The Chilean Senate and its insolent double morale 

 President of the Chilean Senate Zaldívar, working.


That same Senate stands on the undemocratic and illegitimate Chilean Constitution, which was imposed under state terrorism of the Pinochet dictatorship.

With what morality and ethics dare to condemn a Constituent Process whose initiative and scope of powers is clearly foreseen in Articles 1: 347, 348 and 349 of the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela?

It should be recalled that the Magna Carta of the Republic of Chile does not provide any possibility of convening the Constituent Power to draft a new Constitution, not provided for the Original Power of the People. This Constitution is perfectly tailored to protect the large private property of a few. Social rights are horribly unprotected and all are mercantile. The spaces of democratic participation are minimal and merely formal, so what moral authority do they call a dictatorship to Venezuela?

Here in the last 18 years there have been 21 elections, all clean elections in which the opposition has gained important spaces. In this last election, the opposition did not want to participate because they had everything bet on the insurrectional and violent agenda of the guarimbas in their eagerness to overthrow the government. Even so, in the elections of July 30 to elect the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), 42% of the electoral roll participated. More than 8 million votes were achieved which gives absolute legitimacy to the ANC.

So much has been the positive impact that from the day after the election, as if by magic, the violent street demonstrations that took more than 3 months with more than 120 deaths were finished. A few days later the opposition political parties abandoned the call to the street and began to register their candidacies to the elections of Governors.

For all this, to ignore the legitimacy of the National Constituent Assembly and clearly stated in the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, is above all insolence and interference, more when it comes from those who defend and coexist with a deeply antidemocratic Constitution, stained In blood and of clearly illegitimate origin. They simply have no moral authority.

Why this obsession with attacking Venezuela? Why do not they pull out communiqués warning of the worldwide danger of Duncan Trump's psychopath? Why the silence on the mass graves of Colombia and Mexico? Why not criticize the systematic murder of social leaders and journalists are those brother countries? Because they never criticized the well-known narcoparamilitar, former Colombian president Álvaro Uribe? Too many and convincing are the evidence to accuse him of drug traffickers and genocides. Because they never spoke?

The list would be too long in naming so many other situations much more extreme than the present difficult economic and social situation that Venezuela lives; But no, Venezuela is a dangerous example of revolutionary democracy, a dangerous example of what is the Constituent Power to which all oligarchies fear and the politicians they finance.

Does Soquimich, the Chilean Odebrecht? It is the public company alienated by Pinochet that currently finances its political parties and campaigns. I think it is politically more profitable to cover all that dirt talking about the Venezuelan crisis ..

It is highly suspicious and shameful that between the signatory senators of the communiqué are from the most reactionary sectors and Pinochets to the pseudo center left. No wonder the right wing does, they have never had morals and principles when it comes to defending their privileges and those of their peers in other latitudes. The painful thing that this type of declarations are subscribed by sectors that claim to believe in socialism, but that in the political practice have willingly governed for almost 30 years the country consolidating in fact the perverse and unjust neoliberal model inherited from Pinochet.


Finally, it is necessary to specify things and clear lies:


· There is no systematic violation of human rights in Venezuela, the specific cases in which excessive use of force and abuse occurred during the control and dispersal of highly violent demonstrations; Are being investigated. There are several police officers detained and the facts being investigated. In each case of abuse there has been a public condemnation by the national authorities.

The Senate statement speaks of stopping the persecution of democratically elected members of the National Assembly. Immunity is not the same as impunity. Several deputies made public calls to ungovernability and sedition against a democratically elected government. Several of these deputies (are the videos) went out publicly commanding and greeting hooded men who then caused innumerable damages in the public highway, highly violent hoods that came to burn alive to humans. Several deputies openly incited hatred, called and conspired for insurrectional, coup and / or interventionist sedition. These facts should not go unpunished, and policy makers should be tried.


As a final reflection: The experience of the Popular Government of Salvador Allende tells us that if we do not act with firmness and determination in the face of sedition and conspiracy will end up overthrowing us and then will come state terrorism to subdue the people and to dismiss their political leadership And social.


Dr. Pablo Sepúlveda Allende



 1.- Article 347. The people of Venezuela are the depository of the original constituent power. In the exercise of this power, it may convene a National Constituent Assembly with the purpose of transforming the State, creating a new legal order and drafting a new Constitution.

Article 348. The initiative of convening the National Constituent Assembly may be taken by the President of the Republic in the Council of Ministers; The National Assembly, by agreement of the two thirds of its members; The Municipal Councils in town hall, by the vote of two thirds of them; Or fifteen percent of the registered and registered voters registered in the civil and electoral registry.

Article 349. The President of the Republic can not object to the new Constitution.

The constituted powers may in no way impede the decisions of the National Constituent Assembly.

* Dr. Pablo Sepúlveda Allende, grandson of President Salvador Allende

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