Press release of Chilean Writers Society




Dear Mr. Ivan Oyarzun

I regret to inform you that the Board of the Society of Writers, will not attend the Convention signed University of Chile, Pablo Neruda Foundation, which according to deep reflection, and in light of the events that lie ahead with the exhumation of the body of poet Pablo Neruda around the suspicion surrounding the death of the poet, as the behavior of Mr. Figueroa in the Mapuche community in which has been active in the movement criminalize and prosecute the People Araucano, whose effects have been disastrous in the pursuit and incarceration and death of leaders in their just demands for the right to reclaim the space it deserves and the respect they deserve, culturally, socially and politically, as native peoples.

Our board believes that ethically subscribed and incorporated in their statutes the unrestricted adherence to human rights in Chile and in the world as well as the defense of freedom of expression, we strongly believe that both have been passed by the Foundation to carry Neruda under the direction of Mr. Agustín Figueroa.

Yours sincerely you and the Rector of the University of Chile, Don Victor Perez.

Carmen Berenguer
President of the Society of Chilean Writers