Alan, the anti-Zionist Jew who accuses persecution of his own community for supporting Palestine


Published on 04/28/2018 by the other Jews

Discrimination on the part of the Chilean Zionist family is not a novelty.
All our support to Alan, almost lonely voice within the Jewish community of Chile.


"Who is Alan Rückert Zoellner? God caught him confessed for treason to his own people. I hope that when you look for work and clients, ALL of them turn their backs on you. " This is how some people in the Jewish community who reside in Chile reacted after reading a Letter to the Director signed, among others, by Alan Rückert, Jewish anti-Zionist activist. The letter published in La Tercera on April 14 explained that Zionism is different from Semitism and that, therefore, criticizing Israel is not "anti-Semitism."



The Letter to the Director responded to Shai Agosin, president of the Jewish Community of Chile, who in another letter sent to the media affirmed that it was "anti-Semitism" to criticize the student candidacy of the leader Jorge Testa. The latter, in addition to having been president of the Federation of Jewish Students for two years, was questioned for his position regarding the actions of the State of Israel that have resulted in the invasion, colonization and occupation of Palestine. The criticism that was made of his candidacy pointed also to the contradiction that meant that this postulation was supported by the Socialist Youth, when said party supports the "Palestinian cause" and is against Apartheid.
Apparently, the fact that Rückert signed the letter with people who make up organizations such as the Palestinian Federation or the General Union of Palestinian Students (UGEP), was reason enough for him to criticize him publicly, as well as to pressure him -as he has accused- half of their relatives and close to try to silence their dissidence.
The belligerence of the commentary signed by Victoria Yagoda Assael, who we suppose is the holder of the Colegio Santiago College, is the spot where Alan, his mother and his two younger sisters studied. His words pointed to a family tragedy to attack Alan's positions.
"Last year when his father committed suicide, my boy son had become friends with his sister. She told me then that her friend's father (well known) had committed suicide and that she was very well. I do not understand how you can (sic) that well. He told me my son had never heard that name and a friend told me that he is the father of this anti-Semitic Jewish goat and I did not fit the definition of an anti-Semitic Jew and then I Google them and what a surprise I took. Obviously I knew that stadium, school and Jewish institutions are not allowed to enter. That's why I do not worry much more and I thought next (sic), "Yagoda wrote.

From an annoyance to ostracism

Rückert has indicated that he was banned from the Israelite Stadium, the Hebrew Institute and many other Jewish sites. He closed his Facebook account and - according to what he has accused - his mother has had to endure insolence and pressure that seeks to affect him. "She asks me to moderate (...) but I can not moderate (...) I do not want to face history as a person who supported that massacre (of Gaza)," he said in an interview with El Ciudadano.
In Chile he feels better treatment on the part of older Jewish people, than on the part of those of his age. "This is dangerous, because when you catch them on a reel, with a drink, the thing is more violent. There are people who eliminated me from everything. The idea is to make me feel, in all possible ways, that I am not part of the community, "he said in that dialogue with this medium.
On the marginalization that accuses, Rückert already gave account of it in 2014, when he declared that "the Jewish Community is transformed into a hostage of the dominant Zionist discourse".
Alan has received support from the Palestinians in Chile and from some members of the Jewish Community, because, apparently, not all are as much in agreement with defending the state policy of Israel.

Source: The Palestinian Citizen and Federation.
Image: The Citizen and Sputnik News