The Nerudian denounce what happens to the remains of Neruda in Chile.


It is incredible that they lied internationally, so many years on the causes of death of Neruda, now we know that our Pablo Neruda was murdered, but we still have bitter drinks, is intolerable what made the current Chilean government authorities to stop the process of research.



The Minister of Interior of Chile, Mr. Burgos (DC) does not receive protests from the world and chileans for his conduct against help uncover the truth in the murder of Neruda, it maintains a permanent Guard officer, who Project in charge Neruda case, the Ms. Jenny Leon, this official is responsible for stopping the advance of the issues to be resolved in the severe case of the murder of the greatest poet of the twentieth century, only he knows repeat tirelessly, NO! to everything.


You remember the international scientific meeting in Santiago de Chile, which provided information drug- resistant staphylococcus aureus found in the remains of Neruda?


Well, know that the scientific experts want to work on Chile, ad honorem and was the government of Chile that made the offer to pay USD $ 1,500 perdiem. The ridiculous thing is that now they are asking RUT (SSN) and ballots to foreigners, which to date have never met them with what the government offered. Our sources said that the Chilean scientists we renounced perdiem not ensnare more bureaucracy.


The ombudsmen of the Ministry of Interior and the Minister has not been content to not fulfill that agreement muddying Chile's prestige internationally, not according with the "error", now they changed the form of contracts for the output samples to direct treatment, know this process is not very transparent to the CGR and will be worse.


It is necessary to note that work on the translation of contracts and once completed these, without saying anything changed the legal form. That means more bureaucracy.


We denounce the worst thing is that the samples of the remains of Neruda did not go in the month agreed in November 2015 to have the results in the month of March 2016.
Now we know that the samples of the remains of Neruda will not leave in March 2016 and this will cause a delay in investigations occur.



Congressman and chairman of the Swedish Association of safeguarding the work of Neruda, Torbjon Bjorlund was in Chile last week and observed what has already been known in the Swedish Academy of Sciences, the mistreatment of the remains of the Nobel Neruda, we understand that conduct a meeting with the institution in Stockholm and confirm this sad truth.


Chileans wonder, with so much neglect, disability and supported by the bureaucracy, they seek for fatigue or boredom of international scientists?, not forget that these professors have multiple and high academic responsibilities with their students, their universities, their research and laboratories and may well leave the Neruda case research. They are looking for this?


Who they are protected against a possible termination of a committee of international scientists?



Culture Minister Ernesto Ottone has the obligation to deliver their opinion because they are inside functions of the Minister President of the Council for Culture and the Arts and therefore should not shirk its responsibility.


Given the prevailing political decomposition is necessary to stop speculation and act accordingly, the silent majority did not accept that in the case of Neruda obtained the same answers to the murder of the constitutional president Salvador Allende, and the silence around are delivered to the assassination of former President Eduardo Frei Montalva, both killed in mysterious circumstances, with the aggravating one of these murders were committed in the same clinic where Neruda was murdered, the clinic Santa Maria, located in Santiago de Chile.


Citizens of the world, particularly Latin American and Chilean expect you Mr. Jorge Burgos Varela, Minister of Interior of the Republic of Chile to enforce its authority and defend high cultural interests of the nation, the world Nerudian, particularly Chileans we thank you.


The world is watching and the nation will demand answers.


                  Manuel Araya Osorio                                             Raúl Valdivia Pizarro 

                      President                                                         Vice–President

                "Antología Popular 1972 – Patrimonio de Chile/NGO" PaN-NGO