Was Neruda murdered by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet?
They are attempting to assassinate his work?



Original given by "the surname of Chile" to his people

Plagiarism / Theft / Peculation from Edaf to Neruda


Pablo Neruda's personal assistant, Manuel Araya, argues that the Chilean writer was assassinated by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.
Speaking to Prensa Latina, Araya, who served as chauffeur and protector of the Chilean writer, said that in 1973 Neruda suffered from a cancer that was being treated, and that Neruda maintained an excellent type of life.
In the conversation I pointed out that "the coup had greatly affected him
Against the president of Chile, Salvador Allende, on September 11.
The actions of the Navy that installed a warship in front of his house and the intrusion twice to his house by the seamen who were looking for weapons. They indicated to me that some measures had to be taken to protect Neruda, we learned that Existed in the Santa Maria clinic
A space to transfer there to Neruda, settled in room 406.
The procedures for leaving the country were made because there was the offer of the Mexican President, Luis Echeverría, to receive him in his country.
But on September 23, 1973 everything changed, "said the assistant.
According to Araya, when he and the wife of Neruda began the trip to Isla Negra to remove some books that Neruda wanted to take on their journey ...
They called us at four in the afternoon, because they had a shot in the stomach and became serious. "
The assistant delivered the books to the Embassy of Mexico in Chile and when he got to see Neruda, he noticed that he was red with fever, so I put a wet towel and asked him to go find a medicine
Upon leaving the clinic, Araya was intercepted by Pinochet's agents, who tortured him. "They wanted to know everything about Neruda and make me say I was Cuban. I resisted and then one of them took out a gun and shot me in the leg," he said.
The chauffeur-protector showed the aforementioned medium the sequels on his left leg from the bullet shot he received at that time. He was released thanks to the administration of Cardinal Raúl Silva Enríquez.
"I do not have the slightest doubt that he was murdered," Araya repeated, in tune with documents that now seem to confirm his denunciation, which he has been doing for years.
The 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature would have died from causes other than prostate cancer.
According to a report of the Court of Appeals of Chile, released by a Spanish media, "the intervention of third parties is clearly possible and highly probable."
Part of the document would confirm Araya's version. According to the office, the author of Canto General and Popular Anthology 1972 applied an injection that would have precipitated his death, six and a half hours later.
This before he could leave for Mexico to flee from the political persecution that Pinochet and the Chilean military undertook against those who identified with the left.
"The medical certificate of death was extended by the treating physician (urologist), by telephone, from his home, without examining the patient."
 Death certificate of the Chilean writer, Pablo Neruda
The investigations to clarify the death of Pablo Neruda began in 2011, when Araya published the demand of its murder, reason why the communist party of Chile presented its complaint.
In April of 2013 realized the exhumation of the remains of Neruda
November 2013 the scientists in charge of the investigation assured that Neruda did not receive any chemical agent that caused the death; However, the demand of Chilean scientists and the national and international pressure, managed to make incorporate the Public Ministry of Chile.
The participation of scientific university centers of Denmark-Spain-Canada discover the international pressure and incorporation of the Public Ministry of Chile that in the remains of the Latin American writer there was a strange bacterium, specifically the golden staphylococcus.
The bacteria is foreign to cancer treatments. When it is altered, it is highly toxic, which can accelerate the death of a person, according to the document leaked.
Long have been the hardships of the sectors that look for the truth, this time it was the own Ministry of the Interior of Chile that established the economic difficulties to comply with the established protocols, stood out in those actions the ex- minister Burgos.
It is known that the account of those results should have been delivered to the international community in December 2016.
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