Patricio Aylwin D.C.: Coup d'etat organizer in Chile 1973 

Mariana Aylwin D.C: Traitor to the interests of Our America


Aylwin presented him as a statesman and almost as a saint, there being no merit either for the one or the other

Alejandro Guzman Barbe


I would like to address you as the prelate who has an important responsibility in the conduct of the church in our country and on the matter and in dealing with matters of opinion and as a layman who has a perfect right to express his opinion on the statements that the curia has Made about situations of internal politics and also statements made regarding the death of Patricio Alwyn, I put my opinion absolutely contrary to his sayings.

In fact, I wanted to let a little time pass since Alwyn's death and the statements you made in his tribute, statements that practically presented him as a statesman and also almost as a saint, there being no merit either for the one or for the other.

Indeed, it may be asked who was Patricio Alwyn. During the government of Salvador Allende he was a coup, in such a way that he requested the coup d'etat in public form, there being recorded statements where he requests military intervention. Following the instructions of Eduardo Frei Montalva, and as operator of this one, it denied to Salvador Allende any possibility of dialogue to look for a political exit to the situation that at that time was lived. Allende wanted to call a plebiscite so that the people could decide whether to leave or stay. In these efforts, our Cardinal Raúl Silva Henríquez and a little more distant but with the same purpose, Bernardo Leighton Guzman, also participated, those who wanted dialogue to seek a democratic solution. Don Raúl Silva Henríquez asked Frei Montalva to participate in the dialogue, but Frei replied: "If you ask me as a Catholic, I will have to answer that, because you are my bishop. If you ask me as a politician, I will say no. " Don Raúl Silva Henríquez answered him more or less like this: Look Eduardo, I have sometimes wondered, Which of the two governments, yours or Dr. Salvador Allende's, in practice, have been closer to Christianity? And I must admit that sometimes I have answered and I have thought "The Allende because it is benefiting and doing more justice to the poor." Frei and Alwyn did not want any dialogue and they were for the coup. That is why all this failed thanks to the efforts of Frei and Alwyn against an exit like the one proposed by President Salvador Allende. At the same time military men close to the Christian democracy agreed that they would strike whenever the DC agreed. And this party agreed, at least 13 of its members led by Don Bernardo Leighton, who made a public statement condemning the coup and paying tribute to Salvador Allende. The refusal to dialogue and push the coup was a bloodbath, murders Thousands of people, torture, missing detainees, exiles, in short a genocide that affected mainly the favorite of Jesus, that is, the poor.

Then Alwyn, when he called for the coup, like Frei, could not ignore that there would be many deaths, much pain and suffering. And they went ahead accepting what would come.

Alwyn, like Frei, proclaimed himself as a Christian Democrat. Consequently Christians, followers of Christ. By encouraging the coup, which could perfectly prevent it, there was practically no command of God that was not infringed. Let's see, let's start with the No Kill. You will never know exactly how many were killed. I ask: Is that a Christian? Did God want that? No, I did not want it. A Christian can not agree to a coup. But a self-styled Christian pushed things towards a facist exit and so Alwyn had a clear responsibility in the genocide that was committed in this country. He pushed the car toward the coup, compromised, along with Frei, to the Christian Democratic party in the conspiracy. In short, Alwyn was among the conspirators.

But you gave Alwyn a tribute to which he had no right. And by the way, they establish that the commandments seem to be empty norms and dispositions, without content, nor obligatoriness.

Thus, the right to life disappeared in Chile. The lie was installed in the country. How much he lied to justify and hide so much crime. He did not lie was something everyday. And this also has Christian Democrat Alwyn responsibility.

Then it may be asked what the commandment was to Love God above all things and the neighbor as yourself. In other words, if you love God and your neighbor as yourself, you can ask for a coup d'etat to end a regime that also sought the liberation of the poor, justice for them, equality and raise their conditions Of life to a state of dignity.

Continuing, it is a fact that the robbery was institutionalized in Chile. How many goods that were of all Chileans passed to civilians who practically paid nothing for them.

With this the You will not steal was not respected. And so he adds and goes on and summarizes, there was no command that was not infringed. So also in all of this Patricio Alwyn has responsibility. He asked for the blow knowing or ought to know its consequences. Moreover, after the coup he maintained his adherence to the military regime. He was a lawyer and as such may have joined the Pro Paz Committee to defend both persecuted. It did not. Nor did he enter the Vicariate of Solidarity. He was with the blow and its consequences.

But you paid him homage when in fact he was of the civilians who should have been prosecuted as responsible for the violation of Human Rights. Among the reasons you had for this may be ignorance of our history.

But there is now a reality that can not be ignored and that has motivated the removal of the great majority of the people from the political life of the country. Among those responsible is also Patricio Alwyn, as it happens to prove. In fact, both he and Ricardo Lagos plus Gabriel Valdés, already deceased, and people like Carlos Cáceres and Gutemberg Martínez sealed the fate of the people of Chile calling to vote Yes or No in a plebiscite when everything was already twisted. "Won" the No but maintained the illegitimate Constitution, also the neo liberal market model that is deeply immoral and not Christian, It was also said that there would be justice, but this was not so. In short, he deceived himself and betrayed the people. And in this betrayal Patricio Alwyn, already as president, gave the initial kick to this reality of injustice and corruption that we live. It is evident and public the contempt of the people of Chile for the political leaders, which began shortly after the lie was told, that joy was coming to the country, contempt that continues to grow and become serious and dangerous.

In fact, so much lying and betrayal, so much abuse, so much exploitation to which the people are subjected, so much corruption and commission of crimes in the highest levels of the authorities of the country, so much protection of the citizenship of the crime that is favored by A criminal procedural reform that can only be described as painful, such a violation of human rights, has made the people, as a way of noting their contempt for the country's authorities and their betrayal, have been marginalized from political life, As a result of which the government and parliament lack legitimacy, democracy does not exist, economic dictatorship remains. Nevertheless the candidates open the way to pechazos and elbows to run in the next elections to continue in this party of deals and fines.

Mr. Cardinal, it is not possible to remain silent in the face of this reality that the country is experiencing, which is much more serious than it seems. So you focused your homily of the past September 18 on the hope that the people should have in their future. Their good faith and good intentions to make such proposals are not questioned. But reality indicates that there can be no hope for Chileans, especially the poorest, who continue to be exploited by the powerful as when Chile was being ruled by the tyrant Pinochet. And everything indicates that this reality will continue in the future. But it should be noted that the discontent and anger of a large part of the population is growing quietly and not far from the day when a social outbreak of incalculable consequences will occur in Chile, even with loss of life. Nobody raises the voice about this danger, no one cares more about this. But it is still time to seek a solution and in this and for the good of the people you, as pastors, must intervene in this matter by proposing substantive measures and consistent with the commandments of God. In my opinion and given the people's profound rejection of the country's rulers, I think it is necessary for President Bachelet to resign, like the members of Parliament, to hold the presidency of Chile, the President of the Supreme Court , Which must call a plebiscite to be made at ninety days for the people to pronounce if they want the term of the AFP, term of neo-liberal market economy, nationalization of basic wealth, free education, industrialization of the country, etc. And that at 120 days should call presidential elections and parliamentarians in which should not participate all those who have held public office of government and parliament. Only in this way will the hope and hope be born among the Chileans. It is urgent and necessary to clean our public bodies and political life so that hope is born and grows within us. To think that hope can arrive in this reality plagued by merchants, where everything is traded, bought and sold, where the adoration of money and power is daily bread, is not possible however good their intentions. I think Lázaro embodies very well the reality of the people of Chile.

Hoping that this letter can arouse his interest and concern, Atte is dismissed. From you

Alejandro Guzmán Barbe Lawyer