Lawyer Rodolfo Reyes: Neruda Foundation should be administrated by a suitable and blameless person.

By Mario Casasús


The lawyer Rodolfo Reyes Muñoz (Chile, 1949 ) represents the poet consanguineous heirs born Neftali Reyes - open the Pandora's box of the workings of the foundation, preparing a counteroffensive to audit Neruda Foundation. He says: "It is urgent that there is transparency of information ... also attended all tax privileges, donations and other income received Neruda Foundation, which is unknown ."

The number of administrative irregularities and intellectuals have exceeded any parameter (eg omissions to the falsification of Popular Anthology 1972, by the Spanish publishing Edaf ) profit at the expense of the poet is exposed with Neruda and luxury hotels Neruda VIP Room of the airline LAN ( items authorized by Juan Agustín Figueroa Angel Maulén entrepreneurs and Sebastian Pinera, respectively ).
When he died intestate, Neruda had written only the statutes of your project, the Foundation Cantalao - specifying a board composed of the presidents of the State Technical University (now Unversity of Santiago, USACH ), the Catholic University and the University of Chile as well as the presidents of the CUT and the Writers ; most two poet - confidence, the Pinochet dictatorship never wanted to grant legal personality to Matilde Urrutia, in 1985, Neruda Foundation by Figueroa, inherited from Matilde Urrutia 75% of the copyright, the remaining 25 % belongs to the heirs by blood of the poet.

The lawyer and Neruda direct nephew, said: "We are all entitled to institute legal action in the different areas that are pertinent, such as trial mandate accountability, judgment for breach of contract, and criminal prosecution as applicable ". The pseudonym Neruda is the exclusive right of consanguineous heirs not of Figueroa .
In the allocation of Neruda American Award 2009, we need to give voice to the only person who could reverse - in legal terms - the " latifundia Nerudian " by Juan Agustín Figueroa .

- Why Juan Agustín Figueroa filed a lawsuit against consanguineous heirs Neruda ?
-Figueroa is president of the effects of Succession Kings to represent by copyright that are in our capacity as heirs. Not know the logic by which Figueroa filed a trademark invalid, against the heirs of Pablo Neruda, members of this sequence. The demand is illogical and lacking any valid legal basis, as intended through this, attributed the quality to be the sole heir of Neruda, Figueroa quality lacks.

- Who will represent contractually if Figueroa insists stoning based trust lawsuits ?
'We've lost confidence with Figueroa, so I'll be charged directly to manage copyright on the work of Pablo Neruda that we have as heirs, without prejudice to the power, it is possible to delegate this administration in other appropriate person and blameless grant us the confidence necessary for the proper performance of such management.

-Juan Agustín Figueroa is put up against the wall, is there a counter?
- In view of the current circumstances, the right and the reason we attend, we are empowered to initiate any legal action in the different areas that are pertinent, such as trial mandate accountability, judgment of breach of contract, and criminal actions as applicable.

- Does the public have access to millions as Neruda Foundation? I ask because the press learned that prior to the Neruda Foundation Centennial billed $ 2.3 million ...
- Attended the whole foundation, and this in spice, l states have no profit is urgent and it is evident that there is transparency of information, a clear policy and does not indicate equivocal, also attended all tax privileges, grants and other income received Neruda Foundation, which are unknown.
'In that sense, the investment pays off $ 2.3 million in Cristalerías Chile?, In both spectra : economic and political Cristalerías Pinochet Chile was owned by Ricardo Claro ...

Regarding investment - known through you by various print media and digital, I note that our organization ( Succession Kings) seems inappropriate and reprehensible behavior on the part of Figueroa, to take money from the Neruda Foundation Glassware Chile, a company in which he was and is a director and shareholder, investment lacks transparency and unethical .
- Last year, in an interview with Clarin, the poet Bernardo Reyes explained that you do not allow the use of profit Neruda pseudonym. Are there loopholes on the registration of "copyright" of the "brand" Neruda?

- As heirs of Pablo Neruda us by the mere operation of law, solely and exclusively, the only ones allowed to register and use the mark, or authorize others to use it. In view of the above, we derived demand for unauthorized use of industrial property against Maulén Real Estate Company Ltd., owns four hotels (three in Santiago and one in Reñaca, Viña del Mar), who called them " Hotel Neruda " litigation that is currently pending at first instance.

- In Mexico the heirs of Juan Rulfo Award withdrew the name Iberoamerican and Caribbean ( now award FIL ), to avoid political gain by the Mexican right. Do you have considered the possibility of avoiding political profit Award - based local and Ibero - Neruda?
- We believe that Neruda Prize should be instituted and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the government of the day, not by individuals from the Neruda Foundation. This approach has its origin in that the Foundation does not in any way represent the great cultural and intellectual aspirations that Pablo Neruda project had as its foundation, considered his legacy to the nation and named "Cantalao".
" Death interrupted this project and his widow, Matilde Urrutia, left a will in which she ordered his own executors, the formation of the so-called Neruda Foundation. Was Mrs. Urrutia, who appointed among others Figueroa, which does not have any links with the will that was about Neruda, as was reflected in different documents."

- On October 24, 2004 published in El Universal of Mexico a complaint for falsification of the 1972 People's Anthology of Neruda. Now the Bicentennial Commission announced that it intended to re-edit but Edaf fraudulent elements. Who obstructs the editorial project? Edaf or Foundation? Neruda?

- I have no elements that allow me - some - answer form with the appropriate information your question.
- How far Figueroa legal arrogance? Does the force in conflict may become a boomerang ?

- Figueroa 's claim of wanting to be the owner of Neruda, seems to have no limit. He himself has become a boomerang to sue against the heirs of Pablo Neruda, seeking to achieve appropriate quality heir who has not, of a trademark that does not belong and the significant effects of all derived, which is why we are confident that the courts themselves are those who give the final push to the path of the boomerang .
- Finally, what happened to the " Hotel Neruda ", the "Sala VIP Neruda " LAN and other profitable businesses at the expense of the poet?

- The Kings sued Succession dated May 10, 2007 at Maulén Housing Society Ltd., owner of four hotels that use the name of Neruda. The lawsuit is pending in civil courts, in respect of which the court requested and obtained an injunction to ban on transactions and contracts in respect of its property which houses the main hotel, as other property of high value.

"Regarding LAN, and Lounge VIP Neruda, whose name Succession Reyes did not authorize, we learned that there was an unknown negotiation on our part, including Neruda Foundation and LAN -Chile, of which this series has yet to receive any benefits from such a concept. 's usual informed us through the media, for business conducted Neruda Foundation, without consultation, without informing us, so lacking in addition to his duty as agent for the Succession Kings, heirs of Pablo Neruda .

* Originally published in the online journal

A few years ago the poet and musician Chihuailaf Elikura Varas Giorgio approached us a letter signed by writers, students , academics , other artists and intellectuals , and dozens of others in demanding the resignation of Attorney Juan Agustín Figueroa life presidency of the Neruda Foundation.

Shortly after the investigation met Mario Casasús journalist , specializing in cultural, irregularities in the foundation. Like many in the local Chilean and the world of Latin American culture and international, interested us.

Casasús, from La Jornada Morelos, in Mexico, first, and then the Chilean digital newspaper Clarin and other news media, still - less lonely than it seems - stirring Neruda theme and its legacy to the people of his country. The comparison between the attempt to exploit the memory of Juan Rulfo , Mexico , and the operation of the Neruda Foundation , in Chile, has points in common: the unfair advantage - no matter the reasons, the name and work of a critical writer.

In the case of Pablo Neruda, the matter is more serious : the Nobel Prize more than once said explicitly what would be done after his death with his goods to leave it as footprint -another one! - And benefit of the popular sectors, scientists and artists from Chile and beyond.
Ultimately that is what is claimed: respect their wish.