Forensic team examine the case Neruda



Already integrated forensic team to study the case Neruda

In Chile:
Dr.Patricio Bustos, director of the Forensic Service.
Edgar Ruedas, forensic dentist's Legal Medical Service;
Viviana Uribe Tamblay, Special Unit Forensic Identification SML

University of Chile:
Luis Ciocca, specialist legal and forensic dentistry,
German Tapia, medical examiner Dr. Patricio Bustos tanatólogo.El, director of the Forensic Service.

From Argentina:
Mercedes Salado, forensic anthropologist;

From USA:
Ruth Winecker, U.S. forensic toxicologist;

In Spain:
Guillermo Repetto, Doctor of Medicine and Master in Surgery and toxicology
Felipe Donoso, international head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

In Canada:
Consulting University of Toronto.

The Chilean parties, in this case showed no interest in the effective participation of the Swedish legal medical services and Cubans who had shown keen interest in participating in this research.

We know that Congressman Jorge Teillier (PC) received a direct request of the Swedish parliament expressing interest in participating in investigations into the case of Nobel Laureate Pablo Neruda by the Swedish Medical Legal Service, our sources on the confirmation received no response from deputy Teillier the Swedish parliament.

It is known that Senator Alejandro Navarro received a petition from the Swedish parliament to try to serve justice by incorporating the SML Swedish know he paid great efforts without success to incorporate these scientists to this important research.

The NGO ADHHEE, an organization that has played a major role in the legal field in the search for justice and the truth about the case Neruda strangely brought the action in time and missed the opportunity to incorporate other leading scientists worldwide in this investigation .

The exhumation of Pablo Neruda is Monday, April 8.