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The poet Alejandra Arce denounces
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Alejandra Arce, a Chilean poet, confirms what Manuel Araya has pointed out, the level of friendship between Neruda and Homer makes them appear as brothers, Alejandra s great-uncle, also corrects the poems of Neruda, and assumed the selection of Neruda's poems Which would be included in the Popular Anthology 1972, book plagiarized and never defended as a national good by any government of Chile, that was the importance of Homer in the life of Neruda.
Homero Arce, got to the point of giving his life to friendship with Neruda and he knew that the only person he could trust was Homero Arce; What little my grandfather uncle wrote is published by Neruda's insistence. " The video we present below confirms what Alejandra Arce said, this time you can hear a creation by the poet Homero Arce, which reads thanks to the insistence of Pablo Neruda *** ... Poets of Chile:
 We have learned that Alejandra writes a book to make known all the details of the friendship between Laura Arrué, Homero Arce, Fenelon Arce and Pablo Neruda.
Alejandra's grandfather was a poet, his poetry appeared in magazines, finished two books that never edited and is recognized as an important Latin American poets, this is confirmed by the appearance of his name in relevant anthologies: Index of new American poetry (1926 ) And Poetas Jóvenes de América (1930). We also know that he founded the magazines Ariel and then Andarivel with Homero Arce, Rosamel del Valle, Juan Florit, Gerardo Moraga Bustamante and the artist Efraín Estrada Gómez
We have read with great pleasure that Alejandra has initiated a literary investigation on Fenelon and Homero Arce, showing us the solidarity of the poets like Jorge Teillier and Luis Sánchez Latorre who have contributed to the development of this investigation, getting to know poets who knew their grandfather . From this trip the most spectacular result is that it is discovered that his grandfather introduced Neruda to Homero Arce
We learned that the son of Homero Arce delivered an open letter for the investigation, received documents and a book with the classic Sonnet to Homero Arce (1971) written by Neruda, of this book only 25 copies were printed.
Alejandra points out that she does not need to read the memoirs of Matilde Urrutia. This lady did not allow Neruda's friends to be near him, this is also corroborated by Don Manuel Araya Osorio
We have read that Alejandra, has the impression that Matilde Urrutia took revenge, by the jealousy that had to him to Homer and Laura; Virginia Vidal wrote something in his book and I will reconstruct the whole story. It is very serious what Matilde Urrutia did with Homero Arce, the book I confess that I lived (1974) is mutilated: it mentions Homero Arce once and omits Laura Arrué. I am convinced that Matilde mutilated the posthumous memories of Neruda, the only survivor of Neruda's circle. Manuel Araya Osorio points out exactly the same thing.
 The niece granddaughter points out in some writings that "I have a moral obligation to make the whole world know the truth about Neruda, we must show how the story of the eternal friendship between Pablo Neruda, Homero Arce and Laura Arrué was a triangle Friendly and fraternal; Some malicious in the Chilean and Brazilian press tried to make believe that it was a "love triangle", that did not happen, it was a circle of friendship, they knew each other since the 1920s, Matilde appeared many years later, Homero and Neruda had an intellectual complicity And of life, Homer Arce was the most important person in the life of Neruda. "
 The friendship is demonstrated by pointing Neruda to Homero Arce a special work of selection of poems by Pablo to be included in the "Popular Anthology 1972", in addition to Homero would be responsible for processing the legal personality of the Cantalao Foundation ...
The deep mystery of Homer to Neruda and Neruda to Homer can be seen in the expressions of Homer, when he said that no other poet was necessary, because his friend Neruda was already there; Homero was very discreet and loyal, Neruda invited him to social events and did not attend, Homero was able to benefit from the friendship with Neruda and did not, came to the point of giving his life to friendship with Neruda and he, Neruda, knew that The only person he could trust was Homero Arce; What little my great-uncle wrote is published by Neruda's insistence.
"The foundation that Neruda wanted was to give scholarships to the young poets and to lodge them while they were writing, but at present the Foundation does not fulfill the last will of Neruda, nor I who am the grand-niece of Homero Arce wanted to support me to write this History of friendship. "
 The Neruda Foundation is only concerned with business, its stock market investments and "marketing" ...
The Neruda Foundation is a trade, it is a sadness that they are in another tuning. I have the documents to demonstrate the unknown details of the friendship of Neruda and Homero Arce, unfortunately I have not received editorial proposals to publicize this story, it is absurd, the subject is of academic and literary interest, it is of worldwide interest.
I am not a lawyer or a doctor, but I believe that the complaint about Pablo's murder must be investigated because Neruda died in very rare circumstances. Instead, I am certain that Homero Arce and his wife, Laura Arrué, were murdered.
The sad thing is that while my uncle was dying in the hospital, all his belongings were requisitioned
 "Things like the typewriter, the pens, the cabinet and folders with documents were lost, everything was removed while Homero Arce was hospitalized, they looted the house. According to Eneida Arrué, the people who came to our uncle's house knew what they were looking for and took what they could.
Just as in the assassination of Neruda, in the shadows forces that fight for truth do not emerge, the same happens with Alejandra's great uncle, They tried to erase all possible traces, where Pinochet's henchmen were undoubtedly wrong When they assaulted Don Manuel Araya Osorio by shooting him in the leg and leaving him lying in the National Stadium, they never thought that Cardenal Henríquez would save him, and when they learned they confused a brother of Manuel Araya Osorio, who is now detained missing, causing a pain That I take her to the grave to her mother, of this type of savages we are talking about and in this article we thank the courageous attitude of love to Chile and its heroes on the part of all who seek in unequal conditions justice and truth .
Hopefully cleared this sacrilegious murder, you begin to investigate what happened to Don Homero Arce.
In, it is delivered free, as I pointed out Pablo, your Anthology, which prepared Pablo Neruda and Homero Arce
*** We ask for patience and listening to all the video will take many pleasant surprises
Raúl Valdivia P
Researcher-Producer Cultural-Editor