Indivisible Palestine


*José Farhat.

Translation: Tali Feld Gleiser.


The Declaration adopted by the Islamic Extraordinary Summit held in Istanbul on December 13, 2017 invited "the whole world to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Palestine." He also pleaded "to mobilize support, in the name of all humanity, to give strength to the State of Palestine and its institutions in all fields."


All good that the Palestinian problem has appeared for the Islamic world, because, as far as is known, this problem was being hidden discreetly, including by certain Arabs and Muslims, some petulants who were and are playing the game to the Gringo-Zionist alliance . Sincere support always came from the Arab peoples, almost always equally lacking in support for their own just demands.


The great promoter of that summit, Recep Erdogan, president of Turkey, has the duty to pay for his sins objectively and sincerely to also attract to the movement non-Muslim countries, under the Chinese leadership, for example, to support the Palestinian cause with impetus. Xi Jinping, president of China, surely will not fail to act as a world leader, filling the space of power left by the United States, under the leadership of the anxious Donald Trump, US president, whose sincerity does not support arguments, because he only seeks, through of Israel, internal support for its disastrous government.


On the other hand, there is distrust regarding some of the promoters of the initiative to recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of a future State of Palestine, gathered in Istanbul. Their past - and in some cases, mainly the present - does not give them credit.


Less confidence still deserve Israel, the United States and its secrets and obvious acolytes. Proof of this is that the world also does not support them, as was proved at the United Nations Security Council meeting with the vote on the motion against the American attitude of transferring its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, thus recognizing the Sacred City as capital of the Zionist State. Of the 15 members of the Council, 14 voted against and only the United States used its veto power and guaranteed the failure of what seemed right to the representatives of the four corners of the planet. This attitude of the United States is not new, because since the establishment of the Security Council, every time Israel commits a crime, it has counted on the veto of its imperial ally.


Approve East Jerusalem as the capital of a State of Palestine that was not created - and whose creation, if left to Israel, the United States and its supporters will never be approved and will be, as it has been so far, a "dream" of a summer night. " East Jerusalem as they wish, including those who met in Istanbul, will be the capital of a nation that covers just 22% of the land of the Palestinians, of historic Palestine. Deliver to the Zionists 78% of our land where our brothers lived for centuries, where they worked, fought, sweated and bled with the promise of a State whose birth is as impossible as the snows of the Julan turn black.


Approving and accepting East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State amounts to a tacit recognition of Israel and forgiveness of all crimes committed by the Zionists. Not pass!


It is appropriate to point out that the only solution for the Palestinian question is to unite all historical Palestine, originating from the oppressive occupation of the Ottoman Empire and the decadent British Empire, for all Palestinians: Muslims, Christians and Jews, in a secular nation that guarantees the right and impose responsibility to the three Abrahamic religions as a single constitutional group.


Does not this solution or another similar one please the Zionists? It will be just one episode in its long history of not accepting coexistence with other peoples who share space with them.


It is inconceivable to accept that someone who came from afar occupies the residence of another, demand that almost all the house be given to him and be satisfied with the construction of the fund.


I have nothing against Judaism, nor against Christianity or Islam; Religion is an individual matter and its path to its god. Here I am dealing with the Palestine that I want indivisible for its people!


 *José Farhat is a political scientist, Arabist and director of International Relations at ICArabe.