Manuel Araya Osorio, who is?



July 1, 2015,
Raul Valdivia-Pizarro



Manuel Araya Osorio was not any driver. Came to life marked as a poor child and above field, its prospects were very small, because it was like being born in the Middle Ages, learning to read was a chore, not for not having the intellectual capacity but because Chilean feudal lords saw only a cheap and ignorant work and raise a peasant was simply forbidden.

Manuel Araya Osorio, son of a peasant couple from San Antonio, had the ability to think and at 14 he applied to join the Communist Youth of Chile. played a big role in his life Campusano communist dirigenta Juliet, was councilor, deputy and senator, she took him to Santiago and welcomed in their family environment. Young contributed to this study and were prepared in security and intelligence.

He had the task of being a messenger of Salvador Allende.

The year was 1972 and was selected from a large number of his colleagues to take responsibility to protect Pablo Neruda when this return to Chile finishing his post as ambassador to France, Manuel Araya became chauffeur, personal secretary and bodyguard, showing Manuel Araya Osorio was not any driver.

Manuel Araya Osorio, said that Neruda admission to the Clinic Santa Maria not because he was ill, but for safety and this was necessary because the military coup had taken place and several people were disappearing.

He also notes that he had to prepare the trip to Mexico Pablo Neruda.

Speaks with conviction that Neruda was murdered because: "At four p.m. enters a doctor injects something in the stomach and died six hours later."

Currently Manuel Araya has a delicate health, but not afraid despite death threats have personally and by telephone

He had to live under special rules and the police have advised to take some precautions

Manuel Araya Osorio has a bullet in his leg that made him the same day that the Chilean police arrested him at the time of the murder of Neruda, also has a missing brother, who killed mistaking him.

By being chauffeur, bodyguard and secretary of Pablo Neruda, he was marked for life.

He stood by since the poet Neruda returned to Chile from Paris to three hours before dying in the clinic Santa Maria, the September 23, 1973.

He was a doctor at the clinic Santa Maria, who entered the room and sent him to buy a remedy. Despite protests by claiming that since it was possible that the clinic did not have that kind of medicine, being the cost of stay was so high.

Upon leaving the clinic a few blocks away, a group of civilians, armed and mobilized, the intercept, beat him, gunned him and take him to a police station Police, was asked to be declared a Cuban citizen and thus be free.

Shot, beaten and insulted for being the caretaker of Neruda's life was transferred to the National Stadium, then become prison camp.

23 September 1973. Shortly before midnight that day, he was arrested and beaten, murdered in the clinic Santa Maria to Pablo Neruda.

Manuel Araya says: A fucking prick killed while a plane was waiting on the crockery to move it to Mexico, saying that the poet was not sick enough to die and that it was he himself who told Matilde and he who had provided him an injection in the stomach. He had been admitted to the clinic, thinking it was a safe place to protect it and protect it while waiting for the pass which processed the embassy of Mexico and prepared the space flight

Something more than a child of the Chilean people, Manuel Araya.

Manuel Araya Osorio said that at the National Stadium tortured me before my eyes to see my own death. The soldiers wanted to know about Neruda's life, his relationship with President Allende, the communist leaders and their plans.

I was illegally arrested 45 days, the November 17, 1973, they let him go at twelve o'clock at night. He had a bullet wound in the left leg, broken ribs and head. He weighed 33 kilos, just walking. He says that thanks to Cardinal Silva Henriquez, who met in Isla Negra was the one who pleaded for his life and freedom.

Recovered from his wounds and fractures, he did everything in their power to get their voice. He spoke with Matilde Urrutia, but she would not denounce anything. Feared they expelled from the country and property removed.

Later he knocked on the doors of the Pablo Neruda Foundation and the political world.

Do not believe, they do not received a card or passed him, telling him that he would contact. They did not believe, even though the first press reports (El Mercurio and La Tercera) realize that Neruda died of cardiac shock after an injection. Neither the reports nor collect this version biographers, referring to the death certificate, which states as a cause of cancer metastasis and bias around since he came to the clinic in critical condition.

 In 1992, he was not invited to the funeral and burial that left the poet overlooking the sea. Flights to Isla Negra, passing the coffin and the procession in front of him, in the Plaza de San Antonio, with tears in his eyes, the wind scarf and Venceremos fist raised, yields a solitary, silent and anonymous tribute. She cried, again and again. It was out of pity, impotence and therefore considers the big mistake: Neruda left alone in clinical care of her sister, Laura, who was half-blind.

Much suffering, became ill seriously. A pre-attack paralyzed half of his body. At night, in his dreams, the poet encouraged him to continue to denounce his assassination.

Many are unaware or unwilling to acknowledge their role in the last days of Neruda. In his memoirs, Matilde presents him as someone far away.

Following the traces of truth and justice

In November 2011, the Communist Party of Chile filed a complaint for murder and conspiracy, the case "Neruda Case". The investigation falls to the special prosecutor, Mario Chariot, who then reconstruct the story, enacted an order to exhume the remains.

As part of the investigation, clinic officials admit seeing strange people the day he died Neruda. It has also been said that none of the tests analyzed realizes the presence of a malignant tumor. Now will be the forensic analysis, analyzes and reports to determine the causes of death.

Convinced  that truth and justice history back to collective memory, Manuel Araya, he says he can now die in peace. The public battle is already won, but his health is happening to the account. Sometimes it is an exhaustion that collapses, but manages to recover and still dedicated to his work as a taxi driver on the streets. Bordering 70, has a pension that does not even reach the minimum wage and thus does not live his life, that is no Chilean government authority has been concerned with the economic assistance of this man who give everything to defend the more universal Chilean.

Sweden, I invite you to surrender homage to the poet Nobel Prize for Literature, 40 years after his death. He was also invited to Cuba, travel already carried out.

Based on his testimony, the book "Murders of Neruda" by Francisco Marín and Mario Casasús concludes that the poet murdered physically and ideologically. The latter, because, they argue, his goods are held hostage in the hands of those who do not represent their will. The statutes of the Cantalao Foundation, which failed to become, mentioned as executors two direct representatives of it, to the rectors of the universities of Chile, Catholic and state, a leader of the Central Workers, CUT and one dela Society of Writers, SECH.


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