Return of remains of the murdered Neruda to his grave.



Conversing with Rodolfo Reyes Muñoz, nephew - Pablo Neruda, Chilean lawyer confirmed today the transfer of a part of the remains of Neruda Isla Negra, pointed out while they are increasingly greater suspicions that the Nobel Prize for literature was killed.


Reyes Munoz stressed that anyway in the judicial proceedings until there is conclusive evidence, it is impossible to reach the end of an investigation as complex as this.


"The presence of Staphylococcus gold in his mortal remains, the contradictions in the death certificate and other evidence, reinforce the criterion that the death of my uncle was caused by third parties," he said.


"We hope to bring back his remains to his house in Isla Negra, where us his nephews spent seasons and allowed us for the first time in life see the sea," said around the residence Museum in the province of San Antonio.

Rodolfo Reyes, Eduardo Contreras lawyers and Manuel Araya Osorio, main witness causes Neruda, confirmed the programme of return:

April 25, Pablo Neruda will receive a tribute at the headquarters of the former National Congress in downtown Santiago, where expected the presence of important governmental personalities, ambassadors, artists, writers, and public in general.


On 26 April, his remains moved to the city port of San Antonio, where they will be received by the principal authorities of the city and a great cultural artistic activity will be held in his honor, known as the National Congress failed to change the name of the main airport of Chile, by voting against the political right This unfair situation workers and port managers called a sector of the first port of Chile, "Pablo Neruda".


[ARTICLE: "Right reject call "Pablo Neruda" the International Airport of Santiago (Spanish)]


After this popular tribute to "Pablo" and citizen of San Antonio Manuel Araya Osorio, saves backs and main witness of the Neruda case, the coffin will be moved to Isla Negra where part of his remains shall be deposited at the site where Neruda CJD and his remains to blend with the Pacific Ocean as he instituted it.


At the same time on the beach in Isla Negra will be organized by broad popular sectors a Grand cultural show in tribute to the "surname of Chile" with the demand for government authorities to begin actions around the recovery of the Popular anthology 1972, the work given to the State of Chile by Neruda and currently suffering plagiarism and embezzlement.




Manuel Araya Osorio                           Raúl Valdivia Pizarro

  Presidente                                      Vice presidente


Antologia Popular1972 - Patrimonio de Chile/ONG