Questions of a physician Nerudian to the directors of the Santa Maria Clinic and colleague Dr. Sergio Draper.


 1. - It is common knowledge that in the clinic Santa Maria dies Pablo Neruda and the certification of the cause of death due to cancer cachexia.

Lords of the clinic Santa Maria, Dr. Sergio Drape, from the point of view of science or medical and legal professional ethics from our perspective, you know that cancer cachexia is not a cause of death.

What can argue about it?

2. - According to written testimony of Pablo Neruda's widow, this makes a crisis of psychomotor agitation, warns the medical and administer a substance called dipyrone abdominal subcutaneous.

Doctors know that before a picture of psychomotor agitation is not the remedy Dipyrone let alone manage it through the abdomen, it is then the question before this procedure and we may wonder? Really what substance was administered? 'Cause the patient died hours later?

3.-If the death of Pablo Neruda was not cancer cachexia, it was then that substance administered abdominal kills Pablo Neruda?

4.-Given the particular patient, why do not I keep the records?, Historical relevance document where are recorded, the medical and nursing staff, and all the details about his death, such as time of death , cause of death, drugs administered, name of the person who administered the medication, doctor who gave the order to administer, final picture of the patient, physician notes real signs of death.

So what is the reason to remove this document as relevant?