Mario Casasús: "The Neruda Foundation Foundation should be called Matilde Urrutia, the spade a spade"

By Victor Musa / Radio Continente



Viña del Mar. - tonight's guest is Mario Casasús (1980). Welcome Arvadite Continent. Correspondent Clarin de Chile, Mario Casasús has worked in the newspaper Cambio (Bolivia), in the weekly Brecha (Uruguay), in the agency Telesur (Venezuela), the weekly supplement La Jornada (Mexico) on page Rebellion (Spain ) and mapucheAzkintuwe news agency, among other print and electronic media. Alongside Manuel Araya Francisco Marin and Mario Casasús is coauthor of the book: The double murder of Neruda (Eight Books Publishers, 2012).

VM. - Neruda always expressed communist militancy, what could you tell us about the relationship between Neruda and Cuba?
MC. - I traveled to Havana on countless occasions, I have spoken with old friends Neruda, for example Angel Augier and intellectuals linked to Casa de las Americas, I have tried to rebuild the brotherhood between Neruda and Cuba especiall I'm trying to demystify the relationship was so damaged that Neruda became an anti-Cuban poet, not so. Remember that epic song Neruda published the first book that claimed the Cuban Revolution in the same year 1960, Juan Marinello led manuscripts from Europe, that book always accompanied him, despite the controversial 1966 Open Letter. The last book published in his lifetime would Neruda epic song, the September 11, 1973 would of printing Quimantú editing, and likewise, in 1973 he charged Neruda Giuseppe Bellini-a good friend of mine, the translation the Italian epic song, can you imagine that during most convulsive to Chile, Neruda was positioning epic song?, the Chilean poet never denied the Cuban Revolution.

VM. - It must have been difficult for a poet in the world, as Neruda, military in the Communist Party, what was the conflict that occurs with Cuba?
MC. - Song feat came in a Cuban edition in 1960, six years after Neruda was invited by the PEN Club in New York. For the Cuban government was not the best time to attend the PEN Club, directed by the playwright Arthur Miller, the other review that made Cubans Neruda was to receive an award in Peru when the government persecuted the fledgling guerrilla. What really happened is that disputes were settled between the Communist Party of Cuba and the Communist Party of Chile Neruda above, was caught in the crossfire, was the pretext, Neruda knew and made the decision to move away slightly, even of his oldest friends, but not sharp break with his Cuban friends, I talked to the Chilean diplomat accredited in France in 1973, Samuel Fernández Illanes ensures that Neruda was talking to Alejo Carpentier at receptions at the Embassy of Chile in Paris .

VM. - What about the relationship with Ernesto Che Guevara Neruda what could we say?
MC. - Che Guevara Neruda received at the Ministry of Industry of Cuba. Neruda was extremely proud that found the Canto General (1950) among the belongings of the guerrilla in Bolivia, we now know that Ernesto Che Guevara in a book transcribed poems of Neruda, Vallejo, and Leon Felipe Guillen during camp hours Bolivia; Neruda was a decoration for brother to brother revolutionary. The poet always admired the guerrilla, to the point that funded a sculpture dedicated to Ernesto Guevara in the town of San Miguel Santiago, during the Popular Unity government.

VM. - Military Neruda never stopped in the Communist Party, was a senator and presidential candidate, Salvador Allende in escorted the four presidential elections; Neruda called intellectuals of Chile and the world to avoid civil war and coup Chile but not claimed the poet militant. Do you think that Chile can not talk or write about human rights without fear?, Is there fear of denouncing the alleged murder of Neruda?
MC. - There is no fear, fortunately has been overcoming terror, now there are guarantees to denounce, in the case of Manuel Araya tried several times, but he was ignored. Now, in the 2012, is a key witness, a cleaning of the Clinica Santa Maria, who refused to give his name or go to testify at trial, she says they are people outside the Santa Maria Clinic for those entering Neruda inject the September 23, 1973. If Dr. Sergio Draper is responsible for ordering the injection of a drug, in this case Dipyrone-the cleaning lady says it was not Dr. Draper, she noticed the incursion of 6 people outside the clinic, even worse, She said they did "give up" several employees of the Clinic on September 24, between secretaries, nurses and maintenance staff. Going back to your question: in late 2012, the witness still refused to testify at the trial, because the court file is seated your name, ID, address and telephone number, fortunately Eduardo Contreras-plaintiff attorney managed to convince the witness and will soon be public complaint.

VM. - Do you believe in the conspiracy theory?, Yes or no?
MC - Yeah.

VM. - Hugo Chavez, Cristina Fernandez, Luis Ignacio Lula, Dilma Rousseff and Fidel Castro, the current Latin American Left ill cancer coincidentally, about the same time, what do you think?
MC. - For Neruda think he got a push for him to die, says Jorge Edwards was not necessary, I have my reservations about the declaration of Edwards. Neruda was a danger to the dictatorship, especially if traveling to Mexico. What questions, maybe it can happen, I do not know, 40 years later, the CIA would not rule that can induce cancer ALBA leaders do not know, but in case I am totally convinced Neruda conspiracy to murder, or at least a number of medical malpractice accelerated the death of the poet.

VM. - Also talk about the legacy of Neruda kidnapping committed by Juan Agustín Figueroa, claims to individuals and institutions that have profited and plagiarized the work of Neruda. Who is Juan Agustín Figueroa?
MC. - In 1973, Juan Agustín Figueroa was a supporter of the coup, as a good member of the Radical Party, from the 1950s was the best friend of Pinochet Ricardo Claro. Both characters are equally murky, Juan Agustín Figueroa for random life became life's own legacy of Neruda.

VM. - Was Matilde Urrutia which Figueroa executor appointed Neruda Foundation?
MC. - The official story says Aida Figueroa presents Juan Agustín Matilda; Aida Figueroa had hidden Neruda in 1948, during the persecution of González Videla. But Neruda was never a friend of Juan Agustín Figueroa.

VM. - Why do you think that Matilda was advised by people like Juan Agustín Figueroa?
MC. - Matilde Urrutia was always anti.

VM. - Is it true what they say in the Communist Party?, You never accepted the relationship with Matilde Neruda?
MC. - Everyone had to put up with Matilde to keep the friendship of Neruda, Matilde ultimately ended up being faithful to his anticommunist ideology. In 1976 began organizing Neruda Foundation, 1976 is a key year in the life of Matilde because he was diagnosed with colon cancer, can you imagine the ghosts that stalked?, In late 1975 became ill in 1976 gives all laps with the diagnosis of cancer, first manifested against dictatorship, months before spoke of his suspicions about the murder of Neruda, the nurse Rosita Nunez told The Nation: "A summer of 1975, Mrs. Matilda came to visit . He said he suspected that her husband had been killed in the clinic, possibly with some injection "(18/09/2005), Matilde was silent before the alleged murder of Neruda, Manuel Araya tried to bribe not to report irregularities Santa María Clinic.

VM. - Why hide the crime?
MC. - Not to be expropriated Neruda's houses, in order to enter and leave the country without problems, to care for copyright and prevent losing the legacy, but all is not lost, eventually the copyright of Neruda was in the hands of Pinochet worst.

VM. - Are you completely lost?
MC. - Is lost in both summoned by Neruda not claim his inheritance, I refer to three Chilean universities, CUT and the Writers.

VM. - Why is not a requirement at the state level, with the support of the three universities, CUT and SECH?
MC. - The case of the Neruda Foundation is a metaphor of the Chilean transition, when Bachelet traveled to Mexico to meet with Calderon at the presidential entourage was Ricardo Claro, because Pinochet was partner in Emilio Azcarraga of Televisa Board , MEGA TV purchase not only Mexican soap operas and Chavo del 8, Ricardo Claro for 7 years he joined the Board of Directors of Televisa. When Bachelet traveled to Italy, the Vatican official photograph highlights: President Bachelet, Benedict and Ricardo Claro, because in Italy was a member of Berlusconi. Bachelet and the Concertación co-governed with the worst right Pinochet remained on such good terms that never confronted against each other.

Moreover, Chilean universities had no access to Cantalao Statutes, no heirs knew copyright of Neruda, I asked the director of the Central Archive Andrés Bello and Universidad de Chile had no photocopies Cantalao Statutes.

MC. - Do you think it possible to recover the legacy of Neruda?
VM. - Yes, but the heirs must take responsibility, the presidents of three universities, CUT and SECH should claim the inheritance left them Neruda. Political conditions exist: there is a new leadership in the CUT and the SECH, the poet Carmen Berenguer dared to declare in La Moneda: "On behalf of Neruda criminalize the Mapuche people," said Juan Agustín Figueroa face, during Neruda Ibero-American Prize ceremony 2008, too, a new mentality in the rectors of public universities in Chile, and the direct nephew of Neruda, the lawyer Rodolfo Reyes filed a lawsuit to recover the pseudonym of the poet and avoid making profit Neruda Hotels chain, with the approval of Juan Agustín Figueroa. Finally met Cantalao Statutes in full, there's the legal scaffolding probate of the will of Neruda: the university rectors and presidents of the CUT and SECH should manage copyright of their poetry, the first step is to integrate the Board of Directors of Cantalao, then must meet the scholarships for young artists, poets and scientists. At present, the Neruda Foundation works illegally, are usufruct inheritance to which they are not entitled, are common thieves disguised as cultural entrepreneurs.

VM. - Juan Agustín Figueroa is a landowner in Temuco and took two lonkos jail Mapuche. Neruda raised the idea of founding the University Mapuche, however the person in charge to fulfill the last wish of Neruda is a landowner who applied the Terrorism Act against Mapuche lonkos ...

MC. - My disenchantment with Neruda Foundation of the Mapuche issue in July 2004 did not understand much about how it worked and who formed the Foundation, until I met Peter Cayuqueo-Mapuche journalist and explained the origins of the Terrorism Act and the landowner that invoked in the case of Pascual Pichún and Aniceto Norin. Juan Agustín Figueroa is the first lawyer, worldwide, who applied in 2003, an antiterrorist law against indigenous communities. There is a history of the Terrorism Act against the FARC, but it is a belligerent group composed mainly of mestizos is the Terrorism Act against ETA, but are Basque separatists, not even the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) will applied the Terrorism Act in Mexico. The lawyer José Aylwin said, "only one other country where recently-applied in 2007 - the Terrorism Act against the Maori in New Zealand, one of the four states that voted against the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous-protest against social facts "(Clarín 18/05/2008). In the event that damaged an abandoned cabin Mapuche Juan Agustín Figueroa, the "crime" would be "private property damage", if they occur with a barricade on your street, the "crime" would be "tract obstruction federal communications "but Juan Agustín Figueroa played two facts of common law as" Terrorist "and left the precedent for the rest of landowners and transnational corporations criminalize the Mapuche community with the Patriot Act, they call that the" conflict Mapuche "actually should be called the Anti-Terrorism Act Neruda Foundation, which in turn should be called Neruda Foundation Foundation Matilde Urrutia, the spade a spade.

VM. - Why has so much power Juan Agustín Figueroa?
MC. - Political power has wrought from its image as a "patron" of Chilean culture, to be president for life of the Neruda Foundation is the only "moral quality", all his prestige earned it to be the sole heir of Matilde Urrutia. The journalist Ernesto Carmona defined the Neruda Foundation president "as a kind of bridge between the ultra right-wing politician Ricardo Claro and the Coalition" (AN 02.29.2004). Victor, studies the moral standards of Cucho Figueroa, when asked about the copyright of my research invested in the company Neruda Ricardo Claro, the life president said: "We have never invested in activities that could be ethically reprehensible, as in pumps or life insurance bunch of people who are close to death, you are either profitable "(The Nation 09/07/2007), the second option was Cucho Figueroa Neruda silver investing in cluster bombs that would end in Syria in Iran, or somewhere. The Neruda Foundation starring in a horror movie.

VM. - Anything else you want to add?
MC. - When your listeners and readers visit Neruda's houses could perhaps ask the guide or the website of the Foundation: why copyright of the poet are invested in the company of Ricardo Claro, the closest Pinochet advisor?, why not explain that Neruda's friend and co-owner of La Sebastiana, Dr. Francisco Velasco, was tortured in the boat The Lebú Ricardo Claro?, why hide that Homer Maple, Neruda's secretary , died from torture and Matilde Urrutia did not say a word to denounce this crime against humanity?, why not project the images of the second funeral of Neruda in Isla Negra, when the government cracked down with cavalry and tear gas at funeral attendants shouted to Patricio Aylwin coup?, do not say anything about this on the tours of Neruda's houses, make a cheesy marketing and decaffeinated, prostitutes and betray the memory of the poet.

VM. - Thanks for the interview.
MC. - Thank you for the invitation.