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Section The Truth
Pablo Neruda - video - The Sea
The Nerudians and we denounce what happens with the remains of Neruda in Chile.
It is incredible that we have lied so many years about the causes of Neruda's death, now we know that our Pablo Neruda was killed, but we still have more sour drinks, it is incredible what the current Chilean government authorities do. The Minister of the Interior of Chile, Mr. Burgos (DC) not to receive the protests of the world and the Chileans regarding his behavior against contributing to discover the truth in the case of the murder of Neruda, has in permanent guard to a Official, Ms. Jenny with only one message! Not at all!
Do you remember the international scientific meeting held in Santiago de Chile that provided the information of the ultra-resistant gold staphylococcus found in the remains of Neruda? Well, know that the scientific experts wanted to do their work ad honorem and it was the government of Chile that made the offer to pay USD $ 1,500: 00 of lost. The ridiculous thing is that they are now asking RUT and Ballots to foreigners and have never been paid what the government offered. Our sources pointed out to us that the Chilean scientists resigned the perdiem so as not to entrap the bureaucracy any more.
The representatives of the Ministry of the Interior and the Minister, have not been satisfied with not complying with this agreement muddying the prestige of Chile internationally, not conforming to that "error", now changed the modality of contracts for the exit of samples to direct deal, we know That this procedure is not transparent to the CGR and will be worse. The deputy and president of the Swedish association of guard of the work of Neruda, Torbjon Bjorlund was in Chile last week and I notice what is already known in the Swedish Academy of Sciences, the bad treatment of the remains of Nobel Neruda, we understand that The deputy will meet with that institution in Stockholm and confirm this truth.
They worked on the translation of the contracts and once these have been completed, without any change they changed the legal modality, that means again generating more bureaucracy.
We denounce that the most serious thing is that the samples of the rest of Neruda did not leave in the agreed month November 2015 to have the results in the month of March of the 2016.
Now we know that the samples of the remains of Neruda will not come out in March of 2016 and this will cause a delay in the investigations. The world observes and demands answers.
With such laziness, incapacity and backed by the bureaucracy, the tiredness or boredom of international scientists is sought, let us not forget that these professors have multiple academic responsibilities, with their students, their universities, their investigations and the laboratories and they can perfectly abandon the investigations In the Neruda case. Looking for this? Who are protected against the eventual cessation of duties of a commission of international scientists? We are interested in hearing the opinion of the Minister of Culture The citizens of the world await your opinion Mr. Minister of the Interior, you are ultimately responsible for this work
Manuel Araya Osorio               Raul Valdivia Pizarro
     President                            Vice President
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