The gifted Chilean TV
The Million idioticraticos not.

The Chilean TV: ¿Why sodas have artificial lemon juice and detergents natural lemon juice?

Non idioticraticos: ¿Why all the governments of Chile have done nothing to recover / nationalize NERUDA ANTHOLOGY 1972 POPULAR?

The Chilean TV: ¿Why Tarzan was always shaved?

Non idioticraticos: ¿Why Education ministers in Chile do not know that the anthology Popular 1972 Neruda is all Chileans and have done nothing to end the plagiarism / theft / embezzlement of that work donated to the state of Chile?

The Chilean TV: ¿ Why the Flintstones celebrating Christmas if they lived in a time before Christ?

Non idioticraticos:¿Why assassinate Pinochet Neruda remote?

The Chilean TV: ¿Why have space battles films as loud explosions, if the sound does not propagate in a vacuum?

Non idioticraticos: ¿ 'And the Chilean parliament has never known that Neruda was murdered?

The Chilean TV:¿Why women open their mouths when eye makeup?

Non idioticraticos: ¿Why have spent 30 years to know that the Figueroa Yavar Guaton is a thief and appointed himself president for life of a smelly business called Neruda Foundation?

To be continued ....