A few... (As Pablo)



>> Questions of a physician Nerudian to the directors of the Santa Maria Clinic and colleague Dr. Sergio Draper.

Did you know that Dr. Sergio Draper was employed by the Clinic Santa Maria and doctor on duty when Eduardo Frei and Pablo Neruda died?

- You really can be in two occasions in the wrong place at the wrong time?
- Are you still sure that the clinic was not operated by the military?
- Sometimes you have to take care of those special friends, said Dr. Draper in an interview with Clarin  and "I'm boring to be always under suspicion"


>> Did you know that in 1972 Pablo Neruda Chile donated to the chilean nation his "People's Anthology"?

>> Neruda's "People's Anthology", stolen by Editor "Edaf"

>> Edaf denies allegation made by Mario Casasús in Mexican newspaper

>> Editorial betrayed journalist reported that Neruda will sell his anthology