Neruda murder case pending closure


Manuel Araya Osorio

Abogado Rodolfo Reyes

Fausto Triana


Santiago de Chile, All the indications of a long and meticulous investigation indicate that the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda was murdered, but a complex financial framework prevents closing the file.

If the money flowed immediately, in about six months we would have the final opinion of laboratories in Canada and Denmark, lawyer Rodolfo Reyes, nephew of the Nobel Prize for Literature, told Prensa Latina today.

In an interview in his office in this capital, Reyes Muñoz, which integrates the complainant in the case, noted on the one hand that the Chilean State has paid 50 percent of the debt with international laboratories from different countries.

But the signature of authorization of the rest of the debt is missing and until this does not happen, the DNA Center of the University of Hamilton, Canada, will not proceed to execute a missing detail in the process, said the vate's nephew.

It was precisely the Canadian institution that discovered in Neruda's molar remains of Clostridium botulinum, a lethal substance that could kill him, with the help of third parties.

The future problem is to determine if those bacteria were induced to commit a crime or acquired them accidentally before losing their lives, in the suspicious clinic Santa María de Santiago.

Reyes Muñoz stressed that there are many elements that indicate the intention to kill the author of Twenty Poems of Love and a Desperate Song, as the conclusion of an international scientific forum of falsity or fraud of the Death Certificate of Neruda.

Also the fact that the famous poet, who died on September 23, 1973, a few days after Augusto Pinochet's bloody coup d'état, did not die of cancerous cachexia, as was said at the time.

There is a lack of fundamental expertise, which requires taking samples of soil in the tomb of Neruda and its surroundings in his house in Isla Negra, Chile, and sending them to Canada and Denmark, said Reyes Muñoz.

When responding to another question from Prensa Latina, he pointed out that both laboratories should check the samples and try, separately, to determine if Clostridium botulinum was effectively inoculated.

"We have been unanimous in all the criteria reported and without a doubt, Neruda did not die as a result of prostate cancer that he suffered," he added the II International Genomic-Proteomic Panel held in Chile in October 2017.

The nephew of the author of Canto General reported that the special judge in charge of the case, Mario Carroza, authorized the collection of soil samples and it would only be necessary for the Ministry of the Interior to pay the debt to proceed.

In a recent interview with Prensa Latina, Manuel Araya, a former driver and personal assistant of Neruda, stated that "we are very close to knowing the truth (...), we hope that the necessary steps are taken to facilitate the end of the investigation" .


Source: Prensa Latina S.A
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