Manuel Araya, Neruda's driver: "I demand they run SML irregularities in Neruda Case"

With bitterness and disappointment I have taken note of the numerous irregularities being committed in forensic proceedings conducted by the Forensic Medical Service (SML) Nobel Prize Pablo Neruda.

This information is contained in the report "Neruda Case: Reports bad" news correspondent Francisco Marín, published in the latest edition of the prestigious magazine Proceso, of Mexico (No. 1908), published on 26 May.

There are claims that the SML toxicologist Eduardo Torres was about to destroy the samples taken from the body of Neruda, by using incorrect procedures, which was prevented by the toxicologist at the University of North Carolina, Ruth Wienecker.

Process also realizes that the latest report of SML-released on May 2, 'which states that Neruda had cancer advanced to die, contains numerous errors and omissions. Furthermore, based on expertise developed by people outside the international commission of experts appointed to examine the remains of Neruda.

One of the two authors who sign these reports do not even have experience analyzing dead bodies is clinical radiologist.

Despite this, the SML filed these reports as conclusive in order to point out that Neruda had widespread metastases, which in the light of this background process is fully revealed by denial. Also, the way the information was presented was designed to suggest confirming what is stated in the death certificate 1973.

Anyway, as said Neruda relatives and lawyers of the Communist Party, although it had been demonstrated that Neruda had cancer in any case this would imply that died of this disease. The issue is that so far has not been proven even the existence of the disease, but was intended to deceive the national and global public ensuring that if the suffering. This is very serious.

Recall that the poet died on September 23, 1973 after he applied, without authorization, an injection. This happened a few hours before he left the plane that would take him out of Chile to Mexico.

Moreover it is noteworthy that in that report, the medical examiner Chilean Luis Ravanal, analyzes existing photos of Neruda died shortly after. He concludes that this in no way suffered from cachexia as secured in the death certificate.

This test is not considered by the SML in their reports. Worse SML director Patricio Bustos said relatives personally Neruda Neruda such images are perfectly compatible with the body of a person killed by cachexia. It is important to state that not Bustos coroner.

Given this background, and recalling the fact that the SML vetoed the participation of experts Neruda Family, all nationally recognized professional and / or world, it becomes clear that this service managers try to confirm necessarily the official version of the Neruda's death contained in the death certificate (metastasized cancer cachexia) and put the affair.

It is my duty to demand an end to the alleged irregularities. I made this call to justice, the media, and all stakeholders in that know the real reasons that led to the death of Pablo Neruda.

Manuel Osorio Araya
Driver and assistant Pablo Neruda
May 28, 2013