Drug money laundering in the Neruda Foundation?

By Mario Casasus

It is a neglected area of research that two years ago, to publish exclusive tax evasion by $ 250,000 through false ballots, a situation that could not disprove Neruda Foundation. Ten days after my note (La Jornada Morelos 11/08/2005), I was granted the resignation of then CEO, Francisco Torres (The Third 21/08/2005). I dismissed the rumours about personal habits and domestic drug consumption that usually certain representatives of the Foundation, it seemed irrelevant criminal record comparing your new executor: the Pinochet Ricardo Claro. The fact of tax evasion, in itself was worthy of the attention of the government of Chile; thought to denounce the "glorification of terrorism" with investments of 2.3 million Neruda Foundation with Ricardo Claro things revert . But the Chilean government has been systematically exceeded by Ricardo Claro, from the September 12, 1973 and advised Pinochet in the portfolio most importantly, Foreign; course facilitated two ships as torture centers and in his spare time for organized civil the fascist coup against the Popular Unity. Ricardo Claro, Kissinger's friend (whom he proposed to invade Cuba in 1976), and at the same time, Claro, Sebastián Piñera enemy (how to forget the humiliation he passed former presidential candidate with the Kyoto Case espionage Mega TV ).

In my country, Ricardo Claro decides editorial policy Televisa (shareholder and seven years on the Board of Directors, where only the club called Forbes: Carlos Slim, Roberto Hernandez or Azcarraga family), therefore, Dr. Michelle Bachelet during his first official visit to Mexico was accompanied by Ricardo Claro, in the role of public relations. The government newspaper The Nation reported, "Bachelet's agenda will continue today with a bilateral business meeting will bring together leading entrepreneurs and Chilean Ricardo Claro, with their Mexican counterparts" (21/04/2007). Now everything is clear. Neruda died intestate, and sadness fulminate cancer in 1973. Pinochet's dictatorship and had long-term plans to manage the resources of the poet. Since the 1950s, when they were college students, Ricardo Claro has from employee to Juan Agustín Figueroa and democracy has been used to reach agreements with the Coalition. In 1986, Neruda Foundation acquires legal personality as figurehead of neoliberalism dictatorship left work obviously a man of his confidence as J. A. Figueroa and for the Centennial in 2004, deceived us all, with recovery and memorizing poetry, to the point of giving the name Neruda Award and grab him. The poet Jose Emilio Pacheco, Juan Gelman, Carlos Germán Belli and Fina García Marruz of recognized literary career and identified on the left, were distorted when Juan Agustín Figueroa took the official photo Neruda Prize each year or by phone announced them good new, or invited to a cocktail at La Chascona to raise the note to the press agencies. The fault lies not with the poets, but the Chilean government. I insisted with Neruda Prize Jury, in the sense that they make a public statement to prevent Juan Agustín Figueroa wins the role, but I have not received results.

I informed untimely Jaime Concha y Hernán Loyola (juries in 2004 and 2005) and in 2006 the writer Margo Glantz simply did not give me any credibility and better paid any attention to the officials when they say that "all is well in the Neruda Foundation ". The following year, he participated as jury writer Roberto Fernandez Retamar, who to my question said: "I feel a relief of conscience when I reported that Neruda Prize is awarded by the government and not the Foundation", but the Cuban poet Fina Garcia received the phone call from J. A. Figueroa to announce the award and will surely be invited to an elegant cocktail Chascona. I hope she receives under protest (with the argument that the executor of the Neruda Foundation, Ricardo Claro, Kissinger proposed to invade Cuba in 1976) and that both José Emilio Pacheco, Carlos Germán Belli and Juan Gelman take a political stance, before a "political prize" with the claimed J. A. Figueroa, Chile via government, being part of the coalition with the right-wing Radical Party. There were signs of political decomposition of J. A. Figueroa. The Terrorism Act, applied against the Mapuche community, was dusted off, and then used it dictatorship or manufacture of crimes, witnesses his face hidden. The full weight of the state against the native peoples of the South.

 Political prisoners in democracy?? 

Dr. Bachelet said in Switzerland that the Mapuche "committed crimes". For her Mapuche is synonymous with terrorism, but what made the day Neruda Foundation is imprisoned Mapuche and Aniceto Norin Pichún Pascual? Personally J. A. Figueroa, through influence peddling, managed to thwart the rule of law in a country to take advantage of the legislative framework of the dictatorship with the first case of Terrorism Act. 5 years ago, exactly on the day of the judgment, handed Figueroa Neruda Prize 2003 (local version and predecessor of $ 30,000 for acclaimed author) Huenún Jaime, the fault is not his. But the poet was Mapuche, as part of the media and political work of Figueroa, and promotes terrorist jailed for harassment against the Mapuche and the day of judgment Neruda 2003 Prize is awarded to a Mapuche.  

And the Chilean state?

 Let it all go: the antiterrorism law, tax evasion, falsification of books Nerudian, investing with terrorist Ricardo Claro. Neither Mariel Bravo, cultural attaché of the Embassy of Chile in Mexico, much less Paulina Urrutia, Minister of Culture, are willing to break the vicious cycle into the Neruda Foundation, by diplomacy and in defense of the status quo. The day I set fire (literally and gasoline) a forged Neruda Anthology by Edaf / PP on the desk of J. A. Figueroa, was the minister and the Chilean press. I suspect that their intervention prevented a restriction order against me; Paulina Urrutia said he was "hostage to the situation", he did not understand my attitude, "you can not pretend that nothing happened, because in Chile did not burn books from dictatorship. " I know the minister's adviser, journalist Willy Haltenhoff, handed a written report of the reasons for the performance, but to date I have not received another gesture of goodwill from the Chilean government. A Bravo Mariel met her at the Guadalajara Book Fair 2004, talk of counterfeit Edaf, I left the newspaper El Universal of Mexico where I posted the news on its front cultural (24/10/2004) and two years later we talk. She says: "You have to understand that for us is not easy to tackle the problem of investment Neruda Foundation, yes, I read all your emails and notes, but hey what Edaf the anthology, I was just getting off the plane in 2004 with my new commitment to cultural attaché in Mexico. " The executive secretary of the Council of the Book, Jorge Montealegre, unofficially told me: "I am studying the Book Council lawyers how to edit the anthology Popular Neruda 1972 Edaf without errors, if the book belonged to the Chilean State, no see why leave it to individuals. " At least I have the small victory in Madrid, when the prestigious Certified Agency Balcells my research and asked to withdraw from circulation Edaf his posthumous anthology and before any reissue Edaf should fix your error (Internal report Balcells Agency, 4/05 / 2006).

 Cultural heritage stolen by the same hands

On May 27, I published an interview with writer and scholar Jorge Aravena Llanca with shipping history books Neruda owned then ambassador in Paris, it is known that the poet to receive the Nobel (1971) bought a house in Normandy and rest of the money went for collections bibliófilas in French, Spanish and American. Matilde Urrutia reported: "When my containers arrived at Valparaiso, something unusual happened, Outlaw. They took my bags to the office and took them to a military ... the most painful was the sack of books, many collections left me incomplete. The most valuable books were lost "(Memoirs, Seix Barral, 1986, p 207). What Matilde Urrutia did not know is that Neruda died yet and Juan Agustín Figueroa and was selling the book collection in Germany, the shipment was intercepted in Valparaiso (in 1973) by the military, then "legalized lot" and books back to Europe to be sold eventually at the Reina Sofia in Madrid. 

Is the Chilean State ask for an explanation from the Spanish Crown?

 In Case Neruda Foundation, the Justice Department ruled Resolution 3296/22 in May 2007: "Could not prove or establish a statutory violations" at the request of the American Association of Jurists (Valparaiso) who filed a motion for lack of legal personality to the Foundation. There original statutes drafted by Neruda for his foundation, which specifies that the board should be composed of representatives of the University of Chile, the Catholic U and Technical State U (USACH) and by the leaders of the Confederation of Workers ( CUT) and the Writers of Chile (SECH) plus two trusted people Neruda (which could allocate the Ministry of Culture, between two nerudólogos). Today the directory "life" includes only the four intimate Juan Agustín Figueroa. And the Ministry of Justice does not care that a "nonprofit association" evade taxes, committing a series of negligence, forgery and invest "for profit" $ 2.3 million to Pinochet. Foundation? Neruda and drug trafficking? It's not important. The day to withdraw investment Neruda Foundation with Ricardo Claro, is a punishment and a moral judgment against the Chilean state terrorist.