Neruda's Case - International Press Release


>> The management of the Neruda Foundation, a critical eye. By Mario Casasus.

>> The Operation Prize or Price Dr. Neruda By Mario Casasús, Published on March 24, 2014

>> Pascual Martínez : "In September 1973 we had dinner with Neruda, he looked rosy , in very good condition" By Mario Casasús, Published on February 12, 2014

>> Memories of Madrid to Havana (by a decree of expropriation). By Mario Casasús, Published on August 4, 2006

>> Karin Oldfelt : " Poetry and pictures are two sides of the same language". By Mario Casasús

>> Manuel Araya , "Should not be buried Neruda in Isla Negra by profit making Foundation". By Mario Casasús, Published on December 31, 2013

>> Gonzalo Martínez Corbalá: " The September 17, 1973 in Peru stated that Neruda returned to Chile". By Mario Casasús, 26/11/2013

>> "Neruda died with cancer, but did not die of cancer; missing other forensic analysis". By Mario Casasús; 11/11/2013

>> Lawyer Rodolfo Reyes: Neruda Foundation should be administrated by a suitable and blameless person. By Mario Casasús

>> Eduardo Contreras: "Forensic experts advise that second sample should be send to Switzerland and Austria"; By Mario Casasus, 7/10/2013

>> Pablo Neruda's Funerals; By Mario Casasus, 25/09/2013

>> Adam Feinstein : " My book reissue forensic investigation and the possibility of the murder of Neruda "; By Mario Casasus, 23/09/2013

>> They also killed Neruda? By Mario Casasus

>> Jan Sandquist: "The military raided my office when I left Chile with Ambassador Edelstam in 1973" Posted on August 16, 2013 by Mario Casasus

>> Rodolfo Reyes: "The photos and testimonials from Fina Torres and Evandro Teixeira are relevant in the case Neruda" Posted on July 15, 2013 by Mario Casasus

>> Exclusive: The Testament unpublished Matilde Urrutia and Neruda's legacy Posted on July 12, 2013 by Mario Casasus

>> Manuel Araya: "Matilde Urrutia and John A. Figueroa forged the will and testament of Neruda " / By Mario Casasus

>> Manuel Mejido: "The military killed the Popular Unity symbols, Neruda was the great symbol" / By Mario Casasus

>> Frederico Fullgraf: "The newspaper Jornal do Brasil reported that Neruda died of urinary tract infection and phlebitis" / By Mario Casasus

>> Research: Former CIA agent presumed murderer of Neruda

>> Manuel Araya, Neruda's driver: "I demand they run SML irregularities in Neruda Case"

>> "What's injected Neruda, Dihydropyridine, Dipyrone or Dolopirona?" By Mario Casasús

>> Drug money laundering in the Neruda Foundation? By Mario Casasús

>> Poli Délano: "Neruda had become a very dangerous enemy to Pinochet" By Mario Casasús

>> Mario Casasús: "The Neruda Foundation defends the legal order of Pinochet" By Annalisa Melandri

>> Mario Casasús: "The historic mistake of Matilde Urrutia was to pass on to Juan Figueroa Neruda Foundation" / Carmen Aristegui

>> Attorney Contreras: Nerudas Case, March 29, 2013

>> Abraham Quezada: "Do not rule out murder theory Neruda" / By Mario Casasus

>> Hugo Montes: "Laura Reyes Neruda's death associated with the military intervention" / By Mario Casasus

>> Gustavo Becerra: "The title of the book was Matilde Urrutia: I was not born to be read in darkness" / By Mario Casasus, 01/04/2013

>> Maria Eugenia Velasco Martner: "The Neruda Foundation should fulfill the legacy of Cantalao" By Mario Casasus, 16/01/2013

>> Press release of Chilean Writers Society

>> Enrique Segura: "The Union of the Neruda Foundation challenge the legal personality of Juan A. Figueroa "

>> Mario Casasús: "The Neruda Foundation should be called Matilde Urrutia, the spade a spade"

>> Interview Pascual Pichún Paillalao; by Mario Casasús: Mar. 26, 2007

>> Mario Casasús: "Matilde Urrutia betrayed the legacy of Neruda in complicity with dictatorship", "La Pulenta", Chile

>> Alejandra Araya: "Neruda's donation to the University of Chile is invaluable"

>> Leonidas Aguirre: "Neruda does not need to Juan Agustín Figueroa to be read in the world"

>> Julio Escámez: "Few days before Neruda died we worked in Florida on the bock "La Fronda"

>> Ana María Cabrolier: "To clarify Neruda's death should exhaust all possibilities" / "Clarín"

>> Leda Fernandez: "Neruda did not die of terminal cancer" / Doctor Leda Fernández Ávila / "Clarín", Cuba

>> Ulf Hjertonsson: "The Swedish government sent me to Chile to help the Ambassador Harald Edelstam"

>> Was Neruda murdered? / "El País", Spain

>> Who killed Neruda? / "Clarin", Argentina

>> Analgesic Neruda could cause death / Associated Press

>> Neruda / "Radio Cooperativa", Chile

>> Neruda was "killed" / Magazin "Proceso", Mexico

>> Interview with Ariel Dorfman/BBC / BBC London

>> Interview with David Schidlowsky / "Deutsche Welle" ,Germany

>> Interview with Gonzalo Martinez Corbalá / "La Jornada", México

>> Interview with Victor Toledo / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Orlando Vazquez / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Luis Ravanal "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Hernán Uribe / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Jaime Valdivieso / "Clarín", Chile

>> Interview with Julio Gálvez / "Clarin ", Chile

>> Interview with Carolina Rojas / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Torbjörn Björlund / Sweden

>> Interview with Rodolfo Reyes / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Mario Carroza by Mario Casasus / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Manuel Araya by Mario Casasus / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Jaime Maturana / "Clarin", Chile

>> Interview with Mario Amoros / "El Mundo", Spain