Editorial betrayed journalist reported that Neruda will sell his anthology.


Radio Cooperativa de Chile, Monday 25/10/2004



The work that the poet compiled to give it away to the Chilean people, and why not charge a dollar, is being sold in Spain, with mutilation. In its edition of Sunday, the Mexican daily El Universal, he reported the sale of copies of the "Anthology" that the poet Pablo Neruda compiled for it to be distributed for free in Chile before the military coup of 1973, a situation that would be betraying his will, with a "vile business," according to the journalist Mario Casasús reported.
Four months ago the journalist and columnist for the magazine Rocinante, read a note from a news agency published in El Universal realized that a surprising finding. A collection of poems by Pablo Neruda, virtually unknown, published during the Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende, was brought back to life by the Spanish publishing Edaf.
Then, Casasús got a copy of "Anthology Popular" and when compared to the volume sold Edaf found differences and counterfeiting.
This is a text of 127 pages, with about a hundred poems by the author of Canto General, "the authors of a very complete bibliography of Neruda studies or cite or mention" as Manuel Marquez de la Plata said, publisher Mexican media in question.
The anthology Edaf circulated a couple of months ago, it appears a simple pocket edition, and a facsimile edition and numbered. Among Neruda poems selected for this anthology includes some of his best known poems, such as "Poem 20", "Barcarolle" Residence on Earth, "Ode to Joy", all of "Elementary Odes" and " Sonnet XXV, "" One Hundred Love Sonnets ".
Edaf edition includes Neruda wrote the letter to Salvador Allende, where the president proposes to publish a "People Anthology" with a circulation of one million copies. This book is published in 1972 the government of the Popular Unity initiative of the poet to be given to the Chilean people. He was beginning the deployment task when Pinochet gave the military coup, which virtually wiped out the work from the face of the Earth.
The edition is now sold in Spain turned out to be the same as the Popular Unity government, but, as stated by the Casasús own, with mutilation, forgery and fraudulent elements, which betrays the spirit of the work of Neruda, who conceived to It is given away and is now offered for sale.
The Chilean poet, according to the original foot print, not charge a penny for that publication. "Nonprofits. Pablo Neruda not receive any fee for the publication of this work," cites the notice. For its part, the Editorial Losada SA, which owns the copyright of all the author's books in Spanish, had also renounced any economic advantage in this edition. According to the original text, this book can not be put on sale, because its purpose is to arrive at no cost to the Chilean people.
(Agencies / Radio Cooperativa).