First chapter

The teachings of a poor man who made history.
This poor man knew how to stop the actions of the Devil and Pilate by granting us concepts to know how to defend ourselves from false prophets
The poor man, Jesus was called and not to confuse us he bequeathed us his brothers thoughts. You can identify the evil by its behavior because "BY THEIR WORKS YOU WILL KNOW THEM".
In the time of the Pharisees, Jesus pointed out "TO GOD WHAT IS OF GOD AND TO CESAR WHAT IS OF THE CESAR"
There is nothing more to say dear brothers, they have apparently been made to sin and have sinned for denying God and his teachings, 2000 years after his birth.

Chapter Two

A little history so that it does not screw up. Because his hands are involved let's say since when his criminal career began from the time of the robbery to the Bank of Talca. Arturo Alessandri Palma, as you were elected president and in a moment of arrogance I indicated that he was elected president, by the unconscious mob.
At that time the futres existed but there was no führer that the right and the gringos held responsible for directing the intelligence services of the dictator Pinochet, to later influence the active military, nor were there the influences of the American intelligence services, disguised as Bodies of Peace, Mormons or Jehovah's Witnesses, strangely controlled also by the führer kast, questions that if you know and approve it, that is called cheating consciences. You are consequently an active devotee of the Santa Fe agreements.

Read: Wikipedia: Documentos de Santa Fe 

Read: Antologiapopular1972.cl: “Podrán cortar todas las flores, pero no podrán detener la primavera”

Read: Offnews.info: Documentos de Santa Fe

We can see then that there are still unconscious sectors, but as we understand that manipulated or not defined by someone called Don Piñera, who has been convicted, fugitive from Lajusticia, protected from the gringo embassy, ​​according to the latest declassified documents of their own gringos, financial delinquent condemned by the courts, liar, ignorant in its highest expression. You did not have disgust in going over all and all to be president ... For now.
Nerudans and Nerudans are not part of your fans. We are your enemies. Remember that you are part and defender of the murderer who ordered the falsification of death certificate of our Nobel Neruda, I declare it false justice. You win a battle, but you have not won the war. Because from now on we're going to oppose you, Don Piñera. As decent people we inform you, warned you stay. If you have an apex of consciousness, you know that you are the president of half of the half, that is, you are president of 25% of the citizenship. You do not have much to brag about.
You should express by thanking the sectors disguised as the consensus or new majority of the favor that have made you leave the open road to continue with the policy of the pendulum every 4 years.
As our murdered Neruda taught us "You can cut all the flowers, but you can not stop the spring", do not forget that the beast, because of its arrogance, helps its own elimination. In Chile there is an unofficial history of social movements, those who produce wealth are more for now that wealth that you and yours monopolize merrily, will awaken the suffering compatriots, as they woke up with Allende. Do not forget, we'll end up waking up. Always remember the millions of victims who paraded through the streets of the country to demand the end of the AFP. We can be slow and respectful but that has its end Don Piñera. We are the same tormentors, not so unconscious, who knows that Education is not a consumer good as you pretend.
The Nerudians and Nerudians will be opposition and in every moment you will find us, in the line of contributing to the development of the needed popular movement that will take out the parasites on all sides that 45 years ago rule and destroy our nation and our culture.
The party will not last long, even if you continue murdering students and beating women, things may be ugly even if you surround yourself with Nazis.

Third chapter

If the Nobel death certificate Pablo Neruda was false, if the scientific authorities have given their opinion regarding the murder, which awaits justice to define the matter that everyone knows, Our Neruda was killed by order of the Pinochet dictatorship and silenced by the anti-national right
Manuel Araya Osorio                Raul Valdivia P.
        President                          Vice President
Popular Anthology 1972 - Heritage of Chile / NGO