Evo Morales highlights Bolivia's economic growth in 2017


In an address to the media, Morales expressed the economic strength that his country has experienced in recent years.


Bolivian President Evo Morales highlighted on Tuesday the economic growth that the country had during 2017, which preliminary studies place it at 3.82 and assured that this year the advance will be maintained.


Among the reasons given by the president for his assertion is the growth of domestic demand, driving the economic model that leads and the rise in international oil prices, which in some management conspired against stability by ruling out a supposed crisis, as indicated the opposition.


During a press conference held at the Government Palace, Morales explained that he summoned journalists to express the "strength" of his government, the strength of the country and the economy, which for any nation is the most important.


"We have had a successful year closing, we are not lacking respect for the truth," said the president.