Mario Casasús: "The historic mistake of Matilde Urrutia was to pass on to Juan Figueroa Neruda Foundation

By Carmen  Aristegui

Mexico City. - This program will be dedicated to talking about Pablo Neruda, because as has been widely reported, finally exhumed the remains of this writer Pablo Neruda Chilean Nobel Prize-, and well, it was a long process that has taken place to reach the point of exhuming his remains to know whether he died of prostate cancer-as said-or was killed.
Neruda died on September 23, 1973, days after the coup against Salvador Allende, this news is of all our attentions representing Neruda, so it represents his death, for what this research. I thank the fellow journalist Mario Casasús you are in the CNN studio. Mario Casasús is coauthor of the books: The Latin American exile in Mexico (UNAM, 2007) and the double murder of Neruda (Eight Books Publishers, 2012).

CA. - Mario, thanks for being in this program.

MC. - Thanks Carmen for the invitation.

CA. - Certainly as I said, we have 20 minutes to summarize 10 years of research, more or less, tell us, what is expected of it?

MC. - Look, these 10 years of research we will focus on the last two, which is when the driver begins to complain that he was arrested on September 23, 1973 to remove it from the Clínica Santa María, to get him out of the play, which produces this presumption of murder. Then we focus on these two years opened a lawsuit, and yesterday (April 8) we witnessed the exhumation to determine the cause of death of three possible reasons: murder by a conspiracy to prevent the day September 24 to come to Mexico by the invitation of Ambassador Gonzalo Martinez Corbalá, medical negligence from dipyrone drug allergy, which is what supports being injected-Clinic, or natural causes cancer cachexia is on the death certificate.

CA. - By the way, now that you mention Corbalá Gonzalo Martinez, Ambassador of Mexico who was at that time, he spoke with Neruda virtually hours before he died, we send a greeting-, was invited to participate in CNN with this program, your health certainly not allowed to attend the program, but left a greeting for the public and it is certainly a very important figure for reference and research for their statements regarding he can see that Pablo Neruda was not catatonic , as reported in the official version at the time.

MC. - The great inconsistency is the death certificate says cancer cachexia, which is extreme malnutrition, loss of faculties and catatonic in the terminal phase of cancer-but the press release states the Santa Maria Clinic: a cardiac heart. The Mercury-national newspaper in Chile, spoke of a "shock suffered after having been given an injection severity worsened" (24/09/1973), then it is compatible press release-The Mercury did not invent the news, not resorted to an anonymous source from the Clinica Santa Maria, the press release is totally opposite to what they certify, Clinic right now refuses to deliver the newsletter of the age and medical record biopsies Neruda .

CA. - We are facing an exhumation of the remains of Neruda, like you said promoted, how long where and by whom?

MC. - Originally by the Communist Party lawyer Eduardo Contreras-complainant is exiled in Mexico, is a friend of Ambassador Gonzalo Martinez Corbalá-, and recently joined the complaint direct nephew Neruda Rodolfo Reyes-lawyer legal representative of nieces and nephews Neruda. They participated in the exhumation of Neruda, the only witnesses with experts and the judge Mario Chariot. Are these two entities: the legal representation of the Reyes family-Neruda's original name is Neftali Reyes Basoalto-, and the Communist Party as the original complainant.

CA. - Mario Casasús, you have several documents that are part of your research for 10 years, why not go telling us: what is this, what is that saying all this that you provide us?

MC. - Of course, these photos of the era in which it appears in the coffin Neruda show what 100 kilos, are very similar to the photos that were taken in life dated July 12, 1973, which state rule malnutrition certifying the death of cachexia. They are photographs of the September 24, 1973, taken by photographer Brazilian Evandro Teixeira-on-screen credits. Not that I have anything in Neruda's medical history, there is the record of 56 cobalt radiation treatments applied in three months, aggressive treatment, after returning to Chile, ie in France had surgery twice, nor have we unable to find medical records from France, sent a warrant to the French State.

CA. - Neruda was Chile's Ambassador to France ...

MC. - Neruda returned to Chile and was subjected to the treatment of 56 sessions of radiotherapy. This document is crucial, is dated December 6, 1972, is a study of the Catholic University of Chile where he indicates that "the pelvis is in a normal range," this indicates that metastasis was not advanced, as the widow said: the poet had a controlled cancer, the prognosis for survival was 5-6 years old, yet to enter the clinic on September 19 reported the widow Sara Vial, a journalist and writer friend of Neruda, who on 19 September, Doctors gave her a year of life, 5 years in France reduced the life expectancy of one year after the depression.

CA. - After Depression?

MC. - Depression after the coup, on hearing the news of the death of President Salvador Allende and know of the persecution suffered by his friends, this might influence the acceleration of the disease. We are not giving many groping, there are certain pieces, missing the most key: biopsies, need to know what kind of operations were performed in France, but some have. The rest is very simple materials, Neruda Foundation disqualify the driver Manuel Araya, say for being a employee could not access Neruda's friendship.

CA. - Before we talk about the disqualification Neruda Foundation makes Manuel Araya, what is the contribution of the driver?, What is his statement, what does it matter in this story?

MC. - The first statement is published June 26, 2004, almost 10 years ago, a newspaper subsidiary of Mercury-Leader San Antonio, Manuel Araya interviewed and explained the same view as explained correspondent two years ago Process-Francisco Marin, "Neruda was killed by injection Sept. 23" is the suspected driver, they (Manuel Araya and Matilde Urrutia) had gone to Isla Negra to pick up the last things to come into exile in Mexico, distract him and sending him to buy a drug, then they kidnap, torture him in the concentration camp of the National Stadium of Chile, and is not a minor, has a missing brother, is recorded in the reports of human rights in Chile -, we believe that the physical resemblance disappeared, or to send a message of intimidation, while there-against Neruda inner circle very specific repression: Homer behalf Secretary Arce died in torture session in 1977 , the best friend of Neruda, who shared the house in Valparaiso, Francisco Velasco was tortured in a merchant ship-The-Lebú, another collaborator Jaime matured name was also tortured at Villa Grimaldi field, then there was a chase against intimate group of collaborators from the daily life of Neruda, and of course-was parked Neruda-anchored a warship, he raided the house twice. The widow argued that the transfer of the Clinic Neruda-day September 19-was to protect and prepare the exile, after the story has been brushed aside by saying that Neruda's health worsened, but the transfer was scheduled originally to protect, because it was a warship anchored 24 hours in Isla Negra.

CA. - Let me go back to what you were saying, because cutting Frei remember the case, the case of the exhumation of former president of Chile, whose son also was president of Chile court case significantly pushed, until they were finally exhumation. What looks like Neruda Case to Case Frei?, What conclusions do we Frei Case for Case forecast would Neruda, in terms of the type of scientific research that can be made?

MC. - In the case of former President Eduardo Frei his detention was for a hernia operation, a simple procedure is complicated and died in 1982, was exhumed in 2006 and appeared sarin residues, showed the murder, now missing find those responsible within the intelligence apparatus. The common case Frei and Neruda is the same physician on duty: Sergio Draper said as a witness in both cases is the same team of nurses, in the same Clínica Santa María. The doctor Sergio Draper said in court documents that assumes being injected Neruda dipyrone, having retired from his shift and leaving the patient by a doctor named Price, who does not exist in the records in Chilean universities, or is a foreign doctor, or is an agent of the dictatorship.

CA. - Or not ...

MC. - It acts in the same way, he is not who killed Eduardo Frei, he is not who killed Neruda, but opened the door to agents, is responsible by default, never reported anything, do not know the role this real doctor. The strange thing is that repeat the names of the nurses, the doctor and the clinic is not cooperating with what he said in the first block: non-delivery records or newsletters.

CA. - A coincidence in the case of President Frei and the Case of the Nobel Prize. Sergio Draper??, Are your judicial statements agree that he left the medical space to another third in both cases?

MC. - A doctor named Price.

CA. - And in both cases said I was as head of the space and left it to others who would be responsible?

MC. - The only interview he recently granted Sergio Draper told the Clarin of Argentina: "I'm sick of being always under suspicion." It is very rare to be in the wrong place at the wrong time twice, if you read the statements of Draper in 1975, judicial statements and the only interview he gave to the newspaper Clarin of Argentina are a bundle of contradictions.

CA. - What about Pablo Neruda Foundation, and what happens to those who have pushed and managed to exhume Neruda's remains and the Foundation that bears his name?

MC. - There are two different positions, the Voice Foundation President for Life Juan Agustín Figueroa said "the exhumation would be a true act of desecration", opposed from the beginning, I insist on the idea that they disqualify the driver by origin humble and others. The plaintiffs, nevertheless managed the exhumation, the Foundation has the copyright, but it has the power of the body, so it is important the role of blood family, nieces and nephews Neruda-children and grandchildren of Neftali Reyes-brother, the family representing Rodolfo Reyes-authorized the exhumation, had authorized an exhumation - in 1992 for the funeral on the government of Patricio Aylwin, when Neruda moved to Santiago to Isla Negra, and this time authorized the exhumation, became part of the complaint, of 17 family to survive Neruda-nieces and great-nephews, a great-nephew only to object, the rest of the family are supporting the cause, this is a great support for the plaintiff attorney Eduardo Contreras.

CA. - And the Foundation to the contrary?

MC. - Exactly metaphorical yesterday, Rodolfo Reyes was denied entry to any officer of the Neruda Foundation, in its own facilities.

CA. - The brother of Pablo Neruda?

MC. - The son of the brother of Neruda.

CA. - Neruda direct Nephew denies entry to anyone who has to do with the Foundation?

MC. - A exhumation ceremony, were kept five minutes of silence, Neruda relatives carried the coffin and wrapped in a flag of Chile, to leave in the carriage that would transfer to Santiago for anthropological analysis, there is a clearest confrontation.

CA. - What made those leading the Foundation to direct?

MC. - Neruda had declared his last will, from what he called Cantalao Foundation, Neruda stipulated that they should be: the rector of the University of Chile, the rector of the Catholic University, the rector of the State Technical University, the President of the CUT (Unified Workers Central), President of the Society of Writers (SECH), and two persons appointed by Neruda. These documents are certified by a Notary Public, in the Region of Valparaiso, but in consequence of the coup that was not met, the current Foundation is based on the will of Matilde Urrutia, 1982, which designates as president Juan Agustín Figueroa Life, Jorge Edwards was sometime in the Foundation, but resigned to see in what was becoming.

CA. - The great writer Jorge Edwards

MC. - The noted biographer Neruda, was part of the Foundation and resigned to see the type of business they were doing, which resulted in the Hotel Neruda now.

CA. - Does the use of the brand?

MC. - Absurd as investing Neruda copyright in the company of an adviser to Pinochet, who died of an entrepreneur Ricardo Claro name.

CA. - Neruda had no direct descendants?

MC. - A daughter, Malva Marina, but died in Europe from hydrocephalus, Neruda abandoned in the context of the Spanish Civil War. Malva Marina Reyes was called Neruda's only daughter.

CA. - What was the role of Matilda in the process after the death of Neruda?

MC. - The Early Years posthumous work compiled Neruda, hastened to publish the book I confess that I have lived (1974), reports that some charge left him Corbalá Ambassador Gonzalo Martinez. From 1973 to 1977 made no statement in reference to human rights violations, then-this is my interpretation, in 1976, she was diagnosed with cancer and changed his own attitude: with some advocacy, chained to Congress part in demonstrations with the mothers of the disappeared in Chile, but the great defect of Matilda, the historical mistake was trusting her Juan Agustín Figueroa-knowing who this lawyer and have left on a silver platter, of Neruda Foundation for life that came to these historical absurdities.

CA. - Mario Casasús, we parted, I asked for the title of the book: The double murder of Neruda, which double murder?

MC. - The alleged biological murder become clear in three months, from the results of the exhumation, and biological assassination: how it has betrayed the will probate Neruda, one of the great contributions of the book is to include the political testament Neruda-with all the clauses and articles compare transient-and Matilde Urrutia's will, among other wonders: we engage in a telephone conversation between Ambassador Gonzalo Martínez and Manuel Araya Corbalá had not spoken in 40 years, confronted versions and stories it was very emotional for Neruda's driver, we mention that the book is co-authored with Process-correspondent Marin Francisco, and we distribute it in another country, beyond Chile.

CA. - In closing, if you will, what a coincidence of history: on the same date, the exhumation of the remains of Neruda and the death of Margaret Thatcher, who has a chapter in his biography very particular about Pinochet, the man that overthrew Salvador Allende, and what you were saying you: 40 years after the death of Pablo Picasso.

MC. - All day, the great friend of Neruda, which arose after hiding in Congress for Peace in Paris, did a book called Toros, is a perfect metaphor, as the exhumation of yesterday: I insist, was very friendly, full of symbolism and dates were part of the same poetic.

CA. - I appreciate that we have submitted this information, here is the court record, is the only copy on Mexico?

MC. - Yes, it should be protected by the secrecy of the investigation.

CA. - But here's the copy of the file on the table and I really appreciate it, we will be watching and communicating if I may.

MC. - Of course.