The truth about the death of Neruda


Maite Hernandez Lorenzo
Havana, Cuba



This week the Casa de las Américas received the NGO "Anthology Popular1972-Chile Heritage". In front of her, Manuel Araya, driver and personal assistant Neruda, who holds more than four decades that the Chilean poet was killed

 "He was not to die and I will repeat until you die," says Manuel Araya, now a man of over seventy years he keeps in his left knee the imprint of a bullet that was put on September 23, 1973 in National Stadium.

A doctor, no one could recognize later and who was neither record nor trace of identity, entered the room where Don Pablo was and, while he slept, he injected in the stomach. I'm burning, so said Don Paul, he tells Araya. "He was not to die, only had phlebitis in her leg," Manuel repeated, then a 26-year-old driver and personal assistant of Pablo Neruda in Isla Negra. Only he and Matilde Urrutia had certain how passed the last hours of the Chilean poet, Nobel Prize for Literature.

He has more than forty years defending the truth: Don Pablo was killed.

Manuel Araya arrived this week at the Casa de las Americas at the head of the NGO "Anthology Popular1972-Heritage Chile," Pan NGO / Chile, accompanied by Rodolfo Reyes, a lawyer and nephew of the poet, and Pancho Calama (Raul Valdivia-Pizarro ) Sociologist, Researcher-Editor - Cultural Producer along with other members of the Organization.

Fulfilling an intensive program in Havana, his trip aims also to spread the existence of the People Anthology 1972 draft an own Neruda, with a circulation of one million copies and distributed free of charge upon request from the government of Salvador Allende Neruda himself, who then wiped the military junta; to publicize the truth about the death of the author of Canto General.


Testimonials are emotional and compelling.


In the hall of the House presidency silence, he absorbed to the stories of Kings and Araya. Rodolfo Reyes shared passages of his childhood in uncle's house, a place where they felt nephews in a world for children. Given the demand for the truth about the death of Neruda and mercantilist sense that the Pablo Neruda Foundation has marked his tenure, Reyes, "as a lawyer and nephew," he has been involved in the judicial process that seeks to demonstrate the true cause of death his uncle. "Paul had cancer, but died of cancer," so he says.

By not allowing legalized will, it could not proceed in legal terms, but wanted to create the Cantalao Neruda Foundation to benefit people with talent.

The volume Murders of Neruda, Francisco Marin and Mario Casasús has annexed the status of the Foundation which states "Constitúyase a charitable foundation that Cantalao Foundation will be named and whose object will be the propagation of literature, arts and science especially on the coast between San Antonio and Valparaiso ..... "


Planned the September 11, 1973 Cantalao be formalized.


The account of Araya, concise and detailed, dating back to the days following the military coup of Pinochet. Minute by minute, was lighting a fresh leading into dark hands, the same as he tended him a trap and tortured at the National Stadium, then saved by the efforts of Cardinal Silva Henriquez, a close friend of Neruda.

Manuel makes a detailed layout of the schedule since 19 September, when they leave Isla Negra, until 23, the day that dies Don Paul at 10:30 pm. This figure would know Araya on 24 September amid the carnage had begun.

"They cut off communications and anchored off the Isla Negra house a ship". Although Matilde prevented Don Pablo knew what was happening, it was impossible to evade for long the situation.

He then received an invitation from the President of Mexico, Lic. Luis Echevarria to leave Chile. They arranged a room in a clinic, where his doctor. There Neruda expected departure. By knowing what was happening, he did not accept the invitation Echevarria. Then Neruda himself retake the idea. Matilde Urrutia would go to Mexico on 24 September. And Araya tells it slow and safe.

"I'm burning," said Neruda after he was injected into the stomach where it already appeared a red spot. A dark-haired doctor entered the room and asked Araya to fetch a remedy for Don Pablo outside the clinic: Urogotán. "I never forgot that name." Despite the resistance put Manuel, he went in search of medicine and never returned.

On the way he was captured and led the National Stadium. Communists wanted to know names of contributors to Neruda. What saved the Cardinal Silva Henriquez. Years later, a mistake cost him the life of his brother, who was killed because he was mistaken for him.

To restore democracy in Chile, Araya restarted its campaign for truth before the various governments and has never received a response.

They argue the great power of the Pablo Neruda Foundation in Chile and the passive role played Urrutia later.

Today the NGO is concerned not only to promote and argue the truth about the death of Neruda, is dedicated to circulation through the editorial production of CDs and books, the work of Neruda, among them, which they consider a the most important for its symbolic value, the People's 1972 anthology by Neruda himself prepared and distributed freely in the country during the Allende government.


Pancho Calama, meanwhile, is vice president of a Swedish three NGOs and two in Chile, he has developed extensive international work and created on the web sources "committed" information with the truth about Neruda .Among other where focusing its defense of this work has been Plagiarism / Theft / Embezzlement, and you can get for free, "according Neruda I ruled" says Valdivia, Neruda scholar capacity also allows you to maintain the portal where he works to the issue of dissemination of Neruda thought.

Despite having had a trial established by the Neruda Foundation, against "trial to the glory of Neruda won," he says with obvious pride Valdivia, "Because we established a truth, we can defeat injustice and theft of the foundation" not Broadcast stopped his work of creation by the "Last of Chile, Pablo Neruda" and continued with the creation of site where develops research on the subject, with the participation of eminent intellectuals of the world and deliver new musical creations inspired by the texts of Canto General .this work is dedicated "thinking of future generations" as the notes and "continuous recovery of texts, documents and recordings Neruda worldwide.

Shortly begin creating a short film about the last moments of Neruda live with his bodyguard Manuel Araya Osorio, there will be registered different views of personalities of science and culture that need to deliver their valuable opinions supported by their irrefutable research .

In addition this year we institutionalize folder with the House of "Poetry of Havana Vieja" Latin American Poetry Prize, to be held each year in a different country of the Americas and that began its own right in Havana, this Latin American Prize bears the name "People Anthology 1972."


Maite Hernandez Lorenzo

Casa de las Américas La Habana-Cuba