Mario Casasús: "Matilde Urrutia betrayed the legacy of Neruda in complicity with dictatorship", "La Pulenta", Chile

By Cristian Arángui



Mexico City. - The year 2013 will be crucial in elucidating the strange circumstances in the death of the poet Pablo Neruda, the exhumation of his body-to-be confirmed in April, will reopen Pandora's box long forgotten, giving echo a number of testimonies that support the "thesis" of the assassination of Chilean Nobel Prize. This is our interview with one of the researchers who has taken the case more seriously and responsibly, journalist Mario Casasús.

Mexico City. - The year 2013 will be crucial in elucidating the strange circumstances in the death of the poet Pablo Neruda, the exhumation of his body-to-be confirmed in April, will reopen Pandora's box long forgotten, giving echo a number of testimonies that support the "thesis" of the assassination of Chilean Nobel Prize. This is our interview with one of the researchers who has taken the case more seriously and responsibly, journalist Mario Casasús.

CA. - For many years it was considered the phrase: "Neruda was killed" as crazy or part of a "collective psychosis" without rhyme or reason, the time has said otherwise. How did you start and when you convinced of starting this research?
MC. - Marin Francisco journalist phoned me a couple of weeks before publishing his report: Neruda was murdered (08/05/2011), I wanted to help him compare the testimony of Manuel Araya. After 10 years studying the biography and poetry of Neruda had read something about the driver of the poet's reference in the biography Volodia Teitelboim: Neruda (Losada, 1985), also had reviewed the charts Urrutia Matilde Neruda (Seix Barral, 2010), the posthumous memoirs of La Chascona: My Life with Pablo Neruda (Seix Barral, 1986) and monitored Funeral (LOM, 2003) written by Sergio Villegas, in all the books mentioned above mentioned Manuel Araya came out, but I do not knew personally. Gradually we were confronting their testimony with the press of the time, with the death certificate and medical records leaves of Neruda, then I realized that I could not believe blindly in the official history of the Neruda Foundation.

I ended up convincing when Gonzalo Martinez Corbalá Mexican diplomat gave an interview to newspaper La Jornada, which supports the claim of Manuel Araya, then interviewed Jaime Maturana, carpenter and restorer of Neruda's houses, I realized that there arose a fence repressive dictatorship in against the immediate environment of Neruda: Homer Arce died from torture, Dr. Francisco Velasco was tortured in the Lebu Jaime Maturana taken to Villa Grimaldi and two of his brothers are still missing, and in the case of Manuel Araya was arrested on September 23, 1973, he was tortured at the National Stadium and his brother Patricio Araya-still missing, we believe he was arrested for his physical resemblance to Don Manuel.

CA. - What role do you assign to this story to Manuel Araya, Neruda's driver?
MC. - Manuel Araya accompanied the poet and Matilde Urrutia day and night, after the coup, his loyalty is commendable. For the past several years has been insisting on the murder of Neruda. Don Manuel was arrested on September 23, 1973, hours before Neruda's death, I am convinced that kept him away from the Santa Maria Clinic with premeditation, to kidnap him so you can hide the crime.

CA. - Why do you think that Neruda's widow, Matilde Urrutia (1912-1985), did not take a more emphatic against the strange death of the poet?
MC. - To protect the assets of an estate of Neruda possible expropriation decree issued by the dictatorship, according to the Associated Press: "The Secretary of the Interior, Commander Enrique Montero said the move was taken to check that the beautiful house Isla Negra, did not belong to the poet-laureate of the Nobel Prize, because it actually belonged to the Communist Party "(AP 11/15/1974). Neruda's widow did not lose other privileges, during the military dictatorship Matilde Urrutia entered and left the country without problems: in November 1973 he traveled to Venezuela in 1974 toured Spain and Argentina, in 1976 he moved to the Soviet Union in 1978 collected the original Neruda's memoirs in Mexico and so on. The Chascona negotiated with the dictatorship, Matilde confessed to his secretary, the writer Virginia Vidal-the implied covenant he made with the dictatorship: "While I can live Pablito usufruct property, but the military junta says I will take care of Especially after my death "(Ant paints horses, 2006). We do not know details, nor the scope of negotiations between Matilde Urrutia and the Pinochet dictatorship.

It is a big lie when Neruda Foundation says Matilde Urrutia was human rights advocate, writer Virginia Vidal recounted the first time he protested Matilde, three years after the poet's death: "One of those days, I was asked to convey to Matilde invitation to the Vicariate for a May Day event organized by the mothers and wives of prisoners shot and disappeared, to be held the evening of April 30, 1976, in the building next to the Cathedral. She thought for a while before telling them, then I said: 'I think Pablito go to an event like this. Tell them yes. I'll go '"(Ant paints horses, 2006). Maybe his conscience would not let her quiet, or the widow protested that: "Peter would go to an event like this", not out of conviction or because lurked the specter of death in 1976 was diagnosed with cancer Matilde Urrutia. Months earlier, in the summer of 1975, the widow confessed to Rosita Nunez: "Mrs. Matilde came to visit me. He said he suspected that her husband had been killed in the clinic, possibly with some injection "(The Nation 09.18.2005). Matilde Urrutia also denounced the murder of Homer Arce in 1977, and his torture Dr. Francisco Velasco in The Lebú in 1973.

CA. - Do you think a "coincidence" that Dr. Sergio Draper official Clínica Santa María, was a doctor on duty when death befell Eduardo Frei and Pablo Neruda?
MC. - I do not believe in coincidences, Sergio Draper told Clarin of Argentina: "It is the height that we are constantly under suspicion" (06/09/2011), can be twice in the wrong place at the wrong time? , it is unlikely the judicial declaration of Draper, in relation to what they said on September 23, 1975 at La Tercera: "Neruda, was not even unconscious or asleep, all afternoon the day he died." However, at the Police Department, Draper said: "Neruda died as a result of prostate cancer and multiple metastases. As for cachexia, states that the patient was admitted to the clinic in the terminal and body volume increase is due to generalized edema, which is backed by the nurse observing Araneda-aqueous liquid output, when inject the painkiller "Draper doubt that Manuel Araya went out to buy a drug, according to the doctor:" Santa Maria clinic had an excellent pharmacy itself, so it is impossible that he has asked the driver to buy Neruda a drug outside the institution, "it now appears that the Santa Maria Clinic met all protocols in the care of Neruda.

CA. - What do you think about what happened to the legacy of Neruda, his works and the birth of the private foundation?
MC. - What happened could sum it up in investment securities of $ 2.3 million-billion Chilean pesos copyright-Cristalerías Neruda in Chile, owned by Ricardo Claro-advisor of Pinochet from the September 12, 1973, coordinator Kissinger's visit to Chile in 1978, "patron of the DINA," among other horrors-the legacy of Neruda ended up financing the worst of Pinochet. The life president of the Neruda Foundation, Juan Agustín Figueroa, is equally nefarious Ricardo Claro, "Cucho" Figueroa was the first lawyer, worldwide, who applied the Terrorism Act against an indigenous peasants, on the other hand, the Neruda Foundation authorized the falsification of books posthumous anthology of FASD and The Notebooks of Temuco, in the same manner, the courts sought to prohibit publication of parliamentary speeches of Senator Pablo Neruda (1997), among other niceties.

CA. - In your research, what was the real will of the poet with the legacy of their rights or works after his death?
MC. - The last will of Neruda, signed before the Notary Public of Casablanca (Valparaiso Region), provides that the Board of Directors of the Foundation Cantalao integrate the rectors of the University of Chile, the Catholic University and the University State Technical (UTE), in addition to representatives of the Confederation of Workers (CUT) and the Society of Writers (SECH) and two persons appointed by Neruda would imagine Homer and Francisco Arce-Velasco, is a plural council, academic and politically very advanced for the time-even though Juan Agustín Figueroa disqualifies him as "primitive idea of Neruda" - the poet's dream was to give scholarships to young poets, artists and scientists, but Matilde Urrutia betrayed the last will of Neruda, the poet forged a will and appointed heir to Juan Agustín Figueroa-lifetime-so, eliminated any clause permitting compliance Cantalao Statutes, years after Neruda Foundation would comprise: Juan Agustín Figueroa, his wife, his sister, his best friend and lawyer of his office. We spent a plural Board and academic, a Family Fundo, administered by common thieves linked to the worst of Pinochet. What would Neruda knowing that their copyrights are financing company Ricardo Claro?
CA. - Why after nearly forty years Manuel Araya decided to speak on this subject?
MC. - The first attempt to denounce the murder of Neruda, Manuel Araya made to the widow Matilde Urrutia in 1974, but she asked him not to meddle in its affairs, tried to bribe him and fired him, "you were the driver of Paul but will not be my driver. " Termination of Neruda's driver came to La Moneda, during the government of Ricardo Lagos and ignored him. The June 26, 2004, the regional newspaper Leader San Antonio was the first half that opened the doors to Manuel Araya, but caused no reaction to the international press and to the Chilean Justice, Manuel spoke countless occasions in Neruda Foundation, nor heeded him, came the global impact until the May 8, 2011 came the report: "Neruda was killed" in the Mexican weekly Proceso and the Communist Party decided to file a lawsuit against those responsible for the alleged Neruda murder.
CA. - Do you think on track steps to enact Judge Mario Carroza actions and gather testimony and certainly request an exhumation of the remains of Neruda despite the time that could have erased key evidence of the death of the poet?
MC. - Yes, the judge is exhausting every possibility to clarify the alleged murder, made all the leaders before the last resort of the exhumation, Judge Mario Carroza in an interview said: "The most important thing to know whether to perform the exhumation , his character would be necessary or vital to be clear enough to determine what caused the death of Pablo Neruda, therefore, I will take a decision after collecting all the items and give the range of possibilities in the Legal Medical Service (SML ), stress the importance of the Report of the Legal Medical Service (Clarín 21/11/2011), also commented on the significance of the Report of SML correspondent with The Country and the Spanish historian Mario Amoros. Once out the Report of SML, with the inaccuracies and contradictions presented, the judge decided to seek a second opinion, the doctors of the University of Chile. Thankfully not followed exactly SML recommendations.

I can understand that the judge Mario Carroza was escaping some details, in this interview with El Pais, the correspondent wrote: "According to what the judge has established in his research Chariot, Araya left the clinic in order of Matilde Urrutia and physician. The goal was to buy cologne for frictions give the poet in his legs "(04/12/2011). However Matilde Urrutia told Hernan Loyola: "At noon on Sunday, September -23, ordered to Manuel Araya, a young boy who was the driver of Paul, bring me some medicine or something else, but the hours passed and Manuel did not return. Later I learned that he had been arrested and taken to the National Stadium, which had a very bad, and the car cost me locate and retrieve (Funeral guarded, 1974), a day after the death of Neruda, Matilde told the newspaper La Segunda newspaper: "The widow was limited to demand respect for the pain and also reported that yesterday afternoon had gone his driver and private car after the driver went to buy a crown. No return and has not seen or heard from him "(9/24/1973), but in his posthumous memoirs wrote that Manuel Araya arrested when he brought the car to the parking lot (My Life with Pablo Neruda, 1986). Matilde Urrutia was a compulsive liar, gave three versions of what the driver did September 23 (buy drugs, or wreaths, or save the author in the parking lot of the Santa Maria Clinic), unfortunately the judge made the mistake of heeding the fourth version, invented by Charo Cofré, that witnessed the Neruda Foundation was not even in the Santa Maria Clinic. All that matters is that finally demonstrated that the driver was arrested on September 23, 1973.

CA. - Have recently appeared revealing a series of books on law enforcement agencies and extermination of the military dictatorship, for example: "The Dance of crows" or "conspiracy. The secret files of the dictatorship ", or books on CNI DINA amaze us despite the weather, the harshness of the operations and the secret of the same, can it be that some of these organizations have been involved in wrongful death Neruda?
MC. - I read The Dance of crows (Ceibo Editions, 2012), and was surprised Jorgelino Vergara's complaint, I did not know that Ricardo Claro financed the payroll of the DINA, quote: "Someone had to be, and in charge of pay the salary was this man, Ricardo Claro, and that was not a secret. He was a financier of the DINA because there were all civilians employed by the company funded ... Sure saved them money, contributions, all the time. Sometimes I went to headquarters and after these visits appeared the silver and special inventions of Michael Townley, technological advances. " Still not study the book Conspiracy. The secret files of the dictatorship (Ceibo Editions, 2012), I doubt that the CD-Room that accompanies the book is a report or internal cable from DINA referring to the operation to kill Neruda at Clinica Santa Maria, and I had informed the publisher Dauno Totoro, I'm about to publish an interview with the founder of Ceibo Editions. Now I am concerned about the threats received journalists and Javier Mauricio Rebolledo Weibel, simultaneously raided the houses of the authors of The Dance of crows and conspiracy.

I would like to complete the trilogy, recommending the book: Assassination (2011), written by Benedict Castillo, I quote from page 323: "Notwithstanding the provisions of this opportunity, says the Police Report No. 73 of the FTIR-'would be evidence these links with the army and the intelligence services came from years ago, in the early 1970s, with the DINE and CNI, which are accredited by previous police reports. '" Moral: the Santa Maria Clinic was infiltrated by the armed forces and intelligence agencies since the 1970s. There is a witness, a cleaning of the Clinica Santa Maria, who says she saw people outside the clinic on September 23, in her sworn testimony that command accused of being responsible for the shot that killed Neruda and discloses that the next day she was fired along with other employees, secretaries, nurses and maintenance staff-, by asking too many questions about foreign doctors who visited the clinic on September 23.

CA. - Do you think there is a real political will for full and transparent clarification of the facts surrounding the death of Nobel Prize?
MC. - I think there was a lack of expertise in the Investigations Police (PDI) and biases in the Legal Medical Service, in the first case, the PDI not Rosita Nunez asked about his crucial statement: "One summer of 1975, the Matilde came to visit me. He said he suspected that her husband had been killed in the clinic, possibly with some injection "(The Nation 09.18.2005), so this complaint almost excluded from court documents. In the case of SML, the report is contradictory, quote: "According to the version of family, friends, medical staff, nursing staff and paramedics technicians Clinic, Mr. Neruda admitted with the diagnosis of advanced prostate cancer, in bad conditions, with low weight and anasarca "SML eliminates the testimony of diplomats in Mexico and Sweden, both stated that in his illness found Neruda in good condition, no relative of Neruda stated in court have been in Clinica Santa Maria, because Laura Reyes died in 1977 and Rodolfo Reyes came to the funeral from Temuco, was not at the clinic, the rest is speculation the MLS. In addition two clinic nurses said that Neruda had a good face, reading and talking with visitors. Now the SML acknowledges: "the available tests allow to verify the presence of a moderate degree of anemia and multiple episodes of urinary tract infections, the acid phosphatases value is within a normal range and no conclusions can be extrapolated or inferred from them the presence of metastases. " If the clinical record of Neruda reports a controlled cancer after 56 sessions of radiotherapy, a moderate anemia and an infection, why should not the SML exhume Neruda?

CA. - For whom is to be maintained in a nebula unsolved death of Nobel?, According to your research, do you think there may be someone's interest, or groups, to not tell the truth in the case Neruda ?
MC. - A Juan Agustín Figueroa suits hide the irregularities of the Santa Maria Clinic, he is heir to Matilde Urrutia and if it is found that the widow was silent before the alleged murder, the Neruda Foundation will be highly contested, to the point that it could lose its legal registration.

CA. - Do you think the exhumation of the remains of the poet, despite what they may encounter reduced them, may throw resolute conclusions that help the ongoing investigation?
MC. - The key is diligence exhumation would seek two things: the prostate cancer metastasis-here no matter the time, 'If there is no means the cancer metastasis was controlled after two operations in France and 56 cobalt radiotherapy sessions (conducted between March and April 1973). The second point I would seek medical examiners would be the presence of heavy metals, mustard gas and / or poison any dose, however small, would ratify the murder theory, it would be difficult to determine the quantities of drugs in this case dipyrone-, exhumation can throw the presence of dipyrone, but not quantities and if Neruda died with symptoms of allergy-Dipyrone was usual at the time, but had not injected into the stomach, currently FDA U.S. bans Dipyrone because it causes allergic and patients die of a heart attack-, here are two ways: prove murder or malpractice cause of death, diagnosis of cancer cachexia is the great irregularity in the Death Certificate Neruda issued by the Santa Maria Clinic.

CA. - Is there any history of other Nobel Prize in the world who have died under "strange" circumstances under a dictatorship?
MC. - No. Neruda was the first Nobel Prize murdered by a dictatorship, if the exhumation substances demonstrates the presence of rare or prostate cancer was controlled, the impact of the news will reach the Nobel Institute, a group of Swedish parliamentarians convened the Committee in Defense Legacy Neruda, the poet's exhumation will be the beginning of the end of the Neruda Foundation.

CA. - Finally, do you think that someday we will know the truth and actual events in the Death of Pablo Neruda?
MC - Yeah. Denouncing Before Manuel Araya Neruda's biographers fell into the common place, except the German-Chilean researcher David Schidlowsky, nobody had rebuilt the last days of Neruda. The entourage of Juan Agustín Figueroa may question to Manuel Araya, but they should be grateful for his contribution to the historiography Neruda, we finally know what happened from 11 to 23 September 1973, were exposed the lies of Matilde Urrutia, his cynicism and opportunism, his complicity with the dictatorship. I look forward to the forthcoming biography of Neruda, the Foundation published a "research" is actually an ode to Matilde Urrutia, will we see the pettiness of official biographers to ignore Manuel Araya's testimony?, Imagine everyone in the Foundation Neruda are nervous, so its life president declared: "exhume Neruda's body would be a true act of desecration" (Radio Bío Bío 05/12/2011).

After the results of the exhumation, the judge will issue his ruling, if medical examiners are poison mustard gas or heavy metals, we have the certainty that Neruda was murdered by the dictatorship to prevent spearhead opposition from Mexican exile. In the worst case scenario: if the tests do not show any unusual substance or can not determine the quantities of drugs, the judge already made eve to answer the question of the correspondent for El País: "Are there any chances that you never know how Neruda died? "-" could happen "(04/12/2011), the judge sentenced Mario Chariot. But we talk about the double murder of Neruda, biological crime if you can clarify, would remain to do justice to the murder and kidnapping of ideological legacy of Neruda committed by Juan Agustín Figueroa.