"The members of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front, being held in the barracks of the CNI Borgoño were injected by a nurse nicknamed" Quincy "with a poison that killed them. The real doctor of death committed suicide about three years ago at home "... ..

That is, the Chilean armed forces have judicially proven record of murders intramuscularly its detainees.

If Neruda was in the Santa Maria Clinic, controlled by the Armed Forces, by decree of the military junta, preparing to travel guest of the president of Mexico to seek asylum, no one doubts that it should face exile from the dictatorship of Pinochet .

Both issues, the settlement of detainees by injection and stop Neruda once meant something complex sort inject golden staph Pablo Neruda and murder.

Raul Valdivia-Pizarro


Injecting military murdered political prisoners, Chilean courts upheld.

Molina Jorge Sanhueza



A man who Augusto Pinochet always entrusted his life was the one who broke the silence in the trial for the disappearance of the five members of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front (FPMR), occurred in 1987, substantiated by Minister Hugo Dolmestch. This article, published by the Nation in 2006, recounts the most sinister practices Pinochet's hand. Clarin want to keep this memory of horror.


Dubbed the "Chinese Campos" by his comrades in the Army Aviation Command-and one of the pilots confidence former dictator told a few weeks ago the judge how in September 1987, its chief, Colonel Mario Navarrete, ordered him an institutional use helicopters to travel with a subordinate to Peldehue area to get some packages. The latter were nothing less than the bodies of the members of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front ,Gonzalo Fuenzalida Navarrete, Julio Muñoz Otárola, José Peña Maltese, Alejandro Pinochet Arenas and Manuel Sepúlveda Sánchez, who had been arrested days earlier by agents of the defunct National Information Central (CNI) for redemption by Colonel Carlos Carreño, kidnapped by the paramilitary group left.


Secret trip


The Dolmestch minister made a real work of jewelry with the Investigative Police in this case. This, because the circle was completely closed and compartmentalized around the management of information on these facts. But time was stronger.

"Chino Fields" for that operation reported that traveled with his co-pilot, an officer who is still in active service in the institution, a military attache in Europe, whose identity is hereby reserve until possibly the minister process in the coming days.

In fact the head of the Brigade of Special Affairs and Human Rights, Rafael Castillo and his colleague Mario Zelada, toured the old continent looking for just a key to the process control.

In the case of active officer, and as has been the trend in the Army officials who are involved in cases of violations of human rights will be away from the institution.

But the fact that it has occupied one of the helicopters Pinochet was not sufficient facie evidence that the "Chinese Campos" said in his testimony that the order came from the former dictator.


Macabre steps


But how the operation was configured? The Dolmestch Minister proved that it was separated into three stages. The first was the arrest of the frontage. That fact, which served primarily for they were then killed-are brought to trial since 2002, the head of the CNI, General (R) Hugo Salas Wenzel, Major (R) Krantz Bauer Donoso, major (R) Alvaro Corbalan, Captain (R) Luis Sanhueza Ros; NCOs (R) Manuel Ramirez and René Valdovinos and civilian employees of the Army César Acuña, Manuel Morales, Luis Santibanez and Victor Ruiz Godoy.

However, the minister has a second conviction. Once detained members of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front the coming order from the high command was that the regime does not negotiate with terrorists. The death sentence was then signed.

That was how the CNI was appointed Francisco "Gurka" Zuniga to coordinate with the army this operation. The magistrate confirmed irons then how to tie them to the bodies and throw them into the sea off San Antonio were achieved.


Rails death


On page 1655 of the process declare Romilio Lavin, then head of the Loyola barracks, where cars of the CNI and his subordinate officer (R) Adrián Herrera Espinoza were arranged. The first said Zuniga asked "some tracks that would be the basis of a parking box" that was being built, but has not delivered.

However, once they left the barracks, he knew Zuniga had returned to his adventures and, through an order of Salas Wenzel, Herrera Espinoza managed to deliver "materials".

"I was informed, I do not remember by whom, who retired a few pieces of rails for an operation that was to be held at night by operatives of the CNI," he testified at page 1723.


But the most chilling detail would come in the second stage. The frontage, being held at the headquarters of the CNI Borgoño was injected by a nurse nicknamed "Quincy" with a poison that killed them. The real doctor of death committed suicide about three years ago at home.


A third stage was the transfer to Peldehue area where the trail of the frontage was lost forever.


Carreño and hand DINE


So far in the process handled by Dolmestch there are some assumptions that the kidnapping of Colonel Carlos Carreño would have been typed by the then Directorate of Army Intelligence (DINE). The sayings and confessions not belong to some CNI agents.

However, until now, there is no clarity about these versions, except those of Carreño himself, who has expressed doubts about it, then it was discovered that one of the aspects to Pinochet's fortune was arms trafficking.

Who was one of the brains in the sale of weapons to Iran from Famae he has stated on several occasions before Dolmestch on these facts.


Dolmestch, man of great patience to be sworn in as supreme.


The magistrate, recently confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court, is ready to give the final blow to his career as a magistrate before boarding the Supreme Court to resolve the major criteria of the Second Chamber (criminal).

Known for having a human arrival to the agents involved in the violations of human rights, has managed to clarify all prior to the disappearance of the five, members of the Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front , as Operation Albania, the murder of journalist Jose Carrasco and one subsequent cases as was the MIR spokesman murder, Jeckar Neghme in September 1989, also made by CNI agents.


Source: www.la nacion.cl



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