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We will never forget the citizen of peasant origin, Manuel Araya Osorio, who for his fidelity to the country obtained the great merit of being Guard back and private secretary of the Nobel.


This simple and faithful man began the denunciations of the murder of Pablo Neruda, the road he has had to travel has been full of threats, insults and misunderstandings only his thirst for justice kept him gallantly facing the fury of the apparent and real enemies of the surname Chile Pablo Neruda


The desire for national justice made it possible to create the NGO ADDHE whose initial purpose was to denounce the agreements of Santa Fe, organized by the Americans to stop the linkage of Latin American culture with the popular battles, an acceptance of that opinion by part of the traitors in Chile was to support the plagiarism of the work Popular Anthology 1972.


The NGO ADDHEE created by the professor Dr. Hugo Moreno Peralta and the sociologist Raúl Valdivia P. developed the defense of the Popular Anthology 1972 and supported the accusations made by Manuel Araya Osorio in relation to the murder of Neruda


In Sweden, "Kommitten for forsvaret av Pablo Neruda", "Committee for the Defense of the Legacy of Neruda" and Pablo Nerudakommittén i Sverige,, Swedish National Organizations, organized by Swedish professor and deputy Torbjörn Björlund, are organized. social activist Jeannette Escanilla and sociologist Raúl Valdivia. P,


In Chile were initiated by the lawyer Pedro Piña and his colleague lawyer Eduardo Contreras, the investigations to the complaint of Manuel Araya Osorio, the results demonstrated the veracity of the accusation, this allowed the PC, to initiate the complaint of murder of Pablo Neruda before Chilean courts.


The new situation indesmentible allows the lawyer Rodolfo Reyes representative of the family of Neruda to join the complaint.


It is fair to remember that the NGO ADDHE, dated 04 June 2011, presented another "Criminal complaint on the homicide of the poet Pablo Neruda.


The assault on the home of Mr. Manuel Araya Osorio, reacts to the Swedish Nudist organizations, they meet with the authorities of their nation and they communicate to the authorities of Chile that Mr. Manuel Araya Osorio has the protection of the Swedish crown therefore the Swedish Embassy in Chile is in a position to offer any kind of support to Mr. Manuel Araya Osorio, this new situation showed the world that the murderer was not alone.


Manuel Araya Osorio travels to Cuba and is received by the Ministry of Culture. Several meetings are held in which the José Martí National Library, National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, Center for Martians Studies, House of Poetry, House of the Americas.


[America in the House] Interventions by Manuel Araya, Rodolfo Reyes and Raúl Valdivia Pizarro


Conversation on the attempt of double murder to Neruda - José Martí National Library, Cuba


The Republic of Cuba invites the president and vice president of the NGO Antología Popular 1972-Patrimonio de Chile to participate December 29, 2015 in the International Book Fair, an issue that allows us to denounce the plagiarism of the work of Neruda Popular Anthology 1972, Cuba has the honor of re-publishing the Popular Anthology 1972 on that same date.


We must remember that the synthesis of what was declared by Mr. Manuel Araya Osorio consists of "That Pablo Neruda was poisoned by military agents of dictator Augusto Pinochet, Due to his support for the Popular Unity project led by Dr. Salvador Allende, his denounces on the North American interference in Chilean internal affairs "Incitación al Nixonicidio", and the real possibility that Neruda called for a government in exile (Mexico) against the Chilean dictatorship, which had the unrestricted support of the United States, this situation determined that the military dictatorship saw it as a serious threat to his regime .


Given this context, the questions arise:


Why is Neruda so dangerous? Why murder him and try to destroy his political-cultural legacy?


The Nerudians point out that the danger is to coincide with the libertarian thoughts of: Mariana Grajales, Cuban, Leona Vicario, Mexican, Micael Bastidas, Peruana, Bartolina Sisa, Boliviana, Juana Ramírez, Venezolana, Paula Jaraquemada Alquízar, Chilena, Juana Moro, Argentina , Manuela Cañizares, Ecuadorian, José Martí, Simón Bolívar, Emiliano Zapata or Comandante Che Guevara, to mention some illustrious female and male names that never tied our independence and our cultural values.


Neruda, in our opinion, inherited from this strain his conscience and incorporated it into his literary creation, during his life preached love, for that reason I instructed people to be aware of their rights and duties and bequeathed us the key to learning to organize, defend and defeat the destroyers, the key is found in his poem "I will not die" that is part of the General Song:


I will not die


Nerudians from all over the world are grateful for the support of the citizens who embraced the maximum nerudian "They will be able to cut all the flowers, but they will not be able to stop the spring" and that accompanied us without samples of exhaustion in this unequal battle against international fascism. You are dear friends, the victors of obscurantism.


We end this note by thanking the relevant justice sector in Chile and the exceptional work of the scientists who sought the light of truth.


Thank you thank you very much


Manuel Araya Osorio                       Raul Valdivia P.

        President                                Vice President


Popular Anthology 1972-Patrimonio de Chile / ONG

Pablo Neruda
Born 12 July 1904
Killed September 23, 1973


Biography Text and images

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FALSE death certificate

Neruda lies on the floor of his destroyed house


Manuel Araya Osorio
Initiator of the complaint of the murder of Neruda


It is known that science has a definitive answer to the death of Pablo Neruda.
Brazilian nerudians have circulated the following comment, which is necessary to spread
to demand that this October 16 information is delivered to the world on the conclusions
and that is in the power of the Chilean government some time ago

Traduccion: ​
Lembrando: Neruda morreu 10 dias após o golpe militar pinochetista.el 23 de setembro de 1972.
Ele foi morto, como veremos no próximo dia 16 de outubro.
Frederico Fullgraf
Recordando:Neruda fallecio 10 dias despues del golpe militar pinochetista.el 23 de septiembre de 1972. 
Murio asesinado ,como veremos el proximo 16 de Octubre.
Frederico Fullgraf 
Remembering: Neruda died 10 days after the military coup pinochetista.el 23 of September of 1972.
He was killed, as we will see next October 16th.
Frederico Fullgraf
SIN - Nerudian Information System


Breaking News

Public statement, San Antonio, september 23th , 2017


The countdown has begun. 

Science will talk about its scientific findings and conclusions.



Court of Appeals of Santiago

Power of attorney

Santiago de Chile, September 2, 2017


In case roll No. 1038 -2011of the 34th Judge of Santiago, Don Mario Carroza Espinoza, followed by the death of Pablo Neruda, it is required to officiate to the experts that has continued to be indicated, to be constituted in Santiago de Chile from 16 to 20 of October next, in panel of experts Genomico Proteotico, to give an account of the results and scientific conclusions of the tests ordered by the present Court. Consequently, this Court will take an oath of secrecy secrecy at the beginning of the Panel, without detriment to the strict reservation of information that must be observed since your takeover



Mario Carroza Espinoza

Minister on extraordinary visit


To the experts:


1.- Gloria Ines Ramirez Donoso .MD., Ms

2.-Andrei N. Tchernitchin Varlamov, MD

3.-Leonardo Gaete, MD

4.-Javier Dominguez Cruzar, MD

5.-Cecilia Albala Breis, MD (INTA)

6.-Aurelio Luna Maldonado, MD

7.-Francisco Etxeverria Gabilondo, MD

8.- Charles Brenner, PhD

9.-George SensaBaugh, PhD

10.- Jhon Swartzberg.MD., FACP

11.-Niels Morling MD., DMSc.

12.-Marie-Luise Kampmann PhD.

13.-Debi Poinar PhD

14.-Hendrik Poinar PhD

15.-Xavier Jean Oliver Cathelineau MD

16.-Cristian Orrego Benavente PhD


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