How long will it take to stop martyrdom in GAZA?
How long will Israel break international law without being brought to justice?
How long will it take you to define yourself?
A little history: Jeanette Escanilla is called the deputy to the Swedish parliament and president of the SHIP TO GAZA movement. The last attempt, to break the blockade happened in the year 2016, We have not forgotten, the deputy suffered firsthand what is able Zionism. In Palestinian waters I was, illegally and brutally arrested and kidnapped, suffered imprisonment and mental torture. But they did not manage to defeat it. She points out We're not afraid, I'm not afraid!
Nerudians and Nerudans denounce that there is a constant talk of peace, politics, military defense, attacks and acts of revenge, but in any case the Palestinians are the prisoners in GAZA and not the Zionists. What is not said is that civilians will do anything to survive in the GAZA strip, because it is their land and the Zionists supported by the Americans destroy and devastate more and more that sacred ground for humanity.
Women, men and children bravely maintain their daily struggle for survival. There are areas where the entire community has been shaved. Palestinians in their country can not enter or leave, export or import goods, fish in their own waters, work, study or receive the necessary medical attention. The final solution prohibits even the purest feeling, LOVE
Works are loves and not good reasons, we congratulate these brave women who show us that there are other human rights to fight, they in Sweden with all the sacrifice that means they have bought three boats that will start the battle again, they are modest sailing boats, the battle began in the middle of May remembering Al-Nakba, the catastrophe, this time about 900,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes, more than 500 villages were razed, and declared the State of Israel. Nor did we forget that more than six million Palestinians live in diaspora.
Like the women of SHIP TO GAZA of Sweden, the Nerudians of Our America, we believe in humanity and at the same time be truly human with our fellow men. We believe in justice and solidarity. And like you, we see that it is our mission to direct the eyes of the world to Gaza. To tell their stories and lives, and to help the outside world react and act for Gaza's rights.
Zionists return the products transferred for the Palestinians. Return the stolen vessels!
This year the blockade against Gaza must be broken!
Zionists end with the FINAL SOLUTION driven by the Hitlerites in the concentration camps and now applied by you representatives of international Zionism
           President                                 Vice President                    R. International
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