Leonidas Aguirre: "Neruda does not need to Juan Agustín Figueroa to be read in the world"

By Mario Casasus



Friday, October 26, 2012 14:40 Mario Casasus

The Neruda Foundation censorship was reintroduced in 1997, when they tried to prevent, in the 8th Criminal Court of Santiago (Case No. 76801-2 Role), publication of the speeches of Senator Pablo Neruda, gathered by the philologist and historian Leonidas Aguirre Silva (1944). The case reached the Court of Appeals and the December 20, 2001, the appellate court, issued the final judgment: "Pablo Neruda's speeches were given in the Senate and say only connection with the exercise of the representative political exerted, which can not derive property rights "(Docket No. 30921-1999). This was the first legal setback suffered by the Neruda Foundation.

MC. - Dr. Leonidas Aguirre, in what year did research to collect the speeches of Senator Pablo Neruda?
LA. - In 1986, during the dictatorship of Pinochet got the transcripts of the Senate stenographer, my book is a verbatim reproduction more accurate-to-time, it took me two years to recover all the political speeches of Pablo Neruda, read the bulletins Senate sessions, conferences, interviews and articles published in The Century Neruda until the persecution of Gonzalez Videla. There is some risk to make an investigation of this nature during the dictatorship.

MC. - When did you receive the notification of the complaint against him for publishing the speeches of Senator Neruda?
LA. - The first edition was published by Antarctic in October 1996 presented the book accompanied by Hugo Montes, in the Cultural Center of Spain, three months after my book began circulating the police came to seize the circulation in the cellars Publishing-owned Antarctic Uncle Hernan Aguirre, the directors of the Neruda Foundation demanded payment of copyright to be presented as the sole holders of the Collected Works of the poet.

MC. - What was the legal argument of the defense?
LA. - My lawyer Carlos Balbontin argued that the law proposed by a senator and his speeches are owned by the State, the legislature is a public officer employed by the State, therefore copyright Neruda's speeches in the public domain , Senate proceedings are not covered by the law 17.336 on intellectual property Neruda Foundation claimed exclusive possession of everything written by the poet, his approach was absurd, is not a literary writing, but of political participation Senator Neftali Reyes paid with taxpayer money.

MC. - How many years did the trial against him?
LA. - Four years. First Hernan Aguirre led the editor to the 8th Criminal Court of Santiago, for the crime of "plagiarism" (Case No. 76801-2 role), but my uncle Hernan Aguirre died two years after the trial and I inherited the lawsuit. In 1999 the Court of Appeal drew record (No. 30921-1999), the final decision came on 20 December 2001, since then my book can move freely.

MC. - How did the Neruda Foundation after losing the case?
LA. - Never acknowledged their error, and apologized for accusing me of "plagiarism". On the contrary, the Neruda Foundation-published in 2001 - the parliamentary speeches of Pablo Neruda in the Complete Works (Volume IV), edited by Hernan Loyola, a walk to my research, neither court mentioned the allegations of both parties, limited my work in shorthand notes Hernan Loyola, yet I included in the references of Volume IV of the Collected Works of Pablo Neruda.

MC. - What results obtained the second edition published in Colombia?
LA. - The owners of Black Sheep Editorial were unclear with bills, I paid $ 2,000 for the first 20,000 copies published, and never clarified numbers every run or turn contract signed in Spain with the Editorial Txalaparta in 1998.

MC. - In the middle of 2012 came a new international edition of the Speeches of Senator Pablo Neruda, is the Southern Ocean Editorial contacted you?
LA. - No. There are two types of rights: a) the moral, is the recognition that the author of the research, and b) the pecuniary right, involving the distribution of the proceeds of the book, with my work saw none of the two rights than my share, so I signed a contract with the National Library of Chile so that readers can download free digital-file-in my book on page memoriachilena.cl I do not seek to profit from the speeches of Senator Pablo Neruda.

MC. - Now that you mention profit, what do you plan to see distorted the last will of Pablo Neruda?
LA. - A Juan Agustin Figueroa not interested fulfill the last wish of Neruda because it would affect the pockets of the Foundation and its business; Juan Agustin Figueroa is not a poet, not even a Communist, became the foundation for a "pituto" . Neruda mention university presidents, to the Writers and CUT because they had the intellectual and political level to manage your copyright. According to Juan Agustin Figueroa diffuses Neruda's work, but I think if you take a flashlight to illuminate the sun is useless, Neruda Mr. Figueroa does not need to be read in the world, Neruda is a star that shines .

MC. - Is not it an outrage that copyright of Neruda were reversed in the company of a consultant Pinochet?
LA. - Claro, Chile is a country of paradoxes, this is another example of the absurd, it's ridiculous that the right characters manage the legacy of Neruda. Juan Agustin Figueroa has an estate in Temuco and prisoners led to 5 lonkos with the Patriot Act, even though Neruda said: "The Mapuche are Chile's mother rose" Neruda wanted to found the University Mapuche, but the person in charge of meeting the last will of the poet is a landowner pursued the Indians.

MC. - Finally, have you lived other experiences with Fundación Neruda?
LA. - Yes, in the 1980s bought the Journal of Neftali Reyes Rafael Aguayo-nephew of Laura Reyes-at $ 10,000, with the aim of publishing them and give them their proper context through critical analysis, I know what I'm talking about I am a linguist and researcher. The Journal of Temuco included 350 pages of unpublished poetry with young Neftali Reyes, when asked the Neruda Foundation permission to publish the anthology for me refused copyright, in legal terms no matter that she had bought the photocopies with Rafael Aguayo commitment-public notary to give me the exclusive to publish the Journal of Neftali Reyes, needed and never authorized copyright, in the end the work is what Victor Farias-commissioned in 1996 - but he made more than 100 texts and eliminated errors notebooks, is a bad edition sponsored by the Neruda Foundation, and Mr. Juan Agustin Figueroa bought photocopies of photocopies, and you know that letters are erased, that explains the many errors of Victor Farias, omissions committed, invented words and assumptions. Years later, Victor Farias misrepresented the university thesis of Dr. Salvador Allende, Mr. Farias sought to discredit the President Allende, that's the kind of intellectuals surrounding Juan Agustin Figueroa.

* Correspondent in Mexico Clarin de Chile. Portions of this article were published in the book: The double murder of Neruda (Eight Books Publishers, 2012). On October 31, the IDF Mapocho Station, will present the research of journalists and Francisco Casasus Mario Marin on alleged murder in the Clinica Santa Maria, and the legacy of Neruda hijacking committed by Juan Agustin Figueroa.