Winiped, Part 5



"The children of Neruda": the new Chilean

Unable for years to return to Spain, immigrants are going deeper and deeper rooting Chilean society that welcomes them warmly. 


As in all human activities, luck was different for immigrants. There were some who were very prominent from the start and they found work the day after his arrival in Santiago de Chile, others who suffered hardship and only after a while managed to settle in suitable jobs and raise families in Chile. 


In general, immigrants are firmly integrated in Chile. They were grateful to the country that gave them refuge when nobody wanted them and started families that have taken root in Chile. 


"We are the children of Neruda" I said with a Chilean pride and gratitude, the daughter of one of the immigrants. Indeed, today, thousands of Chileans descendants of immigrants from Winnipeg are "children of Neruda". They owe their existence to this Chilean poet exploits that allowed the rescue of many Spanish immigrants and subsequent formation of the Spanish-Chilean marriages and their offspring who, without the intervention of Neruda, would not exist .. 


These "sons of Neruda," plus excellent way to integrate into Chilean society, in a huge variety of activities, such as arts, literature, journalism, law, engineering, history, etc.. are a valuable contribution to the advancement of Chile sociocultural. 


But there were many others, somewhat forgotten, were not bright or prominent, but with effort and determination valuable formed Chilean families, as if that mallorquí gardener, Jaime Cardona Tur, who looked after the gardens of a mansion in the beautiful Providencia district of Santiago de Chile.


This gardener, is a symbol of those immigrants from Winnipeg that without stress, were integrated in a laborious and dedicated to Chilean society and formed families now remember and revere this great feat Neruda to which, no doubt, owe their existence. All are now "Neruda's children." .