Response from Senator A. Navarro to the Charter of the Swedish deputy Torbjörn Björlund in relation to the participation of Swedish forensic exhumation of the remains of Pablo Neruda



Torbjörn Björlund
Sveriges Riksdag Riksdagsledamot I
Member of Parliament of Sweden

Dear Sirs:

I am writing to you to inform you respectfully that after an exhaustive compilation of information, and after establishing communication with national authorities on the subject, and will out my concern about the urgent need to investigate in depth the true and real causes of death of Pablo Neruda.

To me, the darkness and doubts overshadow not only our past but also the future of our nation, not yet fully resolved the breach and the damage caused by serious human rights violations during the dictatorship of Pinochet.

We also know that is a point of vital importance for many clarifying the facts, and that along with your request and the heirs of the great poet, we are aware that the international public is aware, and very aware of the results of promoted research in Chile.

We understand that memory is not just heritage Neruda of Chile, but the world of humanity. Chilean citizenship that does not hinder the countries of the world, the international cultural and scientific community can and still need help in determining the cause of death.

That is why I inform you that at the session next week, I will make an oral statement in the Chamber of the Senate, in my capacity as Vice President of the Senate, to request a full investigation, with international participation, with prominent scientists, to clarify its Pablo Neruda was murdered or not.

The search for the truth of it, is something that deserves Chile, and deserves the world, for the tranquility of his relatives, and peace of our poet's memory.
Farewell carefully, taking advantage of express the assurances of my highest consideration.

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