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Part 3: Chilean authorities, now the thing is serious.

"Neruda died of Cancer, but not cancer."



Not only to Neruda, but the whole world waits for responses from the Government of Chile to the report submitted by scientific authorities on possible causes of the death of Pablo Neruda.

Our questions arise before reading the interview conducted by the news agency EFE, which tells us an inquiry and delivering that information to the Chilean authorities, we start to worry about the total and hermetic silence of the Chilean government authorities.

Chileans and Neruda in the world are attentive to the reactions of the political authorities of Chile, because it is now beginning to see a light on the terrible truth.



"Only a burning patience can we conquer the splendid City which will give light, justice and dignity to all men. Thus poetry will not have sung in vain."

The name of Chile, Pablo Neruda


If the answer of science show that Neruda did not die of cancer,

We consider it necessary to initiate investigations because it could be a homicide.

We understand that answers to several questions are required so if the question is hold scientist should initiate investigations.

You can begin collecting information on:

Cause of death.

Did Third party intervention or not?

Who or who intervened?

Mastermind / Thread Material

www.nerudavive.cl in section section "Truth" can be found years of research that can bring about some light. http://www.nerudavive.cl/index.php/la-verdad

- The nerudianas and Neruda believe that this would help to remove any doubts that all proceedings be conducted to clarify what really happened with the surname of Chile, Don Pablo Neruda.

- Because the date July 2, 2015, received responses from

Research by the Centre for Forensic Sciences and Techniques

University of Murcia, no version or reaction of the Ministry of Interior of Chile is not known?

- Is it possible to know those responsible Rights Program

Human Interior Ministry if they create the panel of experts proposed by the scientific authorities?

You need to receive from the Chilean authorities a statement just as the press release made some time ago called "" Power executive becomes part where Neruda "

See text on website: www.allendevive.cl, or in the portal section www.antologiapopular1972.cl Reading Material

The first president must assume its historical role in this matter. The magnitude of that obtained in this scientific research requires the opinion of the President of Chile.

The suggestion of Professor Dr. Aurelio Moon and forensic adept Cristina Perez and Maria Dolores Prieto Gemma Perez to open the debate on a panel of experts finally listen?

- Opening the debate on an expert panel, the suggestion of Professor Dr. Aurelio Moon and forensic adept Cristina Pérez, Gemma Prieto and María Dolores Perez, who will be invited? Will it work in Chile? When this event would take place?

At Neruda organized in the world we are concerned that the participation of the directors of the Neruda Foundation in this important research is allowed.

We deliver our complaints about the negative role played by this, quite alien to the hopes and cultural interest I do in life the famous Pablo Neruda commercial organization. Therefore we want you to get your own conclusion.


- The management of the Neruda Foundation, a critical eye. M. Casasus


- Leonidas Aguirre: "Neruda not need to Juan Agustín Figueroa to be read in the world"


- "The Neruda Foundation supports lawful order of Pinochet"


- Journalist reported that Neruda publishing betrayed will sell its anthology


- "The historical error was Matilde Urrutia Juan Figueroa inherit the Neruda Foundation"


- The unprecedented testament Matilde Urrutia and Neruda's legacy


- Attorney Rodolfo Reyes: The Neruda Foundation to administer an ideal and faultless person


- The Neruda Foundation does not advocate the People Anthology 1972 does not constitute a business. This work of Pablo Neruda, donated to the people of Chile has been the subject of plagiarism, theft and embezzlement without any objection from the Foundation ...


- Life President of the Pablo Neruda Foundation is unaware of the People Anthology 1972


- The Work of Neruda Popular Anthology 1972


- A work of Pablo Neruda has been the subject of plagiarism, theft and embezzlement, no recognized by the Neruda Foundation


Chileans and Neruda in the world are alert because now it is known that Neruda died of cancer, but not cancer.



Manuel Araya Osorio


1972 popular anthology heritage of Chile / NGO






Torbjörn Björlund



Ordförande i Kommittén för Forsvaret av Paul Nerudas arv

(Chairman of the Swedish Committee for the Defense of the legacy of Pablo Neruda)




Raul Pizarro Valdivia

Vice President "ordförande Pablo Nerudakommittén Föreningen i Sverige"

Vice President "Antologia Popular 1972 Patrimonio de Chile" NGOs | PaN-NGO Chile.

Vice President "Asociación por la Dignidad, los Derechos del Ser Humano y de su entorno ecológico" NGOs | ADDHEE / NGO Chile.

Researcher-Cultural Producer-Editor.





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