Manuel Araya Osorio speech in the day, the birth of the name of Chile, Pablo Neruda




National, regional and local officials, members of the great family of art and culture, scientists, lawyers, journalists, businessmen, representatives of the Latin American School of Medicine, gentlemen of the Embassy of Cuba in Chile, friends all authorities.

Last year, after many efforts the Neruda perform a salute to this glorious day in the city of Valparaiso, with immense support of secondary, university youths and the National Confederation of Seafarers CONGEMAR, incorporating traders was significant regret that this approach does not substantiate the authorities.

I'm originally from San Antonio, for this reason I am filled with pride when in this area bordering the premises where it is Cantalao has emerged strongly supported by the authorities

For this reason I must give particular thanks to the Municipality headed by the mayor and the body of councilors, Mrs. Jimena Cartagena, president of the cultural hall and his team, all have supported us to achieve set this greeting to Neruda and organize this ceremony in this significant day for points worldwide and hopefully should become a tradition. I learned in Cuba that "Honor, Honor."

Today thanking this action, Neruda grouped Anthology People 1972-Heritage Chile / NGOs, will deliver a copy painted by other Latin American immense picture, I mean the painter Guayasamin, who performed the portrait of the face of Neruda, this picture without doubt increase the legacy of the cultural sector in our city.

Also deliver two DVDs, one shows our popular anthology 1972 and the other containing digitized video and poems that only participates Pablo Neruda.

Both papers can be removed for free, this work was created by our Vice President, Research, Editor, Producer Cultural, Raul Valdivia-Pizarro.

Dear, the presence of Cuban friends is because together we organized earlier this year a trip to Havana-Cuba and together with the Ministry of Culture conducted an intensive program of outreach work and provision of information to the different cultural media country.

I manifestarles them as public, our thanks, because we were greeted by the major agencies involved and spread the culture of our Latin America in your beautiful country.

But there is more, to our astonishment we create a poetry event of an international character "Latin American Meeting popular poetry anthology 1972 Pablo Neruda" was called.

The call will be held at the time of the opening of the International Book Fair in Havana, Cuba, in February 2016 and after that it will be held every year in every country of our Latin America.

We would be very proud, that when held in Chile this cultural event, it is done in this city, because he deserves it, I think at that time we would have an important avenue that bears the name of Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda.

In another cultural proposals we are interested to organize together with the municipality or the body to propose us different types of cultural events to increase the knowledge of our people and provide opportunities to young professionals, are of any area, for the time being Neruda, we are able to offer the assistance of medical professionals and law.

In our life we ​​have learned that the friendship between nations is more important and relevant discussions between us, we just have to learn to respect and live as Neruda taught us, "You should prohibit writing the word Freedom is, we owe to learn to breathe ".

The Chilean Pablo Neruda and sanantoninos salute you.

Authorities, thanks for your support and live San Antonio and Latin America.


Thank You