Exclusive: The Testament unpublished Matilde Urrutia and Neruda's legacy

By Mario Casasus; July 12, 2013

The September 11, 1973 Pablo Neruda receive his will, the laws of the Foundation reissue Cantalao and epic song (Editorial Quimantú, 1973), all had occurred on the same day, but for the coup in Valparaiso and the bombing of La Moneda Palace.

On the heights of Isla Negra founded Cantalao poet, a village to provide scholarships to young Latin American poets and artists.


In June 1973, Neruda wrote Statutes Cantalao Foundation and presented before the Notary Public of Casablanca (Valparaiso Region), unfinished testament remained unpublished for 40 years, published in full in the book of Neruda Murders (2012 ) and finally know the clauses and articles of testamentary disposition. On the eve of the 40th anniversary of the death of Neruda I announce, in full, Matilde Urrutia testament to notarial documents are studied by lawyers, historians, journalists and readers of the poetry of Neruda in Our America.


Cantalao probate the will Neruda, to literally says: "The foundation will be directed by the Executive Board and shall consist of seven members as follows: A) two representatives of Don Pablo Neruda, B) the presidents of the University of Chile, Católica de Chile, and State Technical or persons on their behalf designate; C) a representative of the Central Workers, and D) a representative of the Chilean Writers Society ... President of the Foundation shall be appointed by Don Pablo Neruda between its two representatives. People who, on the death of Don Pablo Neruda, perform as their representatives continue to integrate the advice in character for life, remaining as President who then is. The two counselors lifetime inter vivos or testamentary disposition, appoint their successors, who will also have for life. The successor to Chairman shall hold office ".


Attorney Juan Agustín Figueroa falsified clause positions "lifetime", Neruda appointed two people you trust in the Board of Directors, the remaining members of the Foundation would alternate according to the internal life of the Chilean universities, of the Society of Writers (SECH) and the Central Workers Union (CUT), in no case was referred to the character of the Figueroa family life, in July 2004, Neruda Foundation was run by Juan Agustín Figueroa, his sister ( Aida Figueroa), his wife (Elgueta Marcela Figueroa), his best friend (Raul Bulnes), the lawyer's office Figueroa & Associates (George River) and other characters from sad experience that allowed the seizure of the legacy of Neruda. Cantalao is not architectural, or "a primitive idea of Neruda" as argued by John A. Figueroa, the magazine Notebooks Neruda Foundation published a series of five reports: "The dream of Cantalao" one, hiding the original statutes designed by Neruda, in the Foundation's website do not mention the original Board 1973, merely described the architectural model Tralca tip, project managers do not think the current build.


The board of the Foundation Council Cantalao reflects the plurality of voices, the desire academic and political profile Neruda wanted to manage your copyright, library and real estate. The University of Chile accepted the commission: "The Senior Management Committee of the University of Chile had adopted, on May 9, 1973, the decision to participate in the constitution of the entity called Cantalao" 2. The writer and Communist leader described Teitelboim Volodya Cantalao Dream Neruda's biography: "He will raise a people dedicated to the poets, which puts the name Cantalao who brings out of the inhabitant and his hope. Buy the land where the village will found cash poor artists, rich dreams, located not far from Isla Negra. To address the urban plan and design the work professionally uses a noted architect, noble man through and through, Rector of the Catholic University of Santiago, Fernando Castillo Velasco "3. The March 11, 1973, Neruda wrote Eduardo Boeninger simultaneously (rector of the Universidad de Chile), Enrique Kirberg (rector of the State Technical University) and Fernando Castillo Velasco (rector of the Catholic University).


 "Dear Rector and Friend:


You are about to be made long-cherished project for me to form a foundation of national and international cultural character, based on a land I've donated for this purpose in the town of Punta de Tralca. In the charter take important part our universities.


That is why I am writing to ask you to be kind, if possible, to attend a meeting to exchange ideas about cultural perspectives and practices of this project. The meeting would take place on Friday next, at 5:30 pm, at home in Isla Negra.


I am confident that this initiative will have their important support and I hope to converse on that date, in which we will meet just a few people.




Pablo Neruda "


 The coup broke the Foundation project designed by Neruda's widow and lawyer Matilde Urrutia Juan Agustín Figueroa reworked the statutes in 1982, the falsification endorsed by Matilde Urrutia was exposed when he tried to deceive the public: "We have formed the so-called Pablo Neruda Foundation 'and is no longer Matilde Neruda who you ask, but a foundation. There are five people handling it and the statutes are the same that left Paul "5. On the 40th anniversary of the death of Neruda, trascribí the 14 pages of the manuscript, almost unreadable La Chascona, the end may compare both testaments to draw their own conclusions, perhaps Clarín.cl readers find any clause that allows the return of the Chilean university rectors, presidents of the Society of Writers and the Confederation of Workers of the Foundation Board of Directors Cantalao.


Neruda Foundation became a private estates went as far as investing 2.3 million dollars of his copyright in the company Cristalerías Chile, owned by Ricardo Claro-key in Pinochet's dictatorship, the lawyer Claro Valdés served as advisor Foreign Ministry from the September 12, 1973, coordinated the visit of Henry Kissinger to Chile in 1976 and, more seriously, provided "two ships of another of his companies, the South American Steamship Company, to be used as detention centers and torture. One of them, The Maipo, moved to 380 detainees from Valparaiso to Pisagua. Many of his 'passengers' were killed. The other, The Lebú, fulfilled the role of floating prison and more than two thousand people passed through its warehouses and cabins "6. Moreover, the journalist Javier Rebolledo devoted a chapter of the book of the ravens dance Ricardo Claro. According to the testimony of Jorgelino Vergara (DINA), Claro used to finance part of the payroll repressive apparatus of the dictatorship: "Someone had to be, and in charge of paying the salary was this man, Ricardo Claro, and that no was a secret. He was a financier of the DINA because there were all civilians hired by the company financed by him ... Sure saved them money, contributions, all the time. Sometimes I went to headquarters and after these visits appeared the silver and Michael Townley special inventions, technological advances "7. A Ricardo Claro consanguineous heirs not survived, apparently the children of Juan Agustín Figueroa will be the beneficiaries of employer MEGA Pinochet, meanwhile copyright of Neruda "are managed by Celfin Capital, one of the largest brokerages in the continent" August.


The life president defended Neruda Foundation stock investment in the company of his partner and friend Sure, Juan Agustín Figueroa said: "Neruda never had financial investments, but had little sense of money as an entrepreneur. Now, we've never made investments in activities that could be ethically reprehensible, like cluster bombs or life insurance from people who are close to death, that are well profitable, but you can not profit from foreign sentiment "9. The second in command of Fundo Neruda admitted: "If we invest in the foundation Cantalao just" 10 said so openly, Vice President Raul Bulnes.


The August 11, 2005 denounced Cristalerías stock investment in Chile, ten days after Juan Agustín Figueroa was justified: "Neruda would have been totally agree ... the world of Neruda is over and we must open ourselves to other places" 11. In keeping with his brother, Aida Figueroa said, on the eve of the centenary of Neruda: "We will not give a piece of responsibility in the directory of the foundation to people who are not. For me the organization of workers in Chile that existed in the year 45, when Paul wrote Neruda Canto General is not, does not exist "12. For Aida Figueroa Cantalao Statutes are "a will Neruda's poetic." Similarly, the executive director of the Foundation Neruda dismissed the testamentary disposition of the poet: "The Foundation Cantalao not reached to sign, never had legal personality or legality, because it was an idea that Neruda was the end of his days" 13, Fernando Sáez lies, the documents themselves were presented before a notary public in June 1973 and September 11 receive legal personality Neruda government of Salvador Allende. Why Figueroa brothers had hidden Cantalao Statutes?, Why the Neruda Foundation Board Cantalao reduces the draft to a "dream" and architectural model?, Neruda Foundation defends the legal order imposed by Pinochet, canceling any possibility to fulfill the will probate Neruda.


>>Unpublished Testament Matilde Urrutia (1982)


>>The last will and testament of Neruda - Cantalao FOUNDATION STATUTES (1973)

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