Frederico Fullgraf: "The newspaper Jornal do Brasil reported that Neruda died of urinary tract infection and phlebitis"

By Mario Casasus

Mexico City. - Frederico Fullgraf, Brazilian journalist and documentary filmmaker, credited in Chile, has just published the report "um Crônica of presumed Assassinato [Chronicle of an alleged murder] in the 70th edition of the monthly magazine Brasileiros, published in São Paulo , which tells its coverage of the exhumation of Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra. While writing his report, by chance rediscovered images of Neruda died at Clinica Santa Maria, captured on September 24, 1973 by Brazilian photographer Evandro Teixeira, sent to Chile along with journalist Paulo César de Araújo, to cover the military coup Pinochet. From Chile, 40 years later, Frederico managed to locate a photographer in Brazil and interviewed him. The photos began circulating around the world, including Mexico's Proceso magazine, as of May 26, they have to Frederico Fullgraf as exclusive.
In digital interview from Concepcion, Frederico Fullgraf last part analyzes the case Neruda: "The first perception to analyze the 6 photos of Evandro was thinking about the contradiction of the medical report of Clínica Santa María, the death certificate said cachexia-degenerative condition and extreme malnutrition, 'and to see the photos of Neruda died, though made in profile, I saw chubby as he was known in life. First, I wrote an email to the photographer Evandro Teixeira to tell I'm doing a documentary about Neruda case, but could not travel to Brazil overnight, I requested an interview with Brazilian magazine I was editing at closing . Teixeira promised to answer my questionnaire in two days, I sent 5 questions ". In the opinion of Brazilian journalist: "The photos of Evandro Teixeira are eloquent and could be integrated to record any material evidence as to subsidize the assessment of Judge Mario Chariot and the prosecuting attorneys Eduardo Contreras and Rodolfo Reyes".

MC. - Frederico, I understand you came to Chile to make a documentary about fishermen, but you took it to another topic, Cosme Caracciolo leader introduced you to Manuel Araya, how you crossed from one vessel to another?, Why Case Neruda interested you?

FF. - It's very nice figure you used and I do mine, I crossed a raft to another, it was exactly like this: I got to Chile, between otos, a documentary film about the effects of industrial fishing predator. Since Brazil was accompanying the struggle for mere survival of artisanal fishermen. Although Chile is one of the important locations of the film, we are also rolling Ecuador and Spain. From 2012 he was already in contact with representatives of the Chilean fishermen, but never talk about Neruda. But look at the first match: at some point I thought there not poetry marina in Chile?, And discovered the "Ode to the Sea", the ode took the title of our film: "Comrade ocean." I came to Chile in the second half of 2012 and was the cove of San Antonio, where I met a wonderful person, for his career, by the blows that fate has given him, because he lost a son at sea when it came to fishing. We talked about the three generations of fishermen in your family, I still wonder if the fishermen can survive in a global economy sustainable nothing that seems to be annihilating the forest resources and mineral fields at the same time condemning the extinction artisanal fishermen latter species. And this leader fisherman's book introduced me Neruda Murders (2012) and asked if I knew the book's central character, Don Manuel Araya, who lives a few blocks away. The second time I went to the port of San Antonio had the great honor of meeting Manuel Araya, secretary, messenger, bodyguard, driver, comrade and friend of Pablo Neruda.

MC. - Did not you have another reference to Manuel Araya by the Brazilian press coverage?

FF. - I confess I do not. The idea of South American integration through MERCOSUR, not always through the issue of culture, but by capital and goods, because in Buenos Aires is difficult to find a Brazilian newspaper and vice versa, but in Chile is worse still, the press coverage is very poor, what we know of Chile is very poor, so you have to travel a lot, at least once a year, so I think that integration must be built also parallel to what they agree the governments, sharing projects citizenship.
I knew nothing of the judicial inquiry into the case Neruda, I started reading the news a few weeks before I embarked for Chile, until then I just heard that something had happened to Neruda's death. At the time it was presented Don Manuel Araya in San Antonio "I dropped the tab" as we say in Brazil and, after my first reading of the double murder of Neruda, immediately took the initiative to promote your book before some Brazilian and German publishers I found lovely Manuel's story, which provides another approach to desencontradas versions of the death of the Nobel Prize.

MC. - Given the disadvantage of not having all the facts, why trust the reporting of Manuel Araya?

FF. - I should mention that I was amazed the chess board in the case of Neruda's death, could not believe the huge sum of contradictions, inconsistent defense of the official story. After reading The double murder Neruda in Isla Negra recorded a long video interview with Manuel Araya. He remembered every detail as if it happened yesterday, when you look into his eyes you realize that telling the truth, I think an honest man. The same judge Mario Chariot said: "there are elements of credibility in the history of Manuel Araya," so that every episode that features can be demonstrated Manuel Araya, I convinced her simplicity and honesty. Manuel Araya is Neruda Case Sisyphus, to the tragedy and defeat rises, but not as a tragic character, but as a winner, because his own party forced to believe and Chile to rewrite its recent history.

MC. - Frederico, are doing an excellent job of research, find Evandro Teixeira, the only photojournalist who was at the Santa Maria Clinic on 23 and 24 September 1973. What did you think when you realized a Brazilian compatriot is the last piece of the puzzle?

FF. - It was very exciting to find photos of Evandro Teixeira "I dropped the saint," as the jargon. I read the credit of the images, I did not know the latest photos of Neruda captured by Evandro, he did know his job complaint against the Brazilian dictatorship, photographs on Canudos and ethnographic series. Teixeira is also a character because his career started taking pictures of football, fashion and as a police reporter, had to cover everything for the newspaper where he began his career.

MC. - Photographer Alberto Diaz "Korda" also started in the fashion world and then became the benchmark figure of the Cuban revolution ...

FF. - Exactly what good reference. Evandro did everything, but could not remember who had taken the last photographs of Neruda at Clinica Santa Maria.

MC. - Was it difficult to find and interview Evandro Teixeira?

FF. - The first thing I asked myself how Neruda took these photographs?, Had seen photographs and documentary fragments Neruda's funeral, but no image captured in the Clinica Santa Maria, gave me chills to see the body of Neruda in the floor. I started researching and within 24 hours had the e-mail address and telephone number of Evandro in Brazil, I found it at bay and talked on the phone, the first thing I said, "I was sent to Chile to take pictures of the coup, we journalists from around the world. "

MC. - Besides being a world exclusive photographs? Evandro Teixeira could be evidence refuting the "alleged cachexia" Neruda?

FF. - Of course, the first perception to analyze the 6 photos of Evandro was thinking about the contradiction of the medical report, the death certificate said: "cachexia"-state-degenerative and extreme malnutrition, but this diagnosis seems to be from another person not of Pablo Neruda. First I wrote an email to Evandro to tell I'm doing a documentary about Neruda case, but could not travel to Brazil overnight, I requested an interview for the magazine Brasileiros who was in the deadline. He promised to answer my questionnaire in two days, I sent 5 questions, but would rather do the interview live, always be a problem to send the questionnaire by email because you can not ask another question immediately, or engage in fluid communication.

MC. - Will you Portuguese-Spanish translation of your story?

FF. - Yes, I am translating my research, when I finish the final version will pass the text in the meantime you can read in Portuguese:

MC. - Does the availability of Evandro Teixeira for their photographs to be incorporated in the court file?

FF. - Talking with Brasileiros magazine editors noted the importance they have photos of Evandro Teixeira as any material evidence to subsidize Mario Chariot judge's assessment of the prosecuting attorneys and Eduardo Contreras and Rodolfo Reyes. Then I found some photographs for you that Neruda's body had been published in Chile by The Clinic (12/07/2007) and in Brazil in the book: Vou viver (2004). So Evandro asked: "Knowing the charge to discover the causes of death of Neruda, have you never had thought of presenting his photographic material to the Minister Mario Chariot?" And Evandro said: "My material is made available" .

MC. - Evandro Teixeira had not ruled on the complaint of the alleged murder of Neruda?

FF. - Had read two interviews he gave Evandro in Brazil over Neruda's death: in the digital newspaper O Povo (27/05/2012) and photographic Speeches college magazine (jan / June 2012). But he spoke of what he observed in September 1973, had not referred to the current judicial investigation until I asked. In relation to the events following the coup, declared Evandro stayed at the Hotel Carrera-on a diagonal adjacent to La Moneda to not be repetitive quoted Boni Paulo interview published in photographic Speeches: after curfew journalists stayed in the Hotel Carrera, and Evandro was dinner at the terrace of the hotel where he met the Ambassador of Uruguay, the diplomat will be introduced to a lady Brazilian Evandro Santiago asked what was in the midst of chaos and Brazilian lady said, "I'm married to a Chilean, with Chile's military attaché in Brazil, their fellow-arms had called to participate in the coup." What's interesting, is not it?, Mrs. Brazilian Evandro told Neruda's house in Isla Negra was under siege and that the poet was admitted to the Clinic Santa Maria, literally said "grab my card, we are friends director of the Hospital San José "(sic), Evandro went to the Santa Maria Clinic and received the director showed him the card of Brazilian lady. If I were a Judge Detective Mario Jofre or Chariot, I ask: if the director of the Clinic knew Mrs. Brazilian mean it was military attache friend?, Does that mean that that hospital was tapped by the coup of September 1973?
Evandro Neruda met in Rio de Janeiro, where he had shared with the writer Jorge Amado, when traveling to Brazil Neruda was always with Jorge Amado, both were of the Communist Party had photographed Evandro.

MC. - In 1968

FF. - Yes, and this is worth Evandro to tell the director of the Clinic Santa Maria: "Let me speak to Mrs. Matilda, because I love hello". The doctor opened the door and saw Neruda live on September 23, died at 22:30 hrs. - Evandro tried to photograph it, but was prevented by the director of the clinic, greeted Matilde told him that was the photographer "Friend of Jorge Amado". That phrase worked with the doctor and with Matilde. Evandro left that afternoon with the promise that on the night receive the news bulletin on the health of Neruda, at 22:00 hrs. never sent him, but managed to communicate with the director, the doctor said, "Friend, I owe the Bulletin, but I must inform you of the tragedy, Neruda is dead".

MC. - Who was the director of the Clinic Santa Maria?

FF. - I asked him, but Evandro not remember.

MC. - When Evandro Teixeira go to Chile?, Do you forward something on your next trip?

FF. - On the phone she said: "I am preparing material for presentation in Chile, Neruda Foundation," I do not know if you publish a book or expose their photos in the museum of Isla Negra.

MC. - Sponsored by Neruda Foundation?

FF. - I said, "I'll have an event scheduled in Isla Negra because I support the Neruda Foundation in Chile." Corroborated the information with a sculptor friend who lives in Isla Negra sent me an email, where they talk about a photo exhibition for the second half of 2013. I must insist that Neruda Evandro took pictures of the day (09.24.1973) at the Clinic, in La Chascona and at the General Cemetery, there will be photos to show more details in the face, full body, these photographs are very valuable , hopefully expose as many photographs of Neruda.

MC. - Finally, Ulf Hjertonsson Swedish diplomat told the judge Mario Chariot: "Neruda was lucid while sick in bed, but not in the state of extreme malnutrition involving those who wrote the death certificate" (04 / 2013), the Swedish diplomat's wife, Karin Oldfelt a presentation in Isla Negra, therefore, that you are invited Neruda Foundation does not prevent freely participate in the trial. Would you put in contact with Evandro Teixeira lawyer Eduardo Contreras?

FF. - As a preamble to my answer I say that sometimes we use all our resources and contacts to get the information, images and do our journalism, which is very similar to a judicial investigation, the vast majority of trials in Latin America on State terrorism have demonstrated the critical role of the press, justice journalistic investigations began to move in our America. I've often gotten inside information as Evandro got at the time was Mrs. Card-married Brazilian military attache, but nobody had emphasized the link of the director of the Clinica Santa Maria and the aggregate military. In my view, as a person and professional, that information should be of interest to the families of Neruda, Mario Chariot judge and the prosecuting attorneys. To answer your question: Evandro Teixeira said his photographs are available of justice, then it seems that now the ball is in the Chilean midfield, someone will have to touch it.
But there is one more detail that the presence of the reporter Teixeira and Paulo César Araújo bring to Neruda Case research and discovered that's another I just did: as attests note Jornal do Brasil: "Neruda Santiago morre em" - Medical Bulletin that he had promised the alleged "director" of Clinica Santa Maria Teixeira, said that Neruda died as-"victim of urological infection [or urinary] chronic phlebitis, as diagnosed in the afternoon [on 23] the doctor Sergio Draper "(9/24/1973). This information is completely unknown in Chile. I give the scanned pages of the news for the spread it firsthand.