Finished his task , Burgos delegates to Mario Fernandez , another Democrat , with outstanding bills, to assume office as interior minister.


Popular anthology Chile 1972-Heritage / NGO


Who is, what made and which political party comes the new minister?


This D.C., has been henchman consultation: was minister Ricardo Lagos and undersecretary in the Ministry of Defence under the governments of Patricio Aylwin and Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle.


During the governments of Patricio Aylwin and Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, Fernandez served as undersecretary of the Ministry of Defence, while the government of Ricardo Lagos was Minister of Defense, Minister Secretary General of the Presidency and Chilean ambassador to Germany. He was subsequently appointed Minister of Constitutional Court by unanimous agreement of both Houses of Congress, a position he held until 2011 and which was responsible for blocking measures such as the distribution of the morning-after pill in clinics.


He served as Chile's ambassador to Austria and the September 1, 2015 presented credentials to the President of Uruguay, Tabare Vasquez.


With characters like this gentleman who has never ruled on the murders committed under the government of Patricio Aylwin D C where I participate.

Patricio Aylwin newcomer to La Moneda few hours after receiving the presidential sash in Congress in Valparaiso, harsh repression unleashed, as he was used to the Chilean people from the dictatorship. Gas, water cannons, clubs and kicks were the corollary of a day that was supposed to start return of democracy.


The first months of Aylwin administration made clear that it would continue the same police procedure, with the dissolution of at least apparent of the CNI, which continued to operate under the wing of the Investigative Police named Brigadier Assaults and procedures not they went to those applied by the dictatorship.

It was the case of what happened on September 13, 1990 with three members of the FPMR that after being detained by officials Dipolcar Carabineros - the successor to the Dicomcar who arrested and beheaded in 1985 three Communist professionals, were taken to the Third police Station in Santiago. That claim they were repeatedly beaten and hung for three days, all with the approval of the Interior Ministry headed by Enrique Krauss D C.


Worse luck was that they had 33 people in different circumstances and in different years were killed by police.


One of the cases that provoked public outcry was occurred on October 21, 1993 when a group of five members of the Lautaro Youth Movement raided a branch of Banco O'Higgins. In their flight they took a minibus which was intercepted by police at the corners of Manquehue with Apoquindo, who started a gunfight that ended with seven people dead, including three members of the group, three other passengers of public transport and a policeman. Another 12 people were injured.


A year earlier, on January 22 Alex Muñoz Hoffman and Fabian Lopez fell in a clash against a hundred police who surrounded in a house in the Nunoa long hours that were broadcast live on television. Both were executed by the police.


Who is regarded as the first killed in "democracy" is Marco Ariel Antonioletti, a 21-year-old member of the Lautaro Youth Movement, who on November 14, 1990 was rescued by a group of that organization in an operation where four died gendarmes and a policeman. Antonioletti was taken to a house in Central Station, where he found the investigative police a day after his escape after the property owner, Juan Carvajal-head of the Ministry of Communications in the first government of Michelle Bachelet gave the information to nearby that delivered to the undersecretary of the Interior Belisario Velasco who ran DC, Antonioletti was shot in the forehead.


Velasco himself led the organization of the so-called "Office" , a device that served to begin what work against subversion and terrorism was called . That entity was another opposition party activists recognized the dictatorship , including the current Socialist deputy Marcelo Schilling .


The list of dead during the government of Aylwin is extensive. Start with Antonioletti , Osman continues Yeomans ; Aldo Norambuena ; Salamanca Carlos Flores; Emilio Gonzalez ; Luis González Rivera ; Odin Muena Adasme ; Tiburcio Cid Alvarez ; Juan Francisco Fuentes ; Mauricio Cancino Garin ; Enrique Torres Silva ; Mauricio Gómez Lira ; Pedro Ortiz Montenegro, among others who were part of a gray story of what happened in Chile.


Murdered for Democracy during the government of Patricio Aylwin, where participated the current interior minister in his capacity as undersecretary in the Ministry of Defense.


Name Date of Death Militancy Perpetrator.
Aldo Soto Norambuena 09-Aug-90 MJL Carabineros
Julio Reyes Eyzaquirre 21-Aug-90 MJL Recovery EGAS, Civil Police
Carlos Salamanca Flores 14-Nov-90 No militancy The Pincoya
Osman Yeomans Osorio 5-Nov-90 JJCC Lo Espejo, Carabineros
Marco Antonioletti Ariel Nov 15 90 MJL Investigaciones de Chile
Emilio González González Dec-90 FPMR Franklin, Carabineros
Luis Antonio González Rivera 13-Dec-90 FPMR Molina, VII region, GOPE
Odin Fernando Muena Adasme Mar-91 FPMR Coltauco, Carabineros
Tiburcio Rafael Cid Alvarez Mar-9 FPMR Coltauco, Carabineros
uan Francisco Rojas Fuentes 14-Dec-91 FPMR Cerro Navia, Carabineros
Mauricio Alfonso Cancino Garin 14-Dec-91 FPMR Cerro Navia, Carabineros
Enrique Torres Saravia 18-Dec-91 MJL Coquimbo, Carabineros
Ignacio Escobar Diaz 18-Dec-91 MJL Coquimbo, Carabineros
Sergio Valdes Valdes 18-Dec-91 MJL Coquimbo, Carabineros
Alexis Hoffman Muñoz 22-Jan-92 FPMR Ñuñoa, Carabineros
Fabian Lopez Luque 22-Jan-92 MJL Ñuñoa, Carabineros
José Luis Oyarzun Pino 30-Jan-92 MJL Lo Prado, Investigaciones de Chile
Pablo Muñoz Moya 16-Jul-92 MJL Vicuña Mackenna, Carabineros
Soto Andrés Pantoja 10-Sep-92 MJL Pareto, Escort Mayor Santiago
José Miguel Martínez Alvarado 10-Oct-92 FPMR Penitenciaría Beaucheff, Investigaciones- Gendarmerie
Mauricio Anibal Gomez Lira 10-Oct-92 FPMR Penitenciaría Beaucheff, Investigaciones- Gendarmerie
Pedro Ortiz Montenegro 10-Oct-92 FPMR Penitenciaría Beaucheff, Investigaciones- Gendarmerie
René Largo Farías 15-Oct-92 PC Folklorist, presumed Carabineros
Norma Vergara Caceres 26-Mar-93 MJL DIPOLCAR
José Octavio Araya Ortiz 11-Sep-93 JJCC Cementerio General, Carabineros
Sergio Leopoldo Calderón Beltrami 11-Sep-93 No militancy Cementerio General, Carabineros
Yuri Uribe Toro 21-Oct-93 MJL Apoquindo, Carabineros
Raul Humberto Gonzalez Ordenes 21-Oct-93 MJL Apoquindo, Carabineros
Alejandro Sosa Duran 21-Oct-93 MJL Apoquindo, Carabineros
Marcos Villegas 21-Oct-93 No militancy Apoquindo, Carabineros
Tatiana Inés Navarro Valdes 21-Oct-93 No militancy Apoquindo, Carabineros
Gabriela Diaz Castillo 21-Oct-93 No militancy Apoquindo, Carabineros
José Héctor Aguilera Suazo 29-Nov-93 MIR Ambush, Carabineros


** MIR = Movimiento de Izquierda Revolucionario (Revolutionary Leftist Movement)

   MJL = Movimiento Juvenil Lautaro (Lautaro Youth Movement)

   JJCC = Juventudes Comunistas (Young Communist League)

   FPMR = Frente Patriotico Manuel Rodriguez (Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front)

   PC = Partido Comunista (Communist Party)



Like Burgos, Fernandez also integrated the Public Security Bureau (the Bureau), responsible for the policy against revolutionary organizations that criticized and triggered against the "pacted democracy with dictatorship".


The political action of the resigned interior minister Jorge continuous Burgos and gave a deadly blow to the autonomy of the Human Rights Programme (PDH) which operates under the supervision of the portfolio: Transfer to the executive secretary Sebastian Cabezas the Ministry of Justice and removed from its under the head of Legal Department lawyer, Rodrigo Lledo.


Execute this action after unsuccessful attempts for the PDH not go forward in its intention to request the formalization of the general (r) Juan Emilio Cheyre, for his participation in the crimes of the Caravan of Death in passing through La Serena.


Lledo asked Minister Mario Chariot especially visit Cheyre processing, as abetting murder and ranked by the Caravan of Death case kidnappings. This application driven Lledo made with the support and signatures of all the team of lawyers of PDH. This occurred a day before Burgos leave office in the Interior Ministry.


So one of the worst nightmares of the Minister Burgos and the currency itself is concretized: the possible fall of Cheyre, "the general of the transition."


Since May 2015 in Burgos joined the Interior M., he wanted to subject the actions of PDH political requirements of his ministry. However, Francisco Ugas, executive secretary of the professional body of convictions and decision, more than once reminded the former minister that the program was autonomous in matters of procedural decisions.


This independence of PDH even penetrated the anxieties arising from not obeying the request of President Bachelet herself and her mother, Angela Jeria, who opposed the agency appealed to the very low penalties that the judge sanctioned Chariot -in November 2014- the perpetrators of torture against those husband and father, General Alberto Bachelet.


Between curtains that Ugás Francisco resigned to make, with postgraduate studies in Europe?


As he explained to President Bachelet announced -at off the side of Carmen Gloria Quintana cameras, following the reopening of the case Quemados- conducting a study to review the lifting of the secrecy of the Valech Report. The surprise was that the study which it had done- PDH he was finished eight months ago and was from December , on the desk of Minister of the Interior and the President herself Bachelet


Article: Human Rights: Bachelet, the president who did little to nothing.


Neruda case


Catalina Lagos ( PS ) , new executive secretary of PDH previously served in the unit of International Relations of Sernam , belongs to a very linked to power family , is the daughter of the current fiscal Corfo Pablo Lagos Puccio and Sonia Tschorne , both members the former permanent agreement.


She has put an end to the PDH bright and decency of professionals committed to human rights and reopened the return of political cuoteo .


Your task is to finish with an institution that has allowed work on more than 700 cases of executions and forced disappearances .


It goes back no matter what happens with the Neruda case, without worrying about that , "This case is of national and international attention ," as expressed by the president of the Swedish Nerudian organization and at the same time deputy to the parliament of his country Torbjon Bjorlund .


Mr. Manuel Araya Osorio president of the organization "popular Anthology 1972-Heritage Chile / NGO, has informed the international press the importance it has had for investigations into the murder of Pablo Neruda driving Lledó and Ugás, remember says "Araya" the PDH became part of the case Neruda (Rol 1038-2011) on 9 January 2015 and relevance of incorporating the PHD achievement reversed the course that led this case to show that "the facts accredited the record, it is clearly possible and highly probable third party intervention in the death of D. Pablo Neruda ".


High concern over these facts has expressed Succession Neruda through direct lawyer and nephew of Neruda, Rodolfo Reyes Muñoz.


Neruda case report, which states that "it is clearly possible to highly probable third party intervention".


We have reviewed the specific actions of Mr. Burgos and his colleague Mario Fernandez and actions of the current government in this article.


We wonder, what will be the attitude of national and international group of scientists who feel cheated their efforts to find the truth and they were offered enough support? , Which currently offer refuses, Who is protected with this denial to obtain a scientific answer, which clearly indicate that Neruda was murdered?



It will be expecting that scientists renounce continue this Teasing hairs by the Chilean government, to thereby try to point out that the resignation was scientists and not by the attitude taken from the circles of power in Chile?


It must be remembered that a base of almost perfect genetic data is required, the remains of Neruda must be cleaned of external contamination which means that the remains should be cleaned of all kinds of impurities, it was agreed, because now those resources refuse to perform this action?


A clear question arises to know the historical actions of all the characters involved in the current government, it is trying to gain time? And win this time it means?


How long will the Chileans designations under the reactionary leaders of the PDC and the PS, which have the same performance of the UDI and RN?


This view is reflected in the nonexistent concern of the Commission culture , arts and communications of the Chamber of Deputies, this has had the luxury to discuss until the completion of a monument to Mr. Patricio Aylwin, but has never called a meeting to discuss a defense strategy of the work that Neruda lego free to all Chileans and now suffers Plagiarism , Larceny and Embezzlement , is the People Anthology 1972


The commission is composed of the following people:


Ramón Farías Ponce, President PPD
Claudio Arriagada Macaya DC
Marcos Espinoza Monardes PRSD
Maya Fernandez Allende PS
Joaquín Ibáñez Godoy . Ind.
María José Hoffmann Opazo UDI
José Antonio Kast Rist UDI
Issa Kort Garriga UDI
Roberto Poblete Zapata Ind.
Jorge Rathgeb Schifferli RN
Gaspar Rivas Sanchez Ind.
Guillermo Teillier Valley PC
Victor Torres Jeldes DC


We note with concern Chileans the actions of the various political, contrary to what is discovered and the truth is reported on the murder of Neruda, the moral condition of these individuals characters demonstrated for example with the conduct of Mr. Ricardo Lagos who was the eliminated the penalty of imprisonment for the crime of collusion, an action that favored among others the mobsters of "cartel comfort" and "drug cartel", you can not deny that it is an excellent neoliberal for that reason enjoys the appreciation of the Chilean business community, this same gentleman received at the time was president during a trip I make to Brazil hands International photographer Don Herbando Texeira, a complete photo report of the last moments of Neruda at Clinica Santa Maria, site where he was assassinated, the intention Texeira, was that with that document deepen investigations. Mr. Lagos "forget" him to justice, currently the Texeira himself has referred to the judge handling the Neruda Cause.


This kind of immoral behavior, as Mr. Lagos is trying to install in all media even legal, for now it is noted that in the Neruda case, it is recognized that he was killed, but at the time there would be legal figure to accept that the direct or ideological criminals are not punished for the offense, of course all within the framework of the law created to circumvent the law.


Knowing the immoral behavior of these government figures .¿Para one may wonder who the vacancy on the Supreme Court?


... The story tells us that Marshal Rommel participated in the attack against Hitler, while noted that this was arrested, tortured and later poisoned, also known that at his funeral received the highest government honors the regime of opprobrium Nazi.


Who will be the Rommel in Chile with high honors occupy the seat on the Supreme Court?


We will have to watch the few decent judges that exist in Chile and waited while supportive in principle and profound professional ethical training that characterizes them not to fall into traps created from the corrupt and spurious power.


The next few weeks we will have the answer to these questions that citizens of the world are made, and here inside our country, while we should not scare the actions of young people and adults who no longer believe in stories.


Backed by Pablo Neruda know our face all these situations created only to defend the Chilean fascism.


Pablo Neruda, was killed at the clinic Santa Maria of Santiago, Metropolitan Region, on September 23, 1973 under the dictatorial military regime led the despot Augusto Pinochet.


Our Neruda was a Chilean poet, considered among the most important and influential artists of his century; the greatest poet of the twentieth century in any language.


Among its many recognitions include the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 and an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford.


No poet of the Western Hemisphere this century compared admits he is considered one of the authors of twenty central canon of Western literature of all time.


He was a prominent political activist, senator, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party candidate for the presidency of the Republic and ambassador to France.


With accomplish this decent resume face filth and binding our Pablo Neruda, we note with pride that "can cut all the flowers, but they can not stop the spring"


Popular anthology Chile 1972-Heritage / NGO