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Today on the international solidarity day of the Palestinian people, we from Ship to Gaza Sweden want to show our Solidarity with Palestine and the Palestinian people, and urge the Swedish government, with Foreign Minister Ann Linde, to live up to Palestine's recognition and demand that the blockade of Gaza is lifted and defended the Palestinian people's right to a dignified life in freedom.
We Ship to Gaza who are part of Freedom Flotilla have bought a boat - We do something, with the help of all citizens who believe in human rights and solidarity with the Palestinian people we will as soon as possible sail again and break the blockade by Gaza.
Ship to Gaza is an initiative for practical solidarity human to human beings with the Palestinian population in Gaza. We intend to break the illegal sea blockade against the Gaza Strip. We send boats to the population of Gaza and will continue to do so until the blockade is claimed. Our actions have a great impact on the population. It gives them hope and they know they are not alone.
We work together in Freedom Flotilla Coalition together with organizations in Canada, Italy, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, South Africa, Spain, USA, Australia and NGOs for Palestine in France.
The situation in Gaza is serious. Approximately 19 people are sick in the case of the hospital in the process of collapsing and cannot provide the sick with the necessary care.
It is important that we as activists and civilians show our position regarding solidarity with Gaza and the Palestinian people. We must continually pressurize our rulers and urge them to act internationally to change the situation in Gaza. Gaza is totally blocked, both on land, air and sea. and which is a denial of fundamental human rights in violation of international law and corresponds to public punishment.
We have chosen to draw attention to the children's situation in Gaza during our next action. Children under 12 have already experienced 3 wars and attacks on Gaza take place regularly, often beyond media reports. A huge proportion of children suffer from post-traumatic stress syndrome and mental illness and do not have access to adequate health care especially during the pandemic that hit Gaza very hard. . The children in Gaza should have the same rights as all other children and should be given the same opportunities for a safe and secure life, dreams and faith in the future according to the UN Convention on Children. We also wish you to end in the fight for justice and solidarity for Gaza. There are many ways to support, big and small, the more we are, the more chance we have to create together the necessary change!
Gaza you are not alone!
The blockade is to be lifted!
International Solidarity with the Palestinian People!
Participation of Ship to Gaza's steering group: Kerstin Thornberg, Ellen Huttu Hansson, Claes Ringqvist and Jeannette Escanilla.

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