The Neruda Case: Remains of Neruda await financing for examination


"The remains of the poet and Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda, waiting for funding to be examined in Europe, told Prensa Latina reliable sources."


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Santiago de Chile, November 30 (PL) The remains of the poet and Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda, waiting for funding to be examined in Europe, told Prensa Latina reliable sources.
According to information received by Prensa Latina in Havana, a European laboratory launched an initiative which is awaiting a response from the Government of Chile, in order to finance the operation.
Impatience poet fan groups who want the truth about his death be clarified is that with the passage of time scientists of the Old Continent could lose interest in pursuing the case.
In early November, a note from the Ministry of the Interior of Chile said that "it is clearly possible and highly probable third-party intervention in the death of Pablo Neruda."

About the clamor for a deepening of research, comments and driver Batman author of Canto General, Manuel Araya, who spoke exclusively to Prensa Latina, they are highly recommended.


His views about the death of the writer can be found on the website
On the other hand, in late December, just after Christmas, Santiago de Chile conducted a multifaceted cultural show called "Neruda comes flying" in giant figure of 22 meters long and four meters high.
The project is the brainchild of graphic designer and cultural manager Jorge Soto Veragua, inspired by a drawing and the dream of asking the impact on the Chilean Neruda tour the streets.
The communes of Recoleta, Santiago Centro Independence and will be the main stage of the journey of the author of Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair on 26 and 27 December next.
The giant figure of Neruda will be accompanied by a huge dove, a figurehead, books, shells and butterflies, very close to the poet symbols that circulate in a large carnival with the artistic direction of the company's Patogallina.
Music, theater and poetry through 15 stations that recall the milestones of the life and work of the Nobel Prize for Literature, will be on the streets, with the troupe made up of over 600 volunteers.
On the other hand, will be unveiled a sculpture of Neruda in the Municipal Library in Independence and then concerts with the theater will large painting "History greets the poet" in the Plaza de La Paz.
To complete the imaginary ride Neruda, Sunday 27 in the Mapocho Cultural Center a show in honor of the ship's arrival Winnipeg to Valparaiso in 1939, entitled "Immigrants" will be held.
The farewell will be in Constitution Square, right at the threshold of the Palace of La Moneda.
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What's up with the Chilean government Neruda case?

Is it or not solve the truth about the Neruda case?
Why are delayed unnecessarily from the government of Chile, Neruda transport the remains of a European laboratory?
Do Chileans have to go to international agencies to finance this important research?
Is he betting that scientists deserting their important work?
Why in the Chilean government, some rowing backwards and do not give account to anyone?




Raúl Valdivia-Pizarro
Editor-Researcher - Cultural Producer.