Attorney Contreras: Nerudas Case, March 29, 2013


Next September will mark forty years since the poet's death more, and, for those things in life, within days, in recognition of the decision in the case docket No. 1038 - 2011 by the Minister Mario Chariot in lawsuit Communist Party of the probable murder of Neruda, will take effect in Isla Negra exhumation of his remains to be subjected to expertise within and outside of Chile, in order to establish the extent of the possibilities of the technology of our time - the presence of foreign substances in your body as the real cause of his death that Sunday September 23, 1973.

What explains this situation after everyone quietly accept the Nobel Prize had died of cancer of the prostate actually suffering, compounded by the pain it would cause the crimes of the coup and especially the deaths of Salvador Allende and Victor Jara How is anyone suspecting anything? Why now?

The truth is that his death was certified sick by physicians and those days the only one who could speak, his driver and bodyguard Manuel Araya, had been arrested and taken to the National Stadium. Explains what has been given an official release true that somehow apparently wore the background. On the other hand the mass terror of those terrible days inhibited any attempt to order an investigation without more background than others the courts have not accepted as so many complaints and appeals.
It was the story of Chilean journalist Francisco Marín in the Mexican magazine "Proceso" that reproduced the allegations of Manuel Araya, the fact that things changed. The complainant referred to a strange start injection in the abdomen of Pablo Neruda and why the poet had alarmed and called Matilde and Araya own who were in his house in Isla Negra Neruda's own custom made just before his imminent trip to Mexico to be held on Monday 24. The testimony of Manuel Araya denied assertions by doctors who issued the death certificate No. 622 of the district of Recoleta in stating that the writer died of a "cancer cachexia" which strictly speaking never existed.

It was then that next to fellow lawyer Pedro Pina and others went quickly to interview Manuel Araya to convince us of the veracity of his version. An exchange contributed much convincingly and gave way to other records. Including the revision of the press at the time and find that El Mercurio, nothing less than a newspaper so close to dictatorship, reported that Pablo Neruda died of a heart attack and it was her turn caused by a shock caused by a shot put at the clinic to soothe aches.

That is, was immediately shown to the death certificate of the physicians of the dictatorship was false, altered the truth. Specifically: a lie that Neruda died of his cancer. Never was in that state caquéxico course. It is the opinion of doctors also consulted and whose testimony appears in the process and the people indubitable, as the then Ambassador of Mexico to Chile Gonzalo Martinez Corbalá, all attest to Neruda never been found in the terminal to be attributed.

It was enough to apply to the courts for an investigation into the real cause of the death of one of Chile's most illustrious of all time and so did the criminal complaint initiated in 2011 by the Communist Party of the poet was a member of all his life and a member of its Central Committee, senator, and presidential candidate of the republic. It was a duty to do so for more than Neruda Foundation would have found that these measures were "a desecration".

Later, the lawyer Rodolfo Reyes, nephew of the great poet, was also a plaintiff in the same process as it is convinced that the most legitimate doubts about the death of his illustrious uncle.

Time has passed and today we can say that, regardless of the results of the technical skills of the beginning of next April, which depends on imponderables, we are certain that Pablo Neruda did not die a natural death as doctors maintained the dictatorship who supported the death certificate as very sadly said an official of the Forensic Medicine Department, German Tapia, in the course of judicial proceedings and is now part of the team of experts ...

The statements of the driver and the serious contradictions between the death certificate and what media reported the date, so strong they are, but are not the only evidence that reasonably presume the intervention of third parties in the death of poet. Writers, journalists and researchers, Chileans and foreigners, who have closely followed the process, found even told the Spanish press of one's widow, Matilde Urrutia, posed in a few years after the event, clear doubts about the death of his partner. This was confirmed to a reporter's central coast a nurse who heard it from the lips of Matilde, but in the process did not dare to confirm.

And there are other assumptions. Or can be considered normal, for example, that the clinic Santa Maria, where Neruda was taken for his health but not out of the risky isolation of Isla Negra, until today not give the court the patient's medical record? It was not only preserve its legal obligation, but also an ethical duty and a great respect for this continent.

But is that the same clinic where he died under mysterious circumstances today courts investigating former President Eduardo Frei Montalva. And another thing: despite the court's request, the clinic has provided the complete list of those of its employees engaged in September 1973. It has delivered only the list of those who worked on September 73 and are still employees of the establishment. Why not the total? Why not the list of those who no longer work there? The difference is obvious. Those who are still laboring can not testify against their employer in return those who no longer work there have more freedom to tell his truth.

In fact this has happened in at least one case and that person said that the day of the poet's death at the clinic was rumored that he had died because he had injected "air".
So it goes: Pablo Neruda was admitted to the clinic on September 19, 1973. The doctor Sergio Draper, who would have had the injection, started working at the clinic one day later, on September 20, as he has. Curious coincidence. The same professional, also referred to in the case of former President Frei, in his remarks said the presence of a medical professional would be the last of that institution he was with Neruda.

The downside is that there is no evidence that a doctor of that name has never passed through the medical schools of the country. So it was an alien? Who did? Why so dark? This statement from a doctor's clinic does not match what you said on September 23, 1975 the newspaper La Tercera.

Say also that between the doctor and the nurse who spoke attending Sunday 23 to Pablo Neruda's contradictions about something as fundamental as is to establish who gave the order to inject the Nobel Prize. That definitely is not clear. And much less know what is still unclear exactly what was injected, who gave the order and who is behind the scenes were articulating every step. Was dipyrone, bacteria, air toxics, Zarin gas, acids, what?

Will it end all with the exhumation of the next few days? Unlikely. There are dark spots, need to clarify, interrogations and confrontations requested. But in addition to the time I write these lines is not defined the role played by the experts, national and international, provided by the complainant. Will attend the exhumation, see what precise parts, the parts of the bones will be taken to lab because labs? Will we witness the complainants themselves that diligence?

Even more, it is unclear whether, as it should be, there will be pre-tested for residues of Isla Negra indeed correspond to Pablo Neruda? Whatever happened to those remains between the date of burial at the General Cemetery and his transfer to Island Black in 1992? There were many years and remember that during the dictatorship was introduced the sinister practice of hiding and moving bodies to shame the family and avoid their identifications, did someone forgot and called "Operation TV"?

Also what must be established is the existence of a prostate cancer that no one denies, that is not what is being sought and would be a fatal mistake - that would raise doubts - go by that single path. Of what it is to discover the existence of harmful substances that caused the outcome.

Maybe not ever know the whole truth, but we know very well that the current forensic technology in the best world standards, can establish truths more than a century of dubious facts occurred. Does this time used the best technology available? Will this time complete objectivity and impartiality in the expert? Does allowing assistance of experts from the complainants? I hope so. The opposite would be very serious and should be considered until the possibility of requesting a suspension of a coach with such doubts.
However, research has paid off long ago unthinkable. Pablo Neruda did not die of cancer or was in the "caquéxico" awarded him the dictatorship physicians and most likely, in the light of what has been advanced is that our compatriot is unforgettable as Salvador Allende, Victor Jara as , as General Bachelet, as Orlando Letelier, Carmelo Soria, Eduardo Frei Montalva, Victor Diaz, Fernando Ortiz, Waldo Pizarro, Mario Zamorano, Miguel Enriquez, Bautista Van Schowen, Ricardo Lagos Salinas, Ezequiel Ponce, Carlos Lorca, Marta Ugarte, stop , Guerrero and Nattino Rodrigo de Negri, Vergara brothers and many thousands of Chileans, another victim of the worst forms of terrorism, state terrorism.

No missing Pinochet reasons for ordering the death of one who, from his beautiful and beloved Mexico, would have been one of the great figures of the struggle for the restoration of democracy in Chile.