Neruda / "Radio Cooperativa", Chile

By Eduardo Contreras



The process leading Minister Mario Carroza to clarify the death of our Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda, who would bother you bother, despite all advances and enables versions deny that for decades had as immutable truths, without being certain.

The real truth seems stubbornly break through and I can never understand why someone may hurt the search for her. I think, with Serrat, "never sad truth is that which has no remedy."

And so today it can be said that it is false that Neruda died of "cachexia" consequences of prostate cancer that indeed suffered. It lies on the death certificate of the illustrious compatriot.

He did not die of cancer or cachexia there is a kind of living death, vegetative state, in which the patient does not speak, does not move, that was not the situation of the poet as witnesses have stated.

Why doctors of the clinic Santa Maria lied?

What was intended to hide?

Maybe we can figure it in the course of investigations but it is beyond doubt that in the clinic of yore were not told the truth. As painfully Frei family knows, there is not telling the truth about the death of former president Eduardo Frei Montalva.

It was this year that met Manuel Araya, the prosecution witness, his story is consistent and verifiable.
He spoke of a shot in the abdomen by the poet himself complained that Sunday September 23, 73 on the eve of his trip to Mexico that would receive him with honors to become one of the leading figures of the complaint to fascism enthroned in Chile.

This story, denied by some, is exactly what he said the press itself addicted to dictatorship in reporting on Monday September 24, 73 that Neruda died of cardiac arrest caused shock product in turn by an injection "to calm pain" .

Medical establishment says it was Metamizol the "dipyrone" which, we learn now, can be just as deadly as the condition of the patient or the dose applied.
The issue then is to determine what you injected Neruda? Why hide that fact and resorted to a lie on the death certificate?
We know today's climate that was created in those days into the clinic and repeated rumors among the workers of that company that "killed the poet" and the absence of an autopsy.

And he understands that, given the situation of terror unleashed by the armed forces and police, together with the fact that Neruda without the disease, no one would be able to complain, and perhaps not even suspect what had happened. To everyone installed a version that was assumed as sacred.
However, shortly after, told the European press, Matilde Urrutia, his widow, shows openly doubts texts already accompanied to the relevant file.
He said so far demonstrates the need for forensic expertise and depth of research. Spokesmen for the Neruda Foundation, which belong some people worthy of the highest respect and esteem, have said that this is "desecrating" the memory of the distinguished Chilean, others sick of anticommunism, accused the PC of an attempt to gain publicity.

There can be neither so low nor so dull. What desecrates the memory of Neruda is to do everything to know the truth, that's become accomplices of those who lied.
As the Communist Party - which Pablo Neruda was until his death a member of its Central Committee - has shown that life does not require legal action to win the space now occupied in Chilean society.

There will then have to move on, no matter who gets upset. Because after all Pablo Neruda was a writer not neutral or less indifferent to the fate of nations.
He was a poet and committed fighter, very different from that image that aim to create some interest.