Pablo Neruda was murdered, reiterates his bodyguard



Fausto Triana
Santiago de Chile, Nov (PL)



Manuel Araya, personal assistant Pablo Neruda, said in an exclusive interview with Prensa Latina that the poet Nobel Prize for Literature was killed by the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.


In a detailed account of the last days of Neruda, said in the press office in Chile America attempts out of the country for humanitarian reasons to Mexico, during their hospital stay from 19 to 22 September 1973.


Chauffeur and protector of the author of Canto General, Araya recalled that met the poet, political activist and communist militant, much earlier, at 14 years old, and was then assigned to work with him on his return to Chile in November 1972.


"I knew him well; know their tastes, their affairs, their torment, the love of food that was almost equal to that had by women. And when I met him in 1972 did not hurt, but some conditions but nothing serious" Araya confessed.


He said that due to his physical condition is concerned with many tasks of all kinds to accompany and care for Neruda, but after the Pinochet coup, everything is complicated in the negative sense.


"It felt bad and we took him to hospital, where he was put in the room 406. Procedures were made and there was the offer of Mexican President Luis Echeverria, receive at home. But the September 23, 1973 everything changed" I note.


Soft-spoken, a countryman who received some form of a cultural veneer of Neruda, Araya said that day was visited by Alicia Urrutia, the niece of his wife Matilde, with whom he had an affair.


"Neruda commanded me and Matilde to his home in Isla Negra to get some books to take to Mexico. We called at four in the afternoon, for he had put a shot in the stomach and got serious," said Araya Prensa Latina.


To pursue their memories, said the books delivered to the Embassy of Mexico in Chile and when he saw Neruda, was red with fever, they placed a wet towel, and asked fetching a medicine.


On leaving the clinic, Araya was intercepted by Pinochet agents who tortured him. "He wanted to know everything about Neruda and force me to say that it was Cuban. I resisted and then one of them pulled out a gun and I shot her in the leg," he said.


The driver-assistant showed Prensa Latina poet sequelae in his left leg gunshot wound he received in 1973. He was released thanks to the efforts of Cardinal Raul Silva Enriquez.


I have no doubt that he was murdered, repeated Araya in tune with documents that now appear to confirm his claim, he has been doing for years.


The Chilean Interior Ministry issued an official statement in which it acknowledged the existence of a document last March in which the possibility of the crime of Neruda supported.


The text states that "it is clearly possible and highly probable third-party intervention in the death of Pablo Neruda."


A fact that Araya and partnership based in San Antonio, Chile "Popular Anthology 1972 - Heritage of Chile/ NGO", is indisputable, rejecting completely the alleged cause of death as a result of prostate cancer.


However, the Human Rights Programme of the Interior Ministry stressed that investigations are still ongoing and has not reached a conclusion.


Credible sources told Prensa Latina reported that the remains of Neruda remain in Chile, awaiting government funding to allow it to be examined in Europe.


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CNN: There are still questions about the death of Neruda. (In Spanish)


Finally we leave the declarations of the vice president of "Kommittén för Forsvaret av Paul Nerudas arv" Jeannette Escanilla:


Det är vad vi i Pablo Nerudakommitten i Sverige har sagt hela tiden! Och bidragit till att Utredningen av den internationella närvaro inte hindras av den chilenska makten! Sanningen måste fram!

This is what the Committee Nerudiano Team Sweden has stated and provided that the international presence will not be niege their participation in the event! The truth must be known!

¡Esto es lo que El Equipo del Comite Nerudiano en Suecia ha declarado y aportado para que la presencia internacional no se le niege su participacion en el caso! ¡La verdad debe ser conocida!


Source: Prensa Latina
Anthology: Youtube: panchocalamadenuncia






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