Memories of Madrid to Havana (by a decree of expropriation)

By Mario Casasús, Published on August 4, 2006



In Madrid, the intellectual of our publishing house La Jornada , Marcos Roitman told me something completely unknown , the Spanish editorial plagiarized and falsified Anthology 1972 Popular Neruda, "those Edaf have always acted that way. The edition of Marx's Capital is a section of the translation of Wenceslao Roces variants . So many other things . It is a publishing house whose owners are tied to the CEOE and the People's Party and behind Aznar Edaf was at the time the former mayor of Madrid, Rodríguez Sahagún . "

As I reported on the front page of the culture section of El Universal of Mexico ( 24/10/2004 ) Edaf the Spanish publisher is making a vile business with one of the most symbolic heritage of the poet Pablo Neruda and Salvador Allende , The Popular anthology 1972 Pablo Neruda , which was released under the Popular Unity government as a gift from President Salvador Allende and the poet himself to the people of Chile to celebrate the Nobel Prize in Literature 1971

The purpose was to reach a million copies , but only out of print the first 150 thousand facsimile . On September 11 , 1973, President Allende in the coup with the Palace of La Moneda bombed and on fire. Pablo Neruda died on September 23, cancer and sudden sadness, his funeral became the first manifestation of the nascent protest Pinochet dictatorship ; Popular Anthology 1972 is missing along with more than 5 million books in the cellars of the publisher Quimantú . "This book can not be put on sale . Its purpose is to arrive at no cost to the Chilean people " ( as stated in the original edition , 1972 ) .

The copyright of the People Anthology 1972 says: " Pablo Neruda not receive any fee for the publication of this work" On the other hand , the Editorial Losada owns the copyright of all the author's books in Spanish SA , has also renounced everything. economic benefit in this version. "This book can not be put on sale . Its purpose is to arrive at no cost to the Chilean people. " Edaf censorship all copyright , colophon , Edaf eliminates two lines , the end date ( November 20, 1972 ) and the place of printing ( Graphic Workshops Garcia, Chile) , to make it go as a posthumous anthology . Most imprecision editor Marquez de la Plata, ie Anthology Posthumous ( Edaf, 2004) is the only work compiled by Neruda, when in 1953 two anthologies , one of ( Austral Editorial ) Political Poetry and All the love left ( Nascimento original editorial) and the second edition of All Love , published by Losada , 1968 and 1971 ( Classic and Contemporary Library ) . Marquez de la Plata is lying again, since it presumes to be the first to publicize the existence of the People's Anthology of Neruda , long before Hernan Loyola ( Annals University of Chile, 1973 ), Hugo Gutiérrez Vega (Letter to Neruda, 1973) , Esteban Llorach ( in the heart of a poet, the Cuban Book Institute , 1984) and Virginia Vidal ( Magazine Mapocho , Chile 1994 ) described the People 1972 Anthology from Chile, Mexico and Cuba .
Carmen Balcells ( the agent called the members of the Latin American Boom: Gabriel García Márquez, Mario Vargas Llosa, Carlos Fuentes , Julio Cortazar, Antonio Skarmeta and Neruda , among others) signed the authorization to publish the Anthology Edaf with all these fraudulent items. On 4 May ( at 16 pm in Jorge Juan street , number 30 , Madrid) was a meeting to discuss my grade between Edaf publishing, Balcells Agency and editor friend of mine , who asked me not to mention his name ( hired by a multinational publisher to investigate the veracity of my note ) , the conclusions of the meeting were : " the Posthumous Anthology of Neruda 's a fake , the name of Vigo almonedista sold Marquez de la Plata that will not be revealed Posthumous Anthology , Edaf is willing to rectify the issue. " He suggested Edaf removal of the existing edition, apparently fought sold out because they claim not to have copies in stock , also spoke of more control from now of the issues that will be authorize above literary agents representing rights .

My proposal is much simpler and the government of Chile made a decree of expropriation against Neruda Foundation, because we can not allow copyright Neruda invest in the company of an advisory Chancellor Pinochet, Ricardo Claro . The National Commission on Political Imprisonment and Torture , chaired by Bishop Sergio Valech , documented vessels to the Lebu and the South American Steamship Maipu , owned by Ricardo Claro , were centers of torture , not to mention tax evasion and the Neruda Foundation " ant theft " losses in 2002 and 2003 for 90 million pesos in 2004 ( six months) for 50 million Chilean pesos embezzling 140 million Chilean pesos ( U.S. $ 249 000 309.95 ) in the Neruda Foundation through fake ballots fees, even some were not even declared to internal taxes. Finally , the Chilean State Edaf sue for plagiarism and falsification of the People Anthology 1972 , resources for that trial would serve a million editing anthologies of Neruda. Why an editorial in the Spanish extreme right has stolen Anthology Neruda? Who would be interested? What to do to democratize the legacy of Neruda?

Carmen Balcells recently told Ayen Xavi : "I created for the first time two new elements in contracts : geographical boundaries and time. Before the novels to a publisher for a lifetime and sold worldwide . It was a discovery that gave me great confidence , today 's standard procedure worldwide ( ... ) Neruda 's heirs will still charge an amount for which you can live . With the old system , Neruda would have charged once for each of your books ( Revista Ñ El Clarin Argentina , 29/07/2006 ) . What Dona Carmen Balcells not know is that the money for the copyright of Neruda , which in 2004 alone number over 2.3 million, is invested in the company of Claro Ricardo fascist ( I insist , Adviser to the Chancellor of Pinochet ) . I still hope the recognition of my research and break the censorship I've earned to spite the Balcells Agency and the Neruda Foundation , incidentally chaired by Juan Agustín Figueroa , another fascist today haunts the Mapuche indigenous communities under the implementation of counter-terrorism laws created by the Pinochet dictatorship .

So I set out from Paris to Havana , seeking solidarity of Cuba , in Madrid I had my first encounter with Roberto Fernández Retamar , Marcos Roitman told me a habanera dinner with Commander Fidel , Pablo González Casanova, Retamar and Abel Prieto -no I could stop smiling when Fidel proposed a toast to the birthday - Retamar , then in the Country, to be more precise on the back of Friday, July 14 , eco news that Elena Garro belonged to a "group of espionage was " genocidal Diaz Ordaz, the following Sunday was denied by his daughter Elena Paz Garro in Proceso ( No. 1550 ) , where he discovered their privacy by mentioning that in his youth fell in love with Roberto Fernández Retamar whom he met in 1967 in Congress Writers of Guadalajara, were lovers and even invited her to move to Cuba with him the daughter of Elena Garro and Octavio Paz , had seen in Cuernavaca, I was invited to sign as a witness ( who died the same day the writer Salvador Elizondo ) , a will that includes his own work and copyright of the great novelist Elena Garro , read Elenita Madrid Paz Garro was in love with Retamar was so significant , as the story of Roitman in Havana and happy birthday.

Back in Cuba , after walking the boardwalk to the old Havana historian Eusebio Leal greet , he had not seen for 4 years , Leal as always personally supervising the restoration work in front of the Hotel Ambos Mundos ( home of Ernest Hemingway ) I started to ride a camel to drop me at the Miramar district , one block from fifth Avenue , where I had a coffee with Nancy Morejon (National Prize of Literature of Cuba , 2001 and advisor to Casa de las Américas ) , we discussed the Efraín Huerta poets and Mario Benedetti, scattered issues : how Afro-Cuban religion, Guadalajara Book Fair 2002 of your next trip to Macedonia , was born a friendship, like we've known for years , some of his poetry was read by a anthology Visor ( Spain ) publisher, but she loves to say that his first book was published UNAM, who has an affair with Mexico , which does not look like she wanted, in short, the problem of visas in Cuban embassies to be revolutionary .

Ever , invited to read in Costa Rica could not enter the country on time , another not so distant his publisher will put a stamp in your passport , " dangerous to U.S. national security " , just because their handmade books bothered Watcher an official from the office of U.S. interests . Nancy Morejon introduced me to Angel Augier , writer born in 1910 , a lucid communist excellent literary critic and one of the founders of the agency Prensa Latina, near the Argentine Jorge Ricardo Masetti , in Venezuela in 1959 and Fidel Castro Ruz Pablo Neruda first spoke of the need for a news agency to do a counterweight to the disinformation of the American empire , who would say that Prensa Latina takes dispatching their reports and analysis from the sixties? Prensa Latina has had the participation of Gabriel García Márquez, Rodolfo Walsh ( novelist and journalist arrested disappeared by the dictatorship in Argentina 1977) and Jorge Ricardo Masetti ( first Argentine journalist who interviewed Fidel and Che in the Sierra Maestra in 1959, Masetti same become guerrilla was killed in 1963 by the army in Salta, Argentina , I could talk to his grandson , James Masetti history student at the University of Havana, in our beloved scholarship Alamar ) .

Angel Augier gave me his book Neruda in Cuba and Cuba in Neruda (Ediciones Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba , 2005) I gave the background of the Neruda Foundation and its investment adviser to the Chancellor of Pinochet and of course I told him that there Neruda 's unpublished prologue to epic song (Editorial Quimantú , 1973) , we come to the issue of the Charter of Cuban intellectuals Neruda (1966). He confessed : "I think I exaggerate , the letter was very respectful , but ultimately the differences between the Communist Parties of Chile and Cuba were imposed " precisely on July 25 , marked the 40th anniversary of the Open Letter to Neruda in who reproached his trip to New York, this issue has driven me crazy , I tried to interview Roberto Fernández Retamar , to send you my apologies and seek the solidarity of Casa de las Américas in my small campaign denouncing the Neruda Foundation, but talk to Roberto Fernández Retamar is not easy, just love to Argentina in Havana can be more complicated.

At Casa de las Americas is mounted an exhibition of Chilean Roberto Matta, realized by land of Havana , lack of materials , lithographs , photos , surreal artifacts, the largest collection of Matta I've seen in my life, nor in Santiago , Buenos Aires , Rome , Paris or Madrid I have lived such a beautiful installation of Matta . Among the corridors ran into Retamar , he was in a hurry and I was stuck on a canvas Matta , not invade your space, I let go his way and wait for accept my apology and good intentions, ( two good friends that we share Ricardo Viñalet in Havana and José Carlos Rovira in Alicante could not get me an appointment with Retamar , say it is something that I have to resolve ) like I said Retamar : at peace with Cuba are .

In the Villa Manuela ( H street, in the same wax house Retamar , near the corner of 23rd Street ) gallery I met Carlos Martí , president of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba , to learn some friends in common by La Jornada and the magazine Rocinante , I asked Carmen Lira " a while ago I do not know her, give my regards when you see it ." I could only tell you that in Madrid, Carmen Lira spoke with Marcos Roitman to ask about Rodriguez Zapatero and his congratulations to the Mexican right . The elections are contested since all known fraud and Zapatero, before George W. Bush congratulated Felipe Calderón. Roitman 's interpretation was that the chief of staff of the PSOE is a close friend of Jorge G. Castañeda, and as he is behind Elba Esther Gordillo , because everything made sense, Carlos Martí smiled and finished his drink and said, " Stick to your shoes."