Jerusalem: 25 centuries of massacres ...



"The city has been destroyed, rebuilt, destroyed and rebuilt once again. Jerusalem is an old nymphomaniac who chokes one after the other of her lovers, before disposing of them in a yawn, a black widow who devours her lovers at the moment they penetrate her ... "

Amos Oz, A story of love and darkness



The Israeli Zionist regime cheerfully slaughters dozens of Palestinians. The Zionists of Israel massacre, once again hundreds of Palestinians. It does not occur to anyone to organize a coup d'etat in Tel Aviv, nor a bombing of Israel. Nobody condemns Israel, except the UN, but a condemnation of the UN is worth less than a wise reflection of Mafalda. The Zionist regime of Israel continues to slaughter Palestinians. A few months ago I decided to read a voluminous book by Simon Sebag-Montefiore, entitled precisely like this: Jerusalem. Jerusalem, a work that exceeds 1,050 pages, tells its story for a period that exceeds 2,500 years, from the domination of the Babylonian empire to the present day. My reading is rhythmic, which allows me to simultaneously read the half dozen books of urgency that always accompany me. I confess that until now I have only read a third: I am on page 428.

Thus I am digesting the thread of the life of "the most illustrious of cities", according to Al-Muqaddasi (Muhammad ibn Ahmad Shams al-Din Al-Muqaddasi, also known as Al-Maqdisi, notable Arab medieval geographer, author of Ahsan at-Taqasim fi Ma`rifat il-Aqalim), who, by offering a definitive judgment on the town, agrees greatly with Amos Oz: "Jerusalem is a golden vessel full of scorpions".The aforementioned thread is difficult to digest given that it is constituted by the most perverse crimes, the most pernicious betrayals, the most barbarous customs, the most primitive superstitions, the most sinister and illegitimate ambitions, and the most absolute contempt for the human being, in an endless series of atrocious and refined violations of the most basic human rights.

A city in which they mixed again and again-even, above all, carnally-until they became an indecipherable jumble, Arab Orthodox, Muslim Arabs, secular Arabs, Sephardic Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Haredim Jews, secular Jews, Orthodox Armenians, Georgians, Serbs, Russians, Copts, Protestants, Ethiopians, Latins and Greeks, in a long litany of origins and religions that this disordered enumeration falls far short of exhausting. A dominant moment, another dominated, both have been exterminated with a perseverance worthy of a better cause. Jews who murder Jews, Arabs who murder Arabs, Jews who betray other Jews, Arabs who betray other Arabs, spurious alliances with one another to sell their fellow men, and prostrate themselves slavishly before the successive empires that overcame them and embittered them, before using his women as hetairas, courtesans, occasional wives, slaves and harem concubines according to the need of the master.

Fervor was not always forced: throughout history there were Jews and / or Arabs who lent themselves with enthusiasm and dedication to satisfy the libido of Arab, Jewish, Roman, Greek or Babylonian masters in exchange for an imitation of power, or simply in the perspective of becoming the favorite. In these conditions it is difficult to pretend to the "purity of the blood", or to the linearity of the origins. On the other hand, the exquisiteness of the massacres forces admiration. I have not joined the thousands of corpses, -of Titus, son of the Roman emperor Vespasian, to Baudouin el Grande, through David, Absalom, Solomon, Rehoboam, Jeroboam, Jezebel, Isaiah Sennacherib, Hezekiah, Manasseh, Josias, Nabuchodonosor , Baltasar, Cyrus the Great, Darius, Zerubbabel, Nehemia, Alexander the Great, Ptolemy, Joseph Tobiade, Antiochus the Great, Simon the Just, Antiochus Epiphanes (the mad god), Judas the Hammer, Simon the Great, John Hyrcanus, Thrax Alexander, Caesar and Cleopatra, Antony and Cleopatra, Pacorus Herod and a long list of benefactors of mankind, left behind them, inventing the most sophisticated ways of exterminating men, women and children with a record that lasts until today. The funny thing is that there is still a living population. Impiety of the Christians, who once organized the Crusades to seize the Holy Sepulcher and other relics, came to the practice of cannibalism, as Amin Maalouf has in his remarkable book The Crusades Through Arab Eyes.

And if Simon Sebag-Montefiore offers a whole chapter of his book appropriately The Slaughter, nor Godefroi, nor Tancredo de Hauteville, nor Pope Urban II, and Raymond of Toulouse, and together, they manage to surpass in cruelty to their counterparts Jews or Muslims. "... the Franks (Christian crusaders) went crazy, and killed everyone they met in streets and avenues. They cut heads, feet and hands, glorifying themselves from the springs of unfaithful blood with which they were sprinkled. " If such carnage was not unusual, the pious pride with which the culprits boasted was novel: "Here is something surprising that I have to say, exclaimed Raimond d'Agiles, chaplain of the Count of Toulouse and eyewitness ... Among the Saracens, some were murdered, which was for them the sweetest end; others, pierced by arrows, were forced to jump from the tall towers; others, after having suffered much time, were burned alive, consumed by the flames. It was seen in the streets and squares of the city tumuli of heads, hands and feet. Infants and knights marched through corpses. The crusaders tore the babies from their mothers and smashed their little heads against the stone walls. "

Much earlier, the very pious Flavius ​​Valerius Aurelius Constantine - better known as Constantine I - Emperor of the Romans since his proclamation by his troops on July 25, 306, enshrined the domination of Christians throughout his empire, and his own authority -the caesar-papism-, to, at the end of his days, convert to Christianity. Fausta, Constantino's second wife, wished to impose her own offspring. So he accused Crispus, son of Constantine's first marriage, of wanting to seduce her. Neither short nor lazy, the pious Emperor had his own son murdered. Later, when Helena, his mother, made him see Fausta's maneuver, Constantino found nothing better than to make her boil. If I tell it, it is to point out that the violence and cruelty of the Crusaders had genealogy, hierarchy and tradition. And highlight that in matters of savagery, the ones are worth the others. Jerusalem, "that old nymphomaniac", has passed from hand to hand over the course of 25 centuries. Each dominant power has pretended to be the legitimate occupier of the place, and announced the "eternal" character of its domination. Before being eliminated, dominated, massacred, enslaved, by the successive power. So, for ever and ever.

In the last 70 years the dominant power has been exercised by the Jews, later the Zionists appropriated that state, Seventy years: nothing if we consider the two thousand five hundred years of Jerusalem's existence. And like every dominant power, Zionism perpetuates the tradition of crime. Nothing new under the sun. Until in another telluric jolt, another power is imposed that, fulfilling the millenary custom, exterminates in turn its predecessors.