada edition. October 31: Songs ceremonial Losada edition. The Institute of Romance Languages at Yale University (USA) is appointed by the Member concerned. This has been awarded honorary position among other poets Saint-John Perse and TS Eliot. Publication of the millionth copy of Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. Paris edition of Tout l'Amour, Alice Gascar translation. In the United States: Selected Poems of Pablo Neruda

January: "International O'Cruzeiro" starts "Memoirs and memories of Pablo Neruda: The lives of the poet" (10 numbers). March 30: he was appointed a Fellow of the Faculty of Education at the University of Chile. Speech reception by Nicanor Parra. Editorial Nascimento: Discourses of Pablo Neruda and Nicanor Parra. April: on a trip and visit the USSR, Bulgaria, Italy and France. September 6: Full power, Editorial Losada. Return of travel directly home of Valparaiso

Summary is published, printed by Tallone in Alpignano, Italy. This book will be added after the Memorial de Isla Negra. In the magazine "BLM" ("Bormiers Litterata Magasia"), Stockholm, Arthur Lundkvist, Swedish Academy, published a lengthy article: "Neruda". December: Pablo Neruda's sonnets Homer illustrates Arce published under the title of The intimate metals in Brazilian Notebooks

Raul Silva Castro, critic and Academic Language, publishes Pablo Neruda, extensive biographical and critical book. National Library of Chile marks the sixtieth anniversary of the poet. From the director, Guillermo Feliu Cruz, starting the cycle Neruda. Pablo Neruda: How I see my own work. Conferences Fernando Alegría, Mario Rodriguez, Hernán Loyola, Hugo Montes, Nelson Osorio, Luis Sanchez Latorre, Volodya Teitelboim, Manuel Rojas, Jaime Federico Giordano and Schopper. Publish issues devoted to the following journals Chilean Neruda: "Larch", "Aurora" and "Mapocho". July 12: Memorial is published in Isla Negra, 5 volumes with different titles, publisher Losada. September 9: he published his translation of Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, Editorial Losada. The ITUCH Santiago opens this translation. Pablo Neruda works hard in the presidential campaign touring the country from north to south.

February: traveling to Europe. June: is awarded the title of Honorary Doctor of Arts at the University of Oxford, title given for the first time a South American. July: lives in Paris. He then travels to Hungary, where in collaboration with Miguel Angel Asturias writes Eating in Hungary, book to be published in five languages simultaneously. Attend the meeting of the PEN Club in Bled (Yugoslavia), the Peace Congress in Helsinki (Finland). Travel to the USSR and Lenin Prize jury, which gives the poet Rafael Alberti. December: Buenos Aires past few days, he returned to Chile.

June: Travel to United States as a guest of honor at the meeting of the Pen Club. Da recitals in New York, presented by Archibald MacLeish, dean of American Poets, in Washington and Berkeley, recorded for the Library of Congress in Washington. Then travels to Mexico, where he gives concerts in the University, to Peru, concert in the Municipal Theatre, at the University of San Marcos and the University of Engineering; recital at Arequipa. At the request of the Peruvian Writers Association, chaired Ciro Alegría, is decorated with the Sun of Peru. Louis Aragon published Elégie to Pablo Neruda, Gallimard. Rodriguez Monegal, the traveler still, Editorial Losada

October 28: marriage legalized in Chile with Matilde Urrutia, held before abroad. Published Art birds, private edition by the Society of Friends of Contemporary Art, illustrated by Antunez, Herrera, Carreño and Toral. Auditions weekly radio and reading of his poetry (10 auditions). August: get the special prize "Athena", University of Concepcion, for all his literary

Travel through Europe. July: get the international literary prize Viareggio (Italy). Publishing Works, second edition, two volumes, Losada, Buenos Aires, Flash and Death of Joaquin Murieta, Editorial Zig-Zag, Santiago de Chile, La Barcarolle, publisher Losada. October: premieres, theater Antonio Varas, Flash and Death of Joaquin Murieta, the cast of ITUCH, under the direction of Peter Orthous

Post Hands of the day, Losada, Argentina. February: Uruguay travels and lectures in the auditorium of the Faculty of Architecture (Montevideo). April: Joliot Curie received the Decoration. May: is appointed Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters. Give a recital at the University of Caracas. Return to Chile and began to collaborate as a columnist for the magazine "Ercilla", Santiago (1968-1970).

Post Eating in Hungary, written in collaboration with Miguel Angel Asturias, publisher Corvina, Budapest and Lumen, Barcelona. End of the world, private edition of the Contemporary Art Society, Santiago de Chile. Still, Editorial Nascimento, Santiago de Chile. SUMMARY (book Where the rain is born Memorial Isla Negra) Bookseller private edition Studio, Santiago de Chile. The cup of blood, publisher A. Tallone, Alpignano, Italy. May: he was appointed Member of the Chilean Academy of Language. August: the Catholic University of Chile declares Doctor Scientiae et Honoris Causa. September: The Senate of the Republic of Chile decorated him with the silver medal given to the illustrious sons of Chile. September 3: is designated candidate for the presidency of the Republic by the Chilean Communist Party.

January: resigns his presidential candidacy by achieving the designation of a single candidate Chilean popular party (Salvador Allende). April: he travels to Europe. May: attends the premiere of his play Flash and Death of Joaquin Murieta, the Piccolo Teatro in Milan. Give a recital at the Sorbonne, France. Post: Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair, published by Lord Cochrane, Santiago de Chile, deluxe edition with illustrations by Mario Toral, The flaming sword, Editorial Losada, Buenos Aires, Tsunami, private edition Art Society Contemporary Santiago de Chile, The stones from heaven, Losada, Buenos Aires

January 7: travel to Easter Island, with directors and technicians 13 Chilean TV channel to film scenes there documentary "History and geography of Pablo Neruda" then that channel will by mid-año.Ver this work in you tube channel nerudavivecl (in spanish)

January 21: The Chilean Senate approves his appointment as Ambassador of Chile in France. Travel to this country in March, passing a week in the city of Buenos Aires. October 21: he is awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Travel to Stockholm to receive and then to Poland the premiere of Joaquin Murieta. December 7th: The home opens


September 1972, Edition of Book Antologia Popular 1972 Pablo Neruda

Ambassador in Paris. Travel to the USSR. In March Losada published his book Geography fruitless. On October 28 he was appointed Member of the Advisory Board of UNESCO, elected by the General Conference for a term of four years. In the month of November, he traveled to Chile. Tribute of the Chilean people at the National Stadium.

On February 5 resignation to the embassy in Paris by communicating it to President Salvador Allende when he goes to visit his house in Isla Negra. Then change cards. On February 18, he published his book nixonicidio Incitement and praise of the Chilean revolution, which is sold in the streets of Santiago. On September 11, Salvador Allende is killed in the Palacio de La Moneda, the product of an unconstitutional coup promoted by the United States and executed by the Armed Forces of Chile.

The Navy installed outside his home in Isla Negra a warship, is invaded his house by the military for weapons. Neruda decided to move to a clinic seeking refuge for his life. At the clinic holding a meeting with Ambassador of the Republic of Mexico, who urges him to accept the protection of Mexican President of the time, who had sent his presidential plane to bring Neruda of Chile.

On the streets began to emerge bonfires organized by the ignorant soldiery and supported to shame of the Armed Forces of Chile fascist officers, who repeated the same as their gods had made in Nazi Germany burning books including works highlighted of Pablo Neruda.

They raided and he destroyed Neruda's house in Santiago de Chile.
Neruda accepted the invitation Mexican and prepares to exit in that direction.
The military understand the significance of this trip and strangely the September 23 Pablo Neruda was murdered in Santa Maria Clinic in Santiago, Chile.

Killed Neruda, he moved to his home in Santiago.
We discover the complete destruction and looting of his home, his coffin is deposited in the soil, thereby ushering in his wake, "without dish nor spoon".
He began the attempt of physical destruction and intellectual glory of Our America and the Chilean most universal. Pablo Neruda



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