Here Palestina, the opinion of Neruda's friends

by Torbiörn Björlund

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Revealing the truth

by Raoul Dalev


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by Los Otros Judios

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Neftali Ricardo Reyes Basoalto (Pablo Neruda) was born on July 12, in Parral, Chile, son of Rosa Basoalto Neftali Reyes and José del Carmen Reyes Morales. Neruda lost his mother when he has a month old.

Don José del Carmen moved to Temuco and married his second wife, Doña Trinidad Candia Marverde. Temuco Neruda was taken a few years later

Pablo Neruda enters Men's Lyceum of Temuco, where he made all his studies until the end of the 6th year of humanities in 1920

The July 18 published in the newspaper "The Morning", Temuco an article entitled "Enthusiasm and Perseverance" Neftali Reyes signing. Is this the first publication of the poet.

November 30 is published in the journal "Run-Fly 'of Santiago, No. 566, the poem" My eyes, "signed by Neftali Reyes. During the year there are three more poems in this magazine, others are published in literary magazines Temuco students.

Featured Article: Chilean authorities, now the thing is serious.
"Neruda died of Cancer, but not cancer."

by Raul Valdivia Pizarro



Not only to Neruda, but the whole world waits for responses from the Government of Chile to the report submitted by scientific authorities on possible causes of the death of Pablo Neruda.

Our questions arise before reading the interview conducted by the news agency EFE, which tells us an inquiry and delivering that information to the Chilean authorities, we start to worry about the total and hermetic silence of the Chilean government authorities.

Chileans and Neruda in the world are attentive to the reactions of the political authorities of Chile, because it is now beginning to see a light on the terrible truth.


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The truth about the death of Neruda



Maite Hernandez Lorenzo
Havana, Cuba


This week the Casa de las Américas received the NGO "Anthology Popular1972-Chile Heritage". In front of her, Manuel Araya, driver and personal assistant Neruda, who holds more than four decades that the Chilean poet was killed

 "He was not to die and I will repeat until you die," says Manuel Araya, now a man of over seventy years he keeps in his left knee the imprint of a bullet that was put on September 23, 1973 in National Stadium.

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More information about the murder of Neruda


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