Shall we end by thanking Trump?


Dr.Néstor García Iturbe 



Perhaps many were surprised when Russia, in response to US sanctions, expelled about 800 "diplomats" from its territory. The surprise was caused by the response of President Trump, who thanked Putin for that gesture. Trump explained that his plans included a decline in State Department staff both in Washington and abroad and that Putin's action had saved him some of the work. Although this is a sarcasm, to some extent, it coincides with Trump's plans.

Shall we end up thanking Trump? Let's take a closer look at this.

Within capitalist society, as in every society, there are contradictions. When contradictions are harmonious, in spite of them, society advances and is strengthened. When contradictions are antagonistic, the basis of society is being destroyed and the foundations of a new society begin to form. The antagonistic contradictions remain in society, struggling among them to survive, but at a certain moment can reach a social phenomenon that radicalises that struggle and then changes the nature of the struggle, instead of subsisting, the struggle is focused on eliminating between she, which completely breaks the coincidence of interests of the class that dominates that society.

Could the Trump administration be that social phenomenon?

It is evident that the actions of the Trump administration have caused uneasiness in a large number of people, the immigrants who aspired to their relatives went to reside with them to the United States. Ecologists who after the United States withdraw from the Kyoto protocol, understand that the destruction of the world is closer. The so-called transgenders, whose right to defend their homeland has been curtailed. African Americans, who have felt the strength with which white supremacists attack, especially in the events of Charloteville. The women, who before Trump became president already felt discriminated by him.
The problem also becomes apparent within the social class to which Donald Trump belongs. Many millionaires feel their capital is insecure, they have a different idea from Trump's how to run the economy. The capitalists, by their very nature, are conservative, have invested in countries that have given them the opportunity to exploit cheap labor, raw materials at low prices and export profits to tax havens, than with Trump's plans , to return the investments to the United States, everything they had planned to increase their capital, is put at risk. This has caused divisions within the republican party itself.
The press, which responds to the big capitals, some say the fourth power, is in a totally open war against Trump, practically do not let him work. Everything he does is criticized and investigated, if they find any irregularity, however small, it is published on the front page. They attack their main advisers, their family and more close collaborators. Some of these people are accused of "conservatives", as if almost all American politicians were not.
The preparation and armament of the Armed Forces, the National Guard and the Police are increased, to quell outbreaks of social instability, style the very "springs" that the United States has organized in different countries of the world to overthrow governments, with the only difference that now the government to overthrow will be theirs.
Foreign policy is sailing in turbulent waters. However, instead of seeking diplomatic solutions to ensure peace and international security, as set out in the Charter of the United Nations, the "Big Stick" was drawn, with the idea that in Instead of infusing respect, it is necessary to instill fear. Fear is one of the creators of the failed Cold War, which, in order to maintain the profits of companies in the arms industry, became the War on Terrorism.
It is not the same to try to infuse fear with a terrorist organization with limited resources, often trained by the US agencies themselves, than with a country whose arsenals contain atomic bombs. The game is different and being promoted is a serious irresponsibility, in relation to which many millionaires in the United States disagree and is another point of discrepancy within the American ruling class.
The famous unit with Europe, as long preserved for years as America's main ally in the world, is seriously cracked by Trump's policy of paying everyone's share in NATO and in other bodies that depend on the European Union.
Plans against Venezuela are also winning opponents within the United States, its economic and financial elite. Some believe that Trump's own sanctions can affect and hurt his economic interests, others believe that more effort should be made to overthrow Maduro by constitutional means, but that a coup d'état or an invasion would be a high risk, without any assurance, that American actions would be successful.
Among other international activities, Trump's actions in relation to Mexico and Canada, traditional allies of the United States and the modifications it considers should be made to NAFTA and probably afterwards to the SPP, plus the problem of the wall, the deportation of illegal ones and other actions against both countries, have broken the good relations that apparently existed.
The total surrender to American interests and the excesses made by mediated governments, in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and some other countries of Our America, have originated protest movements, which radicalize the fight in these countries, something that in the future will be more clearly observed.
After analyzing these points, to which some more could be added, we can conclude that these United States are different from those we knew. Divided from the economic, social, cultural, political and ethnic point of view. Where class differences have become more acute. Where a majority group manifests its dissatisfaction with the system that allows immunity, injustice and is unable to guarantee a decent life for citizens. Where insecurity is daily and xenophobia and racism increase by day.


Does this social phenomenon consolidate or is in the process of destroying the system implanted in the United States?

In many cases the roads are long, but also, sometimes, the level of resistance reaches its limit and the road is shortened.
Dr. Néstor García Iturbe is editor of the electronic bulletin El Heraldo (Cuba)
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