A Chilean compatriots,
Nerudian friends in the world,
I am writing this, my patriotic protest

I argue that the theft / plagiarism / embezzlement of Popular Anthology / 1972 of the poet Pablo Neruda, Latin American culture has suffered the greatest humiliation and has attacked the cultural heritage of the people and the Chilean nation.

The biggest attack on Chilean culture has been perpetrated without any authority of Chile has acted or acted in defense of the work of a fellow, national and Latin American glory.

A Edaf publisher, responsible editor Manuel Marquez de la Plata, located at Jorge Juan 30, 28001/Madrid Spain and Chile SA Edaf orphans residing at 1178, Office 506, Santiago, Chile, I remember that "The poet Pablo Neruda , dated September 6, 1972 in a letter to the President of the Republic of Chile, Dr. Salvador Allende Gossens, gave the government of Chile and through him to his Anthology Popular Chilean people to the item indicated, the publisher Losada, owner and the author's copyright, according to the same aforementioned letter waived all copyright and utility-, with one condition "What ever it is available for sale and to regale among school-schools, colleges, universities, unions, the military, etc.. ".... From this date the Popular Anthology 1972, becomes property of the State of Chile and this will have an obligation to ensure / protect this work in the framework of the rule of law. "
According to my research any government or Ministry of Education of Chile, have authorized accordingly by being a good state of Chile publication of the 1972 People's Anthology of Pablo Neruda. The Pablo Neruda Foundation speaking through its President for Life Juan Agustín Figueroa Yavar and the representative in Spain, Carmen Balcells / Literary Agency, ensure that authorized such publication not conducted, the Editorial Edaf in Madrid, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Chile. This allows me to conclude that all lovers of justice we have a misappropriation of property of the state of Chile and you wonder: What have been the Chilean authorities and the so-called founding Neruda to know the theft / plagiarism / embezzlement of a work so special for Chileans?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I repeat, all the elements that have participated in this attack has not happened at all, have fulfilled one of the goals of the Agreements of Santa Fe, American creation to undermine our cultural expressions and this action confirms that we are easy grass merchants and representatives of Western culture, whose objective is to deliver culture to the people, but only a dirty develop profitable business.

I stand before this ignominy and from the depths of my honor outraged protest against this attack on our values attacked, how vile I do not accept that the Editorial Edaf. in his theft / plagiarism / embezzlement Popular Anthology 72 includes as a preface, the letter that Dr. Chilean President Salvador Allende Gossens the poet Pablo Neruda wrote on the occasion of the Nobel Prize award. A crude manipulation.
Left this work as proof of the failure of any ethical principles that we get so dark chapter in our country that began with the destruction of the Declaration of Independence signed by Bernardo O'Higgins burned in the assault of the palace of La Moneda in 1973 and destroyed by the same deranged elements involved in the savage assault of Pablo Neruda's house in Santiago de Chile and the burning of thousands of books on the streets of the cities of Chile, the same year.
Others are those who wash this and other affronts to our sacred national interests.

In the present www.antologiapopular1972.cl website for information:

- Copy of the original "Popular Anthology" 1972, owned by the State of Chile / Ministry of Education.
- Multimedia Reissue "Popular Anthology"
- Letter to the President of Chile, Dr. Salvador Allende Gossens of Pablo Neruda in which people of Chile gives his Anthology Popular, 1972.
- Letter from the President of Chile, Dr. Salvador Allende to Pablo Neruda by reason of having given the Nobel Prize for Literature: "The verses of the poet in the heart of Chile".
- Documents sent by the American Association of Jurists to various government authorities and personalities Chile
- Journalistic investigations conducted by Mr. Mario Casasús Nerudian

Nerudian, invite them to fulfill the mandate of Neruda and Allende, SPREAD

Raul Dalev Valdivia Pizarro
Vice President "ordförande Pablo Nerudakommittén Föreningen i Sverige".
Vice President "Antologia Popular 1972 Patrimonio de Chile" NGOs | PaN-NGO Chile.
Vice President "
Asociación por la Dignidad, los Derechos del Ser Humano y de su entorno ecológico" NGOs | ADDHEE / NGO Chile.
Researcher-Cultural Producer-Editor.