Senator Alejandro Navarro, president of MAS: "Neruda body should be investigated by international experts"



Congressman, Alejandro Navarro, said that "the actual details for Neruda's death is a very sensitive global issue that needs to be elucidated in full transparency and with international support."
"It is a case that requires the most complete and thorough investigation, even with international support," Senator Alejandro Navarro called to investigate the real cause of death of former senator and Nobel Prize for Literature, Pablo Neruda.

For the president of MAS, "Neruda is a universal figure, belongs to Chile, but also to humanity. Worst that can happen is that it is a blanket of doubt about the cause of death of the great poet and Chilean politician's. Why why we believe that the Minister Mario Carroza must access that foreign experts participate actively and independent expertise. "

For Biobío representative in the Senate, "Neruda's family, through its legal representative and nephew of the poet, Rodolfo Reyes, experts have requested attachments of various origins. Similar request made by the Communist Party. Chariot Minister has not agreed to the request, but we strange, because in other cases has gone to international expertise, with the awareness that in Chile are not all technologies, and with all the experts, "he said.

Among physicians offered by Hugo Rodriguez family are Almada, coroner and director of the Department of Forensic Medicine at the University of the Republic Montevideo, John Clark, University forensic tanatólogo Forensic Medicine and Science in Glasgow, United Kingdom; Gail Cooper, a toxicologist at the University of Glasgow, and the Chilean Luis Ravanal coroner. Even Navarro notes that "we have received notes of the Swedish Parliament, delivering country Nobel Prizes, offering the support of prominent forensic pathologists to examine the body of Neruda. They said they are internationally renowned experts who can contribute to the case. I imperative that the Minister access this application, which is not only the family, but of the international community. "

The Broad Social Movement leader said that "we have learned from the family that Neruda Foundation at the time objected to the exhumation of the poet, because his body was desecrated. We believe that defiles Neruda doing nothing, or not doing enough to determine with certainty the cause of his death. poet's family calls for justice. should tolerate the use of its name even for a Hotel, owned by Angel Maulén, owner of Pedro de Valdivia University and charged in the scandal of the National Accreditation Board. " As commented: "The refusal of the Minister Chariot is part of an ordeal that must end."

For Navarro, "Yasser Arafat for allegedly poisoned with polonium and died in Ramallah, whose body is in studio today at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, or the case of former President Joao Goulart in Brazil, allegedly killed by Operation Condor and whose body will be exhumed soon, give plausibility to complainants Neruda's murder. Neruda died within a day's travel to Mexico to criticize the coup of the dictatorship, very possible that it was a political assassination. Neither hypothesis nor any substantive support should be discarded, "he said.

He added that "as the creation of a State Commission announced by the Venezuelan government and will be composed of scientists from several countries to investigate the origin of the disease Chavez in Chile was due to open to professionals from other countries to resolve the uncertainty Neruda's death. "

According to Senator Navarro, "our judiciary can not be exposed to question. Abounds here what does not hurt. Refusing to international best advice may be seen as an attempt to hush the serious events that ended with the death of poet. With all the respect I have for the Legal Medical Service, I think not enough's not enough to allow expert observers, we need foreign experts, the best in the world examine the remains, "he said.